Friday, December 29, 2006

Urvashi Sharma: Modeling or Bollywood Movies?

Urvashi Sharma is now a familiar face in modeling in India. She has already achieved some good success in modeling and it is evident that she has good potential in this field. Well, in India, modeling is cool but not super cool like being a Bollywood actress. So, Urvashi Sharma is trying her luck in Bollywood movies. This is nothing new. A lot of models before her has tried their luck too and some succeeded while others failed. wrote:

Stunning model Urvashi Sharma rocked when she appeared in the 'Something Something' music video with Mika. Shedding her inhibitions in front of camera, her no holds bar sensual acts made many a men go crazy about her.

Now she goes in a completely opposite direction in her latest music video for Atif Aslam's 'Doorie' where she is covered from head to toe. Recently premiered on music channels, the song is fast picking up momentum and audience is loving to see Urvashi in a new avtar.

By the way, Doorie is not the only Bollywood film Urvashi Sharma is going to star. She is in the process of acting in a number of movies. In fact, with 8-feature film contract with TIPS Films, Urvashi Sharma has perhaps got the explosive start to her Bollywood career. Now, the million dollar question is: Will she shine or wont she? If you ask for my opinion, I must tell that she has to do some major adjustments if she wants to become successful in acting. She must focus more on becoming a skilled actress rather than showing her body (which she has to do quite a bit in modeling).