Thursday, December 21, 2006

Bollywood Music Entering into the US Culture

South Asian music especially the bollywood music is getting popularity in the US and many parties allow this kind of music now-a-days in US. Ahead of the New Year celebration many have planned to arrange South Asian and bollywood in the celebration party to make the party more interesting and exciting. I am quoting some lines regarding such news from a RxPG report:

Local DJs and promoters say that the demand for Indian music has exploded; and Bollywood is the height of hip.

'Since Bollywood is so famous now, everyone wants to put Bollywood in their parties,' says DJ Salim. 'They understand that OK, if they're going to play that music, the party is going to be good,' according to Metro Active, a weekly newspaper.

Bollywood-themed parties have become a solid business model for local clubs. The monthly Bollywood Nights party at the Avalon, a local discothèque in San Jose attracts anywhere between 600 and 1,000 people, depending on the guest DJ.

DJ Jivan, who runs a professional DJ service based in Milpitas, says that in the last few years there's been a massive increase in the popularity of South Asian music.

So it seems that the music of this region is going to be universal in site of language and culture difference. Bollywood movies are also getting popularity in US which is a positive sign for the artist of any industry. I hope South Asian music will continue to hold its popularity in US and flourish in the western countries through its rhythm and passion.