Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Neighbors of Bollywood celebrities

Suppose, you live in USA and you have a house where famous celebrities of Hollywood like: Sandra bullock, Leonardo dicaprio, Al pacino, and Steven spielberg live. Would you not feel proud of yourself and tell your friends about your neighbors. Certainly!! However, being a celebrity neighbor is not so great all the time. If you go through the gossips of Hollywood celebrities, you would see that a large number of stories are about problems between the celebrities and their neighbors. The celebrities’ lavish lifestyle and popularity often becomes a major headache for people who live around them. For example, Natasha Lyonne, the actress of American Pie was charged as she threatened her neighbor that she would sexually molest her dog. Another Hollywood actor, Christian Slater (Broken Arrow), fell down from the roof of Paris Hilton’s neighbor’s house. He was spying upon the neighbors who were having a weekend party. If you browse the Hollywood blogs and news websites, you can find hundreds of such old and new stories.

Since this blog is about Bollywood, let us talk about the Bollywood celebrities. Do the neighbors of Bollywood celebrities share the same fate of those of the Hollywood celebrities? OFCOURSE!!!! we are talking about Bollywood celebrities; people who belong to the second largest film industry of the world after Hollywood. Some times mischievous behavior, popularity, life style of the celebrities’ become a major headache for his/her neighbors. Rani Mukherjee, the famous Hindi movie actress gets complain from her neighbors that she and her family frequently block the general elevator for their personal use. Shakti kapoor was once sighted roaming around almost naked in his Juhu beach residence. He even pissed in side the lift shaft.

Everybody knows about the famous Aishwarya and Salman affair. Salman getting drunk went to Rai’s Lokhandwala residence and shout at her at the middle of the night and woke up the neighbors. Now, Aishwarya’s present residence is heavily guarded by security guards. Rai’s neighbor, Sachin Tendulkar, also has security guards. Very often, these people were seen lying around wearing indecent shorts. The residents of the surrounding area made a complaint about this.

Last year, another popular Hindi movie actor, Aditya Pancholi, made it to the news for cracking his neighbor’s nose. The actor’s guest parked his car in a reserved parking area allotted for Aditya’s neighbor, Pratik Niraj Pasrani. When Pratik told the watchmen to remove the car, Aditya punched him.

Many Indians would dream to live beside Hindi movie actor Amitabh Bachchan but it is also problematic. The present neighbors of Amitabh are very unhappy with the renovation works going inside his office. The work goes on till late night and there is lots of noise. Some residents even complained to the police about this but it did not change the situation.

I am talking about only film personnel but there are other people who are equally popular like actors and actresses. The neighbors of political personalities also face these kinds of problems. Sometimes they can not even complain the about the person because he is an influential political figure. In most of the cases on has to handle this situation amicably with poise.

So what we learnt from the above discussion is that no matter what kind film industry, Bollywood or Hollywood, it does not matter. Neighbors of celebrities frequently have serious problems.

Still thinking about living beside a celebrity? THINK AGAIN.

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