Saturday, February 24, 2007

Shoaib Akhtar and Mohammad Asif are Expected to miss the World Cup

Pakistan's squad the two have been named but they are not fit for the next world cup, said a PCB official. They will go to London for their treatment.

Cricketworldcuplatest reported

"The situation for them is not good. They are struggling against time and we are not very hopeful of them playing in the World Cup," said the PCB official without wanting to be named.

The two bowlers tested positive last October for the banned substance nandrolone, but a PCB appeals panel cleared them of a doping offence and set aside their bans in December.

Pakistan media reported on Friday they had gone to London to take private dope tests to confirm the level of nandrolone remaining in their bodies.

The reports said they took the tests to confirm no traces of nandrolone remained before taking the PCB's official tests.

Director of cricket operations Saleem Altaf insisted it was mandatory for Shoaib and Asif to clear dope tests and fitness trials next week to play in the World Cup.

"I don't know why they are delaying taking the tests in Pakistan but if they don't take it they don't go to the World Cup," he said.

It is bad luck for Pakistan. In a conference Pakistan Captain told, “Fit Pakistan team can win World Cup.” So it is clear that Pakistan cricket team is in presser.

The last World Cup for Anil Kumble

Indian leg spinner has declared that he will stop himself from IDO match. In his cricket life he has build more record.

DAWN reported:

"It will probably be the last one-day contest for me and it will be challenging. I hope I will be able to play a much bigger role this time," Kumble said in a TV interview. "The World Cup is a tournament everyone looks up to. The last World Cup was good for India; we played really well as a team. We have a very good chance of winning the World Cup."

India's squad for the World Cup has been termed ‘Dad’s army’ and Greg Chappell, the coach, recently admitted that fielding was the biggest concern ahead of the tournament.

Yet, Kumble had a counter: "You can only do what you can as a fielder. We are all safe on the field. I'm not the most athletic. I have been like that ever since I started. I can't change suddenly and become a Jonty Rhodes. I always put in a 100 per cent. As a unit we have worked hard and we have fielded well,” he stated

In his 17 World Cup Cricket math he got 28 wickets. In the 1996 tournament he was the height wicket-taker.

World cup Cricket: Bangladesh

Bangladesh will play World Cup Cricket, but this is not wondering news.

But Bangladesh's best wicket keeper "Khaled Masud" hasn't got chance in

this world cup. What's the reason why he hasn't got chance in the world cup.

Bangladesh's board manager Faroque told that I admit Masud is the best

Keeper in the Asia but previous match he couldn't play well. Now a days we

can see that every keeper is also a good batsman. Like Indian's wicket keeper

M.S.Dhooni, Srilankan's keeper Sangakara also a good keeper and batsman.

So we need this type of wicket keeper who will be a good keeper and can play

when team be in a trouble like "Dhooni" and "Sangakara". But my question is

that as Mushfiquir Rahim has got chance in the place of Khaled Masud. But he is so

juniour and have'nt played world cup before. So what type of play we can expect from

him? He can proved himself in his place. We can see a new stat who's name will be

Mushfiquir Rahim. Because Khaled Masud is the proved well wicket keeper in the asia and so this is really difficult for Mushfiquir to prove himself in the world cup.


Friday, February 23, 2007

India can Win World Cup Cricket 2007

Harbhajan Singh believes it and I am sure Greg Chappell would love to hear it from Harbhajan Singh.

Sri Lanka can Win World Cup Cricket 2007

Not too many people may be hopeful about it but Chaminda Vaas believes it. If he believes it then I should too.

Sri Lankan Team: 1996 vs 2007

Which team is better? In 1996, Sri Lanka won championship. Muttiah Muralitharan believes that that team was better than 2007 team.

World Cup Cricket: History of all Finals

A summary of all the World Cup Cricket Finals 1975-2003. This is a good article for Cricket fans to read.

World Cup Cricket: History of all Finals

A summary of all the World Cup Cricket Finals 1975-2003. This is a good article for Cricket fans to read.

Brian Lara: Now or Never

Brian Lara is perhaps the most dominating and talented batsman of his generation but he could not taste World Cup Championship. It is his final chance. If he fails then what he should do? Join Bollywood Movies and take part in a cricket based movie and win.

West Indies Honoring former Cricketing Greats

West Indies Cricket is more of politics than of honoring people. I am happy that this time they indeed honoring the players who won World Cup many years ago.

Indian Batting and World Cup

It’s a cliché but yet people just keep on saying: Batting the Key to India's World Cup Success. That is why India could not win the World Cup Cricket since 1983 because their batting is terrible when it matters.

Last World Cup for Tendulkar, Dravid, Saurav and Kumble

So, say good bye to them and don’t cry. They could not give India any World Cup Trophy until now. Will they give this time?

Don’t Expect Anything from Indian Team

Hope may be the best thing for human beings to accept the pain of suffering but for Indian Cricket fans hope is the key to suffering in World Cup. They just hope too much.

Home Coming for George Codrington at World Cup Cricket

George Codrington is a player of the Canadian team but in World Cup Cricket 2007, he is visiting his home again.

Michael Holding Unhappy with World Cup Cricket Minnows

Michael Holding was a big cricketer and that is why he is unhappy with minnows in World Cup Cricket 2007.

Glenn McGrath has not Lost Hope Yet

Team Australia may be suffering humiliations these days but Glenn McGrath is yet optimistic about Team Australia in World Cup Cricket 2007.

Ricky Ponting is Back Again

Brett Lee may not be ok but Ricky Ponting is ok again and he will lead Australia in World Cup.

No World Cup Cricket for Brett Lee

Bret Lee may have lightening speed in bowling but he could not use this speed to recover from injury. So, he cannot play in World Cup.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Harbhajan Singh’s Big Role in World Cup 2007

Harbhajan Singh is neglected these days by Indian sectors and he could not play in the last few matches. However, Harbhajan Singh is confident that he will play a crucial role behind India’s success in World Cup Cricket.

$3 Million from USA for World Cup Cricket!

Am I dreaming or am I lying. None of them. Yes, indeed, USA is giving $3 million aid to West Indies for security purposes for World Cup Cricket 2007.

China, USA, France helping West Indies to Host Wolrd CUp Cricket 2007

China, USA and France. Did they ever play in Cricket? May be not but they are surely supporting West Indies to host World CUp Cricket 2007 smoothly.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Hrithik Roshan and Kaho Na Pyar Hai

Kaho Na Pyar Hai is a romantic action movie. It is a nice movie. The story of the movie is simple, but Rakesh Roshan presented that very well. This movie has been made by two new comers, one is Hrithik Roshan and another is Amisha Patel. This movie is good for both of them as a first movie. Hrithik plays in double role Rohit and Raj. Amisha Patel plays the character of Sonia. Anupam Kher plays the father of Sonia. He is a rich man. Rohit (Hrithik Roshan) is a simple boy. He is not rich person. His dream is he will become a singer. He has a younger brother Amit. They have no parents. Rohit is parents for his younger brother. Rohit meets with Sonia (Amisha Patel) for the first time in the traffic signal. That time they don’t talk to each other. Next time, Rohit meets with Sonia in Sonia’s birthday. Sonia’s father buys a car for his daughter- as a birthday gift. Rohit does job in a showroom of car. As a duty, he comes Sonia’s home for delivery of the car, which has been bought by Sonia’s father. This time they talk to each other and introduced to each other. Rohit is very simple boy. Sonia has been impressed by his simplicity. She falls in love of Rohit. Rohit want to become a singer. He goes to a hotel for audition, but he does not change for any performance because he has no band team. After that he wants to proof himself. He saws that the owner of the hotel is presenting in party. So he sings a song there. The owner of hotel very impressed with his song and invites him to travel with them in a cruse and entertain them. Sonia also presences in same ship. Sonia loves Rohit and she wants to say Rohit but she cannot do that. The owner keeps a party for Christmas. Rohit is a young and handsome person, for this reason several times girls stay around him. So Sonia has no escape to say about her feeling. On the party night, Sonia becomes little bit angry and takes drink and in drink he goes to life boat. Rohit finds her and discovers in life boat. He goes there and he also takes drinks. In this circumstance, they have no sense that they are in life boat. An accidentally, that life boat disattached from the main ship. When they awake at morning, they become shocked that they are in sea without ship. Even, around of them no inland present. After such a long time Rohit finds out an inland. Then, they go and stay there.

Rohit arranged a big branch from tree and a cloth for sign that when search team search them then they can find out easily. Rohit think has corrected. In ship, when they cannot find out they take help the captain of the ship. They visit on that inland by helicopter, where Rohit and Sonia staying, but they cannot find them; they cannot watch that stick which has been put by Rohit, because Sonia takes it from that place. Rohit quarrels with Sonia about that, why has she taken away the stick from its place. In their talking time accidentally, Sonia falls from the rock in the sea. Rohit want to save her, so he get down in the water, but he does not know swim. Sonia knows swim, so saves the life of Rohit. When Sonia asks him Rohit, that if he does not know swim then why he get down in water and why he tries to save her. Then, Rohit says that he loves Sonia. For Sonia, it is shocked that which she accepts from Rohit, that he says to Sonia. They express their feeling to each other. A whole day and a night they pass in that unknown inland. Next day, search team fined them. They returne in their city. Rohit afraid that when they will come back in their life then problem creates in his and Sonia’s love. That is happen. Sonia’s father Mr. Saxena (Anupam Kher) does not accepts their relation. Where Rohit works, that showroom is Mr. Saxena’s friend showroom. Mr. Saxena says his friend that, he get out Rohit from his job. He also pressurize to Sonia go to abroad to complete her education.

Rohit is poor on the other hand, he lost his job. Mr. Saxena cannot send his daughter in abroad. When he feels that his daughter takes side of Rohit, he accepts their proposal for some days; he takes this decision very cleverly. Rohit says him that when he will become establish then they will marry. Rohit respects his love so he does not want to marriage escape. Then, Rohit takes decision to do something. In this case, his boss, who gave him to opportunity for singing, wants to help Rohit. He says Rohit that first, he records Rohit’s voice and when he will becomes popular then he will arrange a concert of Rohit. They have done all as plan. Rohit voice becomes popular. After long time comes in Rohit to do a big work, which is his dream. In his concert day Rohit busy for practice, in that time Sonia, comes to meet to him. After some days they meet to each other that day. After meet with Sonia Rohit goes to his younger brother’s school to pick up his brother from school. On the way, an accidentally Rohit becomes witness of a murder. Two officers and a man killed a man, who is police commissioner. For this reason, they want to kill also Rohit. Police car follows Rohit motor cycle. They shot to Rohit. Once time, Rohit fells in the river from bridge accidentally. As he has been injured and does not know swim, so he cannot live by himself; he died. Concert becomes spoil. Even, some die avers search his dead body, but they cannot find any dead body from the river.

Sonia gets very hurt this entire thing. She feels very bad to lose her love. She totally disconnects from social lives. To see this Sonia’s father get very hurt for his daughter and takes a decision that he will send Sonia in Newzeland where his brother (Mr. Saxena’s) lives. He does this to change the environment of Sonia and hopes that she will for get everything, but it is not possible for Sonia to forget her first love. She goes to abroad in her uncle, but she passes her time lonely. There is her one cousin Nita, who wants that Sonia will lead a normal life. Often, she offers her to go with her. One day, Sonia goes to outside with her cousin Nita. That day, she watches a young boy, who is totally carbon copy of Rohit. She thinks that Rohit becomes alive. After that, she finds that boy’s address and identify that, who is this boy, look as like her Rohit. After, she has understood he is actually Raj, not her Rohit (Hrithik’s double role). On the other hand, this boy whose name is Raj fells in love of Sonia. He tries several times to meet with Sonia, but every time, Sonia refuses to meet with Raj. Raj wants to know that, and when he invent all things then he gets very hurt that his face match with Rohit. Which reason, Sonia does not want to meet with Raj, because it gets hurt to remember that Rohit is no more. Raj wants to win hurt of Sonia. It is not easy for Raj. Because, Sonia does not forget about Rohit. Raj comes to India with Sonia. After landing their filet Raj says to Sonia good bye and he also says that he will back to Newzeland again.

Unfortunate, suddenly some one shouts on Raj. He cannot imagine that on his first day in India why some one shouts on him. They escape from air port. Sonia contacts with her father, but she does not get any help from her father. She and Raj invent that police force wait for them in front of Sonia’s home and they have tapped her home’s phone. All these elements confuse them. First, they don’t understand that why police officers find Raj. This is the first time, that Raj comes to India, and he does not know anybody and nobody knows Raj in India. After all of this Raj understand that they may be fool as like Sonia. When Sonia met with Raj for first time, she thought that he is Rohit. Raj says to Sonia, in same way those police officers are finding Rohit, not Raj.

After, they invent, Rohit was killed by those police officers because he was witness of their crime. The most things which surprise to Sonia that her father gave ordered to kill Rohit. Those police officers and another man who killed Rohit he is friend of Mr. Saxena; all are drug dellars, and their another partner is Mr. Saxena, Sonia’s father. Mr. Saxena, when has got phone from his friend that Rohit has watched every thing, then Mr. Saxena has ordered him to kill Rohit and that man has done this. Sonia has been really shocked by listen all of these.

In the end, all men are captured by police. Raj goes from there to take Amit with him. Sonia understands that Raj loves her very much and she does not want to lose another true love. So, she expresses her love for Raj and then agrees to live with him for whole life.

In this way, two true lovers meet again in the last of this movie.

Movie Review of Deewaanapan

Love is beautiful and important thing in human life. In every human’s lives, it comes one day. People write poem, songs and several things to relate with love. In the same way several movies have been made in Bollywood industry. Lots of love songs, and movies have been touched people mind. Deewaanapan is one kind of movie, where we can find a love story; we can find how a boy fights for his love.

In Deewaanapan, main hero is Arjun Rampal, plays character of Suraj, Diya Mirza is heroine plays Kiran, Vinod Khanna plays Ranvir Chaudhary as father of Kiran, and Ompuri plays father of Suraj. Suraj lives in a hill station with his family. This place is beautiful. People come there for travel. One day, a girls group comes to travel this hill station. In their journey one girl misses her bus. Suraj helps this girl. In their first meet Suraj falls in love that girl. His feeling becomes deep, when he hangs out with that girl on hill station. Suraj knows very well about that place. For this reason Kiran (Diya Mirza) forces him to travel the place. He does this. In this way, in some days they feel to each other. These girl trips come from Mumbai for traveling. So time come that they back their home. So Kiran tells Suraj that she will want to meet with Suraj before leave this place at morning. It is bad luck for Suraj that he does not meet with Kiran, because Suraj’s father (Ompuri) becomes sick suddenly at night. Suraj takes him in hospital at night and stay still morning. He becomes late to reach at train station. He cannot meet with Kiran. He really becomes depressed that how he will meet with Kiran. He has no address of Kiran to find her. He feels very sad and misses Kiran. After some days a one night when he reaches his home his father tells him that his father posting transfer from there to Mumbai. To listen that Suraj becomes very happy that he can find Kiran in Mumbai. They shift in Mumbai. Suraj gets admit in Mumbai College. He gets new friends in this place he also get change to play in basketball team. In this way, his life just passes in good way. One day, Suraj and all of his friends go to a restaurant and suddenly he meets with Kiran on that restaurant. They really become shock with this situation.

Suraj does not think that he will meet with Kiran in this way. Then Suraj does not delay to express his feeling, which he feels for Kiran. First, his things Kiran will be rejected his love, but he says it with bravely. As Kiran also loves Suraj, so she accepts Suraj’s love. In this way story goes on. Often they meet to each other. Their relation becomes deep day by day. Even Kiran meets with Suraj’s parents on his sister’s wedding ceremony.

As we know that class is become problem for lovers. Here is also happened same thing. Kiran’s father Ranvir Chaudhary (Vinod Khanna) is very powerful and rich person. He loves his daughter very much. On the other hand Suraj’s father is a normal Government officer. They are middle class family. His family status does not match with Kiran’s family status. So, basically Kiran’s father does not their relation. So he gives threat to Suraj that he leaves Kiran and that city. If he would not do this he will create problems for Suraj and his family. Suraj does not tell about that all things to Kiran. In every stage Suraj faces several problems in his life. Kiran’s father tries to separate Kiran from Suraj. Suraj gets in very dangerous problem, but he does not say about anything to Kiran. Because, Kiran loves her father very much. Suraj does not want to destroy the relation between father and daughter for him. Kiran’s father cut the electric lines, telephone line. Suraj mother does not but buy any necessary things from market, because the shopkeeper does not want to sell any thing to Suraj mother. Even, Kiran’s father does very humiliate behave with Suraj’s family. Suraj’s father has been arrested by police officer to order of Ranvir (Kiran’s father). Ranvir Chaudhary tries to make week to Suraj in this way, but he fails. Even, in the last Kiran also gets know everything and she takes side of Suraj. The support of Kiran, Suraj becomes mentally strong in his bad situation.

In the end of the movie, when Kiran’s father understands that his daughter happiness in Suraj, he accepts their relation.

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Yeh Hai Jalwa: Movie Review

Yeh Hai Jalwa is a movie of David Dhawan. It is nice comedy, family entertainment movie. David is a good director. He can make good comedy movie. His Yeh Hai Jalwa is a funny movie. The story is about a son who wants that his father accepts him as his legal child in society. However, the father does not want to accept him. Then he fights with this situation.

The hero of the movie is Salman Khan and heroine Amisha Patel. Other actors and actresses are: Kader Khan, Rishi Kapoor, Anupam Kher, Rati Agnihotri, and Rinki Khanna. Rishi Kapoor plays the character of a rich man, Rajesh Mittal and father of Raju, Salman plays Raju, Amisha plays his girl friend, Sonia and daughter of Robin, who is a friend of Rajesh. Rati is wife of Rajesh, Rinki plays daughter of Rajesh. Anupum plays the character Robin. Kader Khan plays the character, Purushottam Mittal, father of Rajseh.

Raju (Salman Khan) is a rich and happy person. He has his own business. His mother died when he was a child. His mother Megna told him that his father died. One morning, he saw his father’s picture on TV. His father, Rajesh Mittal got businessman of the year award. After all of this, he became really happy and went to London to meet with his father. He went to the award function ceremony. He thought that his father did not forget his mother. When he would say that he was his son, his father would become happy. Raju did not know that his father got married and had one son and one daughter. When his father, Rajesh Mittal, introduced his family to the honorable guests in the function, Raju was shocked. He became really upset that Rajesh, his father had not remembered his mother and him. Then he decided that he would go to meet with his father. He went and told him everything. First, his father admitted that he knew his mother and he also told Raju that they were good friends, but when Raju told him that he was his son born to Megna, Rajesh rejected it and said that he could be a fraud who wanted to get his wealth. It was not true because Raju was also a rich person. He had big business in India. Raju just wanted his father to accept him, which was totally impossible.

Actually, when Rajseh was in India he met Megna (Raju’s mother) and they become fell in love. When Raju was born Rajseh was not in India. He went to London. Rajesh wanted to say about Megna to his father, but he was afraid of his father. Rajesh did not say anything and married Smita, who was chosen by his father. He never returned to India and did not know anything about Raju, his son, and Megna. Raju was not their legal children. For this reason, if Rajseh accepted him and told his family and father, it would be bad for him. As a result, he did not say any thing to his family. Raju gives him seven days and says him that if he does not say anything to his family in seven days then he will come his home.

As movie based on a serious matter, but with comedy dialogue and several interesting scenes make this movie very interesting. Rajseh’s friend, Robin (Anupum Kher), is also his legal advisor. Raju loves his daughter Soniya. For this reason, Raju becomes problem for Rajseh and Robin. They want to send him to India. They try several times to send Raju back to India but failed. When Sonia marries with Raju, Robin accepts him as his son-in-law. Rajesh then becomes alone. He cannot do anything about this problem. In last stage, movie ends with a climax. Rajesh accepts Raju as his son and tells everything to his family and father, what happened. Everything is fine in the end of the movie.

I think that movie goers would never become bored with this movie. They can enjoy funny dialogues and scenes. Even the songs of the movie are also nice. Songs were shot in good places of foreign country. All these make this movie very good and enjoyable. Several times, the movie has been shown on TV and I watched it every time especially, for the songs. I think, fans of Salman Khan would also enjoy this movie.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

VVS Laxman and Mohammed Kaif Overlooked in the Indian Squad for the World Cup Cricket 2007

The final Indian squad for the ICC Cricket World Cup 2007 has been on public recently. The squad included only three middle order batsmen in which two of them are not specialist middle order batsman and two of them are struggling with injury. On the other hand, the squad has four specialist openers. So, it seems that the squad lacks of balance in the batting line up. Yuvraj Singh is the only man who is a real middle order batsman but since last ICC Champions Trophy he has been out of International cricket. Other two middle order batsmen are not idle for middle order. Mahendra Singh Dhoni (Wicker keeper) and strike bowler Irfan Pathan are idle for slog overs and the team can only expect some cameo innings from them, not more than that.

I became astonished that Indian selectors did not think about experienced VVS Laxman and Mohammed Kaif; even they were not given a chance to prove their form. I think there is no doubt about their class as they have proved their potential many times. They just to need to prove their present form but to do this you have to get a chance which they did not get in the last series.

I think both Kaif and Yuvraj had a big impact on the batting line up in the last world cup 2003 and that was one of the most important reasons behind India’s excellent performance in that tournament. Yuvraj is an attacking batsman whereas Kaif is a batsman who can play on singles. So, the two middle order batsmen brought a perfect balance to the batting line up. I think this is very much important to have at least two specialist middle order batsman in the batting line up. It is not possible for the openers or one down or two down batsmen to click every day because it is cricket and you can not do well in every match. That is why, two specialist middle order batsman is badly needed for a good batting line up in order to protect any crucial situation and also take the score in a competitive total.

Monday, February 12, 2007

Ramesh Powar, Mohammed Kaif and Suresh Raina Out of the Indian Squad for the ICC Cricket World Cup 2007

Ramesh Power has got out of the final Indina squad for the ICC Cricket World Cup 2007 though he has taken 18 wickets in the last 10 matches. This off spinner could not get chance in the squad as Anil Kumble and Harbhajan Singh has been selected as the spinner. On the other hand, Mohammed Kaif, a good middle order batsman and excellent fielder, has also been out from the final 15. Kaif is a bit unlucky that he even was not given a chance to prove himself. However, following the Kaif’s exclusion from the squad, the students of Allahabad University have showed their protest and burnt effigies of selector Dilip Vengsarkar. Besides Kaif and Power, Suresh Raina, an all rounder of UP has been got out of the squad.

NDTV reported:

Powar has taken 18 wickets in the last 10 ODIs he has played which is one less than Munaf Patel, the highest wicket taker, in as many ODIs.

However, he failed to find a place in the final 15 for the World Cup.

The Mumbai spinner lost out to more experienced colleagues, Anil Kumble and Harbhajan Singh.

He may have been disappointed but could take heart from what the Chairman of selectors said.

"Powar was unlucky not to make it though he has got wickets," said Dilip Vengsarkar, Chairman, Selection Committee.

All rounder Mohammed Kaif's exclusion from the team also drew angry protests from the students of Allahabad University.

Students burnt effigies of Vengsarkar in Kanpur as well. Besides the UP skipper, his state team mate Suresh Raina was also overlooked for the World Cup.

I think Kaif was supposed to give a chance to show his performance as he is not a new face in the Indian team and he has nothing to prove his class which he showed earlier. What he needed to be proven was his current form but the selectors did not give him any chance.

Robin Uthappa and Dinesh Karthik Intend to Do Well in the ICC Cricket World Cup 2007

Robin Uthappa and Dinesh Karthik are the two young members of the Indian squad for the ICC Cricket World Cup 2007. They have gone through a hard competition with some of other talented young stars such as Suresh Raina, Ramesh Power. Karthik has been in the squad as a reserve wicket keeper as Dhoni is the first choice for wicket keeping position in the team. Karthik’s wicket keeping is also very good. On the other hand, Robin Uthappa is a talented opening batsman. However, at this moment both of them are very happy having same intention in their mind and that is to play well in the upcoming world cup cricket and use the chance they got on this occasion.

India Times reported:

"I am happy to be selected. I will try my best to make this opportunity count," said Uthappa who has edged out Delhi challenger Gautam Gambhir for the opener's spot and is likely to launch the innings with former India skipper Sourav Ganguly in the World Cup to be held in March-April.

The 21-year-old Kaarthick echoed similar sentiments. "I am confident of making an impression in the World Cup if I get a chance," said the wicket-keeper batsman whose energy inside the ring as well as on the outfield has impressed the Indian team management.

Interestingly, Uthappa too can keep wickets like Kaarthick who is the second-choice stumper in the squad behind Mahendra Singh Dhoni. Both have fought back from early setbacks to their careers.

Kaarthick, who has played in 11 ODIs and scored 145 runs with 63 against the West Indies in the previous series on a difficult track that paved the way for an Indian win, is the senior among the two players as far as international debut is concerned.

After making a lukewarm debut in the Natwest Challenge in England in 2004, the bubbly Kaarthick lost his place to his more flamboyant rival and superb finisher Dhoni in the ODIs first and then in the Tests too.

I think they are potential and can serve India well during the ICC Cricket World Cup 2007 but I think selectors should have focused on the middle order batting line up as there is only one experienced and reliable batsman Yuvraj Singh but he is struggling with injury whereas Dhoni and Pathan are not that much reliable to be middle order batsman.

Indian World Cup Cricket 2007 Squad and Middle Order Batsmen

Indian selectors have included seven specialist batsmen in which four are specialist opener. Virender Shewag, Sachin Tendulkar, Sourav Ganguly and Robin Uthappa all are opener and got a lot of success in that position. Captain Rahul Dravid also played a number of matches as opener. So, I think in the first four positions there will have not any problem. However, from the 5th position onward there are not any inform batsman at the moment. Yuvraj Singh, Mahendra Singh Dhoni and Irfan Pathan can be regarded as the batsmen for number 5, 6 and 7. More precisely, Yuvraj is the only middle order batsman in the squad as both Dhoni and Pathan are hard hitter who barely play on singles and can make gaps during the middle of the innings rather they are more appropriate for the last 10 overs. Moreover, Pathan is a makeshift batsman as he is a strike bowler of the team. Among these three (Yuvraj, Dhoni and Pathan), both Yuvraj and Pathan are struggling with injury and were not in a good form in their last ODI matches.

So, I think middle order of this batting line up is totally a mess as some of them are not middle order batsman at all and injury is also playing a negative role there. I do not know that considering the situation stated above, how selectors came up with such names for the middle order and how they left out an experienced batsman Laxman or al rounder Suresh Raina in stead of taking Dinesh Karthik for a reserve wicket keeper.

Indian Squad for the ICC Cricket World Cup 2007: No True All Rounder in the First 15 Member

Indian squad for the ICC Cricket World Cup 2007 was on public yesterday. There is no surprise face in the squad and again Indian will go to world cup cricket without having any all rounder in true sense. Why true sense? Well, you may think that Irfan Pathan, who is now struggling with injury, can be a bowling all rounder. However, please think twice can we say in true sense that he is a perfect all rounder. I do not think so. Irfan Pathan is an excellent bowler who has showed his batting talent in some matches but it does not mean that he can be a reliable batsman as well. I think at least he can be a special batsman for the slog overs. I admit that taking some extra runs and getting some lofty shots in the last 10 overs is very important for limited over cricket but it does not mean that Pathan is an all rounder in a true sense.

For the last couple of series I have seen that India batting line lacks in the middle order especially in the 5th, 6th or 7th position. For example, India lost the last match against Indian at Rajkot due to the lack of a reliable middle order batsman who can carry the innings to the end. So, instead of having an additional wicket keeper, India should have had an all rounder and Suresh Raina could be the first choice. Raina is a good off spinner and a talented middle order batsman and an energetic fielder too. Here another point is that experienced middle order batsman Yuvraj Singh is also not fit as he is in an injury. So, I think Indian middle order should have got some body reliable who is in fir and inform at the moment.

This is really needed to have an all rounder in today’s cricket and for ODI it is badly needed. There was a time when people just think about one side either batting or bowling or wicket keeping. However, now the situation has been changed and most the cricket powers have all rounder in their teams which sometimes make the difference in the field. It has been long since that India does not have any quality all rounder who can have a good impact on in the team and dominating performance in the field. In the world cup 2003 India included Sanjay Bangar, who, with the course of time, is now out of scene.

Two Wicket Keepers in the Indian Squad of World Cup Cricket 2007: Does It Really Need It

Yesterday Indian selectors have declared the 15 member squad for the upcoming ICC World Cup Cricket 2007. There is no new face in the final squad. The combination formed with 7 batsman, 7 bowlers and 2 wicket keepers. It seems a balanced side. However, does it really need to have a second wicket keeper for the squad?

Well, you may think that yes it needs because wicket keeping is such a position for which it is badly needed to have reserve person. It is a good logic though, but does it need to have third wicket keepers in the squad. Even if you have all great batsmen and all legendary bowlers in your squad, you will not think about taking three wicket keepers in your squad rather you may think about taking another batsman or bowler or an all rounder. However, Indian selectors did it. How?

Dinesh Karthik and Mahendra Singh Dhoni both are in first 15. However, I do not know if the selectors forgot another wicket keeper Rahul Dravid. In the last world cup 2003, Rahul Dravid played as a wicket keeper and that is why, India could take an additional batsman. This batsman gave a good back up to the side in the world cup 2003. I do not what is the reason selectors thought about to include Dinesh Karthik. Karthik is a good wicket keepers but I do not think that he has that much of batting talent so that he can be regarded as a batsman only.

Indian Squad for the ICC Cricket World Cup West Indies 2007

The final world cup squad of India has been declared just a few hours ago. There is not any surprise inclusion in the squad. The squad involves two wicket-keepers, 7 bowlers and 7 batsmen; but there is no all-rounder but the injured Irfan Pathan can bat well who now can be regarded as the only all-rounder in the squad. The team will lead by veteran batsman Rahul Dravid and Sachin Tendulkar has been selected as the deputy of Dravid. The squad is given below-

Rahul Dravid (c), Sachin Tendulkar (v-c), Virender Sehwag, , Saurav Ganguly, Yuvraj Singh, Robin Uthappa, Mahendra Singh Dhoni (wk), Dinesh Karthik (wk), Anil Kumble, Harbhajan Singh, Irfan Pathan, Munaf Patel, Zaheer Khan, Sreesanth, Ajit Agarkar

Among the bowlers there are two spinners and five pacers. Anil Kumble and Harbhajan Singh are in the squad with their spin bowling and Ajit Agarkar. Munaf Patel, Sreesanth, Zaheer Khan and Irfan Pathan will appear with new ball. The most important thing is that there are four specialist openers- Sourav Ganguly, Sachin Tendulkar, Robin Uthappa and Virendar Shewag.

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Indian and Sri Lankan Team Reach at Rajkot ahead of the Sunday’s ODI Match

Both Sri Lanka and India have reached at Rajkot ahead of the second ODI match of the ongoing ODI series between Indian and Sri Lanka. The second match of the series will be held on Sunday. The first ODI match at Eden Garden was declared abandoned due to rain having played 18 overs. However, following the alleged match fixing controversy of Nagpur, both ICC and local police are aware of having any such incident. Marlon Samuels, a veteran ODI player of West Indies has been accused by the Nagpur police of having contract with a bookie named Kochar during the Indian vs. West Indies ODI series.

Saharasamay reported:

The ICC team, in coordination with local police, would be keeping an eye on every movement of players from hotel to dressing room.

Through six close circuit cameras in the dressing room, every single movement by the two teams will be recorded even as the local police are all set to monitor any betting activity in the region.

Strict vigil would be maintained to ensure that no unauthorised person gets access to the dressing and hotel rooms, both in person and through phones.

Meanwhile, all eyes are set on the second ODI at Rajkot between the two countries to be played on Sunday.

The BCCI secretary Niranjan Shah, calling the coming match a very important one, said the ICC vigilance team as well as the local police would keep the tab of the developments at Rajkot.

Ahead of the ICC Cricket World Cup 2007, it is very much needed to protect any book making activities in order to have nice tournament. I think ICC should come up with some strict laws against the bookmakers also because there are some laws concerned with the players but the bookmakers can easily escape from the scene.

Friday, February 9, 2007

Dispute over the Telecasting Issue between Nimbus and Doordarshan Getting More Complicated Making the Telecast of the India Vs. Sri Lanka ODI Series U

The uncertainty over the telecasting issue of the India vs. Sri Lanka ODI series is getting more complicated. Earlier the high court gave the verdict that the state run television channel Doordarshan will telecast each of the incidents of the match after seven minutes and NEO Sports will telecast the match live.

However, Nimbus Communications, the owner of the NEO Sports, rejected such sharing and that is why the Government has sent a show-cause notice to the Nimbus Communications.

RxPG News reported:

On Friday, Justice B.D. Ahmed of the Delhi High Court refused to grant conditional stay of a government ordinance asking private sports channels to share live feed of cricket and other sports events with public broadcaster Prasar Bharti, which makes it mandatory for Nimbus Communications, the owner of the NEO Sports, to share live feed with state-run Doordarshan.

Appearing before Ahmed, who is hearing the original petition, senior Counsel for Nimbus Harish Salve submitted that the signals of the free-to-air telecast of the Doordarshan - could be downloaded by the neighbouring countries such as Sri Lanka, Singapore, Malaysia, the whole of Southeast Asia and Middle East causing irreparable loss to the private channel.

'The ordinance transgresses the constitutional limits and apart from violating the petitioner's fundamental rights, it also interferes with the power of the court to review the circular enforcing the private channels to share the feed,' said the petition.

Despite requests, Prasar Bharti did not fix decryption boxes in its 1,400 low power transmission - centres and the people in neighbouring countries were watching the matches free, said Salve.

Appearing for the government, Additional Solicitor General - P.P. Malhotra said the Nimbus petition should be dismissed as it had challenged the circular of the government contrary to its fundamental right enshrined in Article 19 of the Constitution.

Citing judgements of the Supreme Court, Malhotra said it was the fundamental right of every citizen to view and listen to cricket matches or sports events held in the country on TV or radio.

Malhotra read out the relevant portions of the ordinance saying that the private channel would have to share live feed with DD and All India Radio -.

I think the ongoing dispute between the two channels should be solved as soon as possible in order to make the way clear so that the fans can watch the match live on the television.

Churches will Go for ICC Cricket World Cup 2007

An organization named Project HOPE, based on different churches, will go for the coming ICC Cricket World Cup 2007 in order to give entertainment and religious motif to the fans. He Project Hope is a partnership between local and Para church leaders.

Jamaica Gleaner reported:

“Project HOPE is a partnership among local churches and para-church leaders in the Caribbean to share the Christian gospel with those attending the CWC. The primary strategy is to touch the hearts of cricket enthusiasts through friendship-evangelism, entertainment packages, sports seminars, health clinics, tract distribution, prayer and counselling for those who request such and general helpfulness.

The acronym HOPE is the short for Hospitality Outreach Prayer Empowerment. This project was birthed last year and is spearheaded by Pastor Percival Palmer of Whole Life Sports, a division of Whole Life Ministries.

For his part, Pastor Palmer, is upbeat and expectant that God is going to manifest His glory beyond boundaries. "Spiritually speaking, there is something I hear rumbling in the Caribbean. I went to Guyana recently and shared one day there with 70 pastors. They quickly got a committee organised and are ready to run with the vision. St. Kitts is ahead of us. The people in the region are very expectant. I think God is about to do something ... There have been some prophetic words by Kenneth Copeland, in terms of spiritual tsunami coming to the region this year. We as the Church have to be prepared. I am believing that God will show up and do some phenomenal things.

Other sporting and entertainment events held during the time of the CWC will also have the involvement of Project HOPE, Pastor Palmer said. Project HOPE, he continued, will be at Boys and Girls Championship March 29-April 1, to do ministry. Similarly, he said, Project HOPE would also be involved in Fun in the Son which is scheduled to take place at Hope Gardens on March 17.

Pastor Palmer said Project HOPE Jamaica, would not be Kingston-bound, but that there will be ministry done in Trelawny and other western parts of the island.”

This is interesting that churches will be involved in the World Cup Cricket 2007 which I think a positive sign for the biggest tournament of the cricket world.

The Authority Asking Fans to Collect their Tickets Soon

The authority is now asking the fans to collect their desired tickets of the World Cup Cricket 2007 soon as the tickets are being sold well in the third phase of ticket selling. It has also been reported that the price of the ticket is beyond the capacity of general people. SKN Vibes reported:

The LOC official explained that the modest pricing of the tickets make it possible for locals to enjoy the exciting matches between the teams from Australia, South Africa, Scotland and the Netherlands.

The cheapest ticket you can get is for $40.00 (US $15.00) so there is no excuse not to go to Warner Park, Henry noted. School is not going to be in, so the teachers are going to be free, the students are going to be free and its going to be a great opportunity to make sure that you see at least one game & of the Cricket World Cup.

Mr. Henry noted that the West Indies Cricket Boards hosting of the CWC was historic as the region has never staged an event of this magnitude. He added that this unprecedented undertaking, which involves a total of nine countries as host venues, may be the only to be witnessed by this generation.

This Cricket World Cup is perhaps the only one you and I and perhaps our children will see ever in our life, he stressed. The CWC is held every four years and the West Indies will have to wait a while before it comes around again, given the amount of countries that are bidding to get it. I think, we in the Caribbean, we in St. Kitts and Nevis, have to grab the opportunity & and make sure that we seize it and be part of this historic happening.

Tickets are available at the CWC ticket office in the Sands Complex. Office hours are 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. on weekdays and 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. on Saturday. The Warner Park Cricket Stadium will have a 10,000 seating capacity for the CWC.

The Players whom the Spectators will Feel during the ICC World Cup Cricket 2007

Another World Cup Cricket is going to be started from the 11th of March. Since the last world cup cricket 2003, there were several star players who have gone into retirement during the last four years. The stars will frequently come to the coming tournament as theses players were world best in their time. Among the retired stars Michael Bevan is one of them. This Australian middle order batsman is one of the best ever batsmen in the history of ODI cricket. Then Nathan Astle, the New Zealand opener has recently gone through his retirement and Chris Haris and Chris Cairns also took their retirement.

Carl Hooper from West Indies and wicketkeeper Ridley Jacobs and Shane Warne, Damien martin from Australia will make people feel for them. Javagal Srinath from India and Alec Stewart and Nasser Hussain, two former captain of England, has also gone through their retirement.

So, these players will not be appeared physically in the upcoming ICC World Cup Cricket 2007 however, they will reach at this biggest tournament in the mind of millions of fans. The retired players will also feel some kin to the game.

Team India Suffers from a Number of Injuries ahead of the ICC Cricket World Cup 2007

Team India has got some bad news as there are number of injuries found among the front line players. Ajit Agarkar, Irfan Pathan and Yuvraj Singh have fallen into injury. So they all have been excluded from the first ODI in Eden Garden which was declared abandoned due to heavy rain after playing 18 overs.

Now it is a question that whether India will keep the squad unchanged for the second ODI as well or any of these three can come to the final eleven. Ahead of the ICC Cricket World Cup 2007 I think it is needed for each of the players to play and work out with the problems.

ICC to Send a Team to Investigate the Marlon Samuels’ Accusation of Sending Information to a Bookie

ICC will go through the West Indian batsman Marlon Samuels’ allegation of providing information regarding matches to a bookie Kochar. The police of Nagpur, India first accused Marlon Samuels based on a tapped conversation between Samuels and the bookie Kochar.

NDTV reported:

The team, mainly comprising of ICC's Anti-Corruption Unit officials, will be in Nagpur by Monday for detailed discussions with the Nagpur police, said a top BCCI source.

"We have received a communication that a team from ICC will be going to Nagpur. We are ready to cooperate in the investigations," the source said.

During their stay in Nagpur, the ACU officials will also interact with the staff of the hotel where the West Indian cricketers had put up for their ODI against India last month.

The ACU team will try to ascertain whether any other cricketer was involved in leaking information to bookies.

The team will submit its report to the ICC which would then recommend what action could be taken against the West Indian all-rounder who has been accused of leaking information on team composition to alleged bookie Mukesh Kocchar.

"The ICC then will forward the report to the West Indies Cricket Board, which will have to take action if the player is found to be guilty," the source said.

This is a good decision as they will send a team to investigate the matter which will be helpful for both ICC and Marlon Samuels. Here it is also a question that why police has specially tapped the conversation of Samuels. The mystery over the issue is roaming around the cricket world.

West Indies Captain Brian Lara to Launch a TV Game “Brian Lara International Cricket 2007” in England

West Indies captain and star batsman Brian Lara is now in England in order to launch a computer game named after him, Brian Lara International Cricket 2007. This is not the first time Brian Lara TV game is going to be on public rather there were a number of episode of Brian Lara cricket TV game. He went England as the promotional activities of the TV game.

NDTV reported:

West Indies captain Brian Lara flew into London for a day on Thursday to promote the launch of his new computer game - 'Brian Lara International Cricket 2007'.

Lara will be in charge of the side when they try and win the ICC Cricket World Cup on home soil in a few weeks time.

He said that Rickey Ponting, Glenn McGrath and Sachin Tendulkar might be dangerous in the ICC Cricket World Cup 2007. However, he has not talked about the Marlon Samuels’ allegation of having connection with a bookie Kochar.

This TV game will make a boom in the market as the ICC Cricket World Cup 2007 is coming with full pace.

Show-cause Notice Send to Nimbus due to their Rejection Sharing the Telecast of the Indian-Sri Lanka ODI Series with Doordarshan

There is a dispute going on between two televisions channels of India over the telecast right of India’s cricket match. Nimbus and Doordarshan have shared the series with West Indies but for the series against Sri Lanka Nimbus is reluctant to share the series with Doordarshan. In this regard the Government has sent a show-cause notice to Nimbus.

IBN Live reported:

The Government, which had been already irked with the fact that the two organisations could not come to an agreement over the telecast of the India-West Indies ODI series, has now issued a show-cause notice to Nimbus.

The private broadcaster had been mandated to share the feed with Doordarshan as per an ordinance and the Government now wants to take action against Nimbus.

According to a report in the news agency PTI, Nimbus had refused to share the feed with Doordarshan as it was awaiting the Delhi High Court's decision on the issue.

The matter had come up for hearing in the HC on Thursday but had been posted for further hearing on Friday.

According to penalties in the 'Sports Broadcasting Signals (Mandatory Sharing with Prasar Bharati) Ordinance, 2007', the Government can suspend or revoke a broadcaster's licence, permission or registration, for denying content to Prasar Bharati.

For such rejection Nimbus can be penalized with Rs 1 crore. I think the situation will not be solved so soon because the Indian constitution is involved here. The only way to resolve the matter is to arrange a meting involving both the channels and the government and discuss the matter.

Should Sreesanth be Given the New Bowl to Open Bowling for India?

Sreesanth is a young medium pace bowler of Indian cricket team. He has spent a good series in South Africa especially in the test series. However, he can not live up to the demand of the fans in ODI cricket. Record says that he is very much economical in ODI cricket. His bowling average in ODI seems not to be well comparing with his test bowling average.

I think Sreesanth is given the new ball to open the innings as his bowling speed is much better than that of other players currently playing for India. So, if he is given the new ball and asked to bowl as much speed as he can then it will be very much effective. As India needs a pace bowler for the squad, so he can be best used in this way. It is true that India has two excellent spin bowlers but sometimes, runs and wickets in the first 15 overs become crucial and change the situation. So, to check the runs and take wickets India needs to follow some tricks. For example, one of the opening bowlers can check the runs to create pressure on the batsmen and the other opening bowler will concentrate on taking wickets using the impatience of the batsmen. However, if this plan does not work well in a match then the captain should go for using spin bowlers in order to check runs and the pace bowlers can be used later on in a number of spells.

If India go for four bowler strategy then the captain has to use occasional bowlers and I think Rahul Dravid should have some tricks to use the occasional bowlers as well. Suppose if the pacer can take off three wickets in the first 15 overs then the captain can think about using occasional bowler in one side and the spinners in other side so that the batsman can not bat comfortably. However, if the pace bowlers concede too many runs in the first 15 overs then the captain should not use occasional bowler immediately rather he should use two specialist spinners at the same time so that the runs can be checked from the both hand. For using occasional bowler, the captain should have some additional strategy. For example, if an off spinner comes in one hand then it is better to use a leg spinner or left arm spinner or slow medium pacer instead of using another off spinner in other hand.

Ahead of the ICC Cricket World Cup Cricket 2007, India should have some other effective plans as they do not have a strong bowling side.

India and Australia to Meet in Belfast, Ireland on June after the End of the World Cup Cricket 2007

Indian and Australia will meet to each other on June in Belfast, Ireland. They will play three ODI matches there. These three matches will be included in those 25 matches India has to play over the five years in offshore venues as per the contract between Indian Cricket Board and Zee TV.

Cricinfo reported:

Under the conditions of an agreement signed between Zee TV and the Indian Cricket Board, India have to play 25 offshore ODIs over a five-year period, and following Ireland's successful hosting of the one-day international against England at Stormont in Belfast last June, officials have been in secret negotiations with the BCCI to bring further international cricket to their shores.

"Clearly there is an incentive to be hosting such events," Warren Deutrom, the chief executive of the Irish Cricket Union, told Cricinfo. "This is not just a major cricket match but a major sporting event, between two of the best sides in the world." Deutrom confirmed that the three matches would be held at Stormont on June 27, June 29 and July 1, but added that this would be subject to the finalising of terms.

For India, the series will be played as a warm-up for their tour of England in July, which comprises three Tests and seven one-dayers. "We will play against Australia in the last week of June," Niranjan Shah, the secretary of the Indian cricket board, told reporters. "We have chosen Ireland as the venue and details are being worked out."

This is a good initiative that two cricket powers will play in Ireland where Cricket is not that much popular. However, it would be better if the initiative of organizing some ODI matches in USA and Canada could be successful.

Rickey Ponting Having Monotonous Feeling over the Plenty of Matches against India

Rickey Ponting, the captain of Australian Cricket team, has revealed his dissatisfaction over the plenty of cricket matches against India this year. It has been scheduled that Indian and Australia will meet in Northern Ireland in June just after the end of the ICC Cricket World Cup 2007. Then Australia will go to India in October and India will go to Australia in December which will followed by a tri-series with India, Australia and Sri Lanka.

India Times reported:

Ponting's comments came following news Australia and India are set to play three, and possibly five, matches in Belfast, Northern Ireland this June.

Ponting's side will also tour India in October to play seven ODIs, and then host the same opposition from December in four Tests and a tri-series in early 2008, which also involves Sri Lanka.

"From a player's point of view, you'd like to be playing all the teams around the world on a more consistent basis,"Ponting said. "But that's just the way it is. That's programming. No matter how hard you work at programming, it's pretty hard to get it right 100 per cent of the time."

This is true that playing so many matches against the same opposition is something seemed to be irritating. So, I think ICC will go through this matter while deciding the fixture among the teams in future.

India Should Look for Quality Pace Bowler

India is one of the most dominating countries in the cricket world as it is the second highest populated country and cricket is the most popular sports in India. So, India has an unofficial power in the cricket world. Having over the one crore population, India is the most fascinated country to the sponsors and eventually the cricketers in the country always regarded as the most famous celebrity. It is worthless to say that the richest cricket control board in the world cricket, BCCI, belongs to India. However, in many cases, it has been seen that the cricket officials to Indian cricket sometimes become more busy dealing with sponsors rather than the development of the domestic cricket.

The major concern in the Indian cricket for which they have struggled in many abroad series, is that of having quality pace bowlers. After Kapil Dev India has not got any dominating fast bowler in world cricket whereas after Imran Khan, Pakistan got two great pace bowlers- Wasim Akram, Waqar Younis, who served Pakistan for many years. After Dennis Lillie, Australia got Glenn McGrath; after Michael Holding, Joel Garner, West Indies got Courtney Walsh, Curtly Ambrose. On the other hand, India has not got any other pace bowlers who can dominate over the batsman. So, it is badly needed for India to have some quality pace bowlers in order to get some tremendous results in international level.

I hope the cricket officials to India will give more focus on the development of Indian cricket rather than the sponsorship. India will feel for a quality pace bowler in the coming ICC Cricket World Cup 2007. Let’s see what happen.

Will Sub-continental Teams Click in the ICC Cricket World Cup 2007

Except the last ICC Champions Trophy there was not any big ODI tournament in the history of ODI cricket where one of the sub-continental teams could not reach at least to the semi-final stages. All the World Cup Cricket tournaments have seen at least one team from this region to reach at the semi-final stage. All the tournaments of ICC Champions Trophy did so except the last ICC Champions Trophy 2006 held in India where India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh could not reach at the semi-final stages.

Except Bangladesh, all other three countries are regarded as the cricket power in both test and ODI cricket. Now the question is that what will happen in the upcoming ICC Cricket World Cup 2007. Will the sub-continental teams follow the last ICC Champions Trophy? Well, only time can say the right answer at this moment but it is true that all these three countries could not do well in their recent abroad series. India and Pakistan both could not do well in South Africa. For Sri Lanka, the team is not bad as there is a good combination of experienced and young players but it would not be a easy tournament for this Sri Lankan team as some of the key players lack consistency in recent days.

I think the coming ICC Cricket World Cup would be a tough tournament for the sub-continental teams. However, it is also true that the teams of this region has some potential players who can lead their teams single handedly which is a positive side for a team in cricket.

Ramnaresh Sarwan Fall in Another Injury ahead of the ICC Cricket World Cup 2007

Ramnaresh Sarwan, the benevolent batsman of West Indies has fallen in a bone injury while playing in domestic cricket. He has recently come back after having another bad injury with hairline fracture in the right instep. The coming ICC Cricket World Cup 2007 is now knocking at the door and that is why, the injury creates a fear among the fans. However, it has been reported that the batsman will be fit enough to play after three weeks. The first match of West Indies in the World Cup Cricket 2007 is about five weeks away. So, the injury may not be able to stop him going for the World Cup Cricket 2007.

Nation News reported:

The Guyana and West Indies captain sustained the blow from Fidel Edwards mid-way into the opening day of the Carib Beer Series match against Barbados at Bourda on Monday, and an X-ray, along with a MRI scan, confirmed the nature of the injury.

It comes just when he was recovering from a hairline fracture of the right instep he sustained in Pakistan last December and more significantly, five weeks ahead of the West Indies' opening match of the World Cup on March 11.

Sarwan, however, is optimistic that he'll be ready for the mega-event.

"I'm very confident. It is just a matter of doing the right things over the next three weeks. I will start getting therapy in probably another two weeks," he told MIDWEEK SPORT yesterday.

Though it is sure that Ramnaresh Sarwan will be fit after three weeks but the question mark still appears in his form as three weeks is a long time. What do you think?

Marlon Samuels to Get the West Indian Players besides Him over the Match Fixing Issue

Marlon Samuels, the star West Indian cricketer, has recently been accused of having a contract with a bookie named Kochar recently. Nagpur police recorded a telephone conversation and based on that conversation police have informed both BCCI and ICC to investigate the matter. However, Samuels himself rejected such allegation. Moreover, it has been reported that Brian Lara, the captain of West Indies cricket team has expressed his support to Samuels recently.

Timesnow reported:

"I have been unable to contact the W.I.C.B (West Indies Cricket Board) or more importantly, Marlon Samuels, as the report emerged whilst I was in London overnight. Ultimately, I would like to speak to Marlon Samuels to let him know that he has the full support of myself and the other players. He needs to stay focused on the things he can control. We have a World Cup to win."

On the other hand, Samuels’ mother initially said that his son has a friendship with Kochar for six years but recently she said that she is unable to comment on this issue. It seems that Marlon Samuels is going to face some hectic experiences within a few days which will be a problem for both Samuels and West Indies cricket team as the ICC Cricket World Cup 2007 is now about a month away.

Thursday, February 8, 2007

Sourav Ganguly to Wait for Next Chance

The former Indian captain Sourav Ganguly has missed a chance to play a big innings in his home ground Eden Garden where he has played from his childhood. Though he has played many important innings in this ground in domestic cricket but for international cricket, he has not got any such creditable innings which can go with his talent. However, the chance has come yesterday in the first ODI match of the India-Sri Lanka series at Eden Garden. However, the nature this time has been the main culprit as the match has been abandoned due to heavy rain after playing 18 overs.

It is true that Sourav Ganguly is now in a good form which is well enough for the satisfaction of his fans. I hope he will play his best in the ICC Cricket World Cup 2007.

Michael Vaughan will Miss the Commonwealth Bank Series Finals due to the Hamstring

Michael Vaughan, the captain of the Enlang cricket team is now out of the team due to his hamstring injury again. He has been told to take rest for 10 days. So England will not get their regular captain for the three final matches of the Commonwealth Bank Series. However, he can still fit to participate for the World Cup Cricket 2007 which is now the main concern.

Skysports reported:

Vaughan missed five matches during the one-day series after picking up the problem against New Zealand in Hobart.

He returned to action on Tuesday to help steer England into the finals but has now been told to rest for 10 days, meaning he won't be available to face Australia.

However Vaughan has quickly dismissed fears over his fitness for the World Cup, which starts in the Caribbean on March 13.

"As you can imagine I was itching to play, as I have been for the last eight or nine months, going through the whole rehab of my knee - it has been very disappointing on this tour to have no problems with my right knee and then a hamstring comes about," said Vaughan.

"I am desperate to play but we have to look at the future and certainly the next few weeks with the World Cup in mind.

"The medical staff have told me there is absolutely no doubt I will be on the plane for the World Cup."

This is, for sure, a bad news for the English team as they are going to miss the experienced batsman in the team. However, England selectors should remember that World Cup Cricket 2007 is much more important than the Commonwealth Bank Series. I hope, England will look for a replacement of their most experienced batsman and will get such a potential batsman in their country.

Darrel Hair to Go for Appeal against the Decision Taken by ICC

Darrell Hair is going to sue against the decision taken by ICC. Following the ball-tampering controversy during a test match between England and Pakistan in August last year he has been out of the elite panel of the umpires who have the right to umpire the test matches. Recently he has umpired in the world cricket league hosted in Kenya. Now he is preparing to sue on the decision.

Cricket Online reported:

Hair called a press conference from the first floor of the Nairobi Hilton after officiating in the ICC World Cricket League final between Kenya and Scotland.

"I can confirm I have instructed my lawyers, Finers Stephens Innocent, 179 Portland Street, London, to issue an application to the London Central Employment Tribunal alleging racial discrimination from the International Cricket Council and the Pakistan Cricket Board," he said.

"Therefore it is inappropriate for me to make further comment given that this matter has yet to be determined by the tribunal."

Hair's stunt to call the press conference following the match has been widely criticised, many claiming it overshadowed the WCL final and thus contradicted the purpose of the event - to expose developing cricket nations to the international stage.

Hair, however, moved quickly to dismiss speculation that the timing of his statement was an intentional publicity stunt.

"I've just umpired a cricket match today. The World Cricket League is something the ICC has really worked on. I think it's a shame other things have to overshadow that, and it looks like they have. I wish everyone here was reporting on the cricket match, and not this," Hair said.

"I haven't spoken to anybody about this. I hope you understand that I haven't released any information about this. Somebody else obviously has. I've got no idea who but I value confidentially, unfortunately I've discovered other people don't," he added.

Well, I am not sure that what will happen in future and it is not possible to say something about such a controversial thing beforehand. However, it seems that the matter will go a long way which was thought to have ended after ICC took the decision. Here, one thing that I can not understand is that why Mr. Hair has not appeal immediate after the decision of ICC.

The ongoing India-Sri Lanka Series to be a Crucial Series ahead of the ICC Cricket World Cup 2007

The ongoing series between India and Sri Lanka is going to be a crucial series for the selectors of both the countries as they have to have a close eye on each of the matches as they have to make an initial standing of the final squad of the ICC Cricket World Cup 2007 having seen the performance of the players in the tournament.

On the other hand, the series would be a crucial tournament for the players too as they are now going though a hard time. The players will be under a huge pressure during the tournament as it is the last chance to assure their place in the squad. So the series is a hard tournament for both players and selectors.

Health Sector of the Host Nations Ready for the ICC Cricket World Cup 2007

Just a month is now away to reach at the final stage of the ICC Cricket World Cup 2007. The health sector of West Indies is now taking preparation ahead of the tournament. The spectators will get help in the health sector. Health is a major issue and is needed to have a disciplined health sector.

Sun St. Kitts reported:

“We have planned a response so that we maintain the normal service delivery. That’s the first priority. The second priority is to meet the Cricket World Cup requirements which were tested last year during the West Indies/India series and the Federation passed the test,” Coordinator of Medical Health and Anti-doping for the Local Organising Committee for Cricket World Cup (CWC) Dr. Patrick Martin told the SUN.

Surveillance of visitors at ports of entry and exit is also high priority for Dr. Martin’s committee.

“One area that has required some urgent attention is the establishment of a health unit at the ports so that we may conduct surveillance of travellers and goods as they enter the ports. That is the area we are working towards getting implemented within short order,” he said.

The Ministry of Health has been allocated funds to meet the demands and requirements for the International Cricket Council’s Cricket World Cup.

This is a good initiative as health sector is needed for both spectators and players.

Fletcher Thinking of the Injuries in His Team

The England coach Duncun Fletcher has said that ahead of the first final match of the tri nation ODI series, the pressures will be on their rival Australia. He has also said that there are number of injuries in his team which is a matter of great concern as the World Cup Cricket is going to be started from March 11, 2007. The first final of the tri nations’ ODI series will be held today.

Stuff reported:

Captain Michael Vaughan is not the only player struggling with niggling soreness ahead of tomorrow's first final at the MCG.

Paul Collingwood has "a little foot injury that comes and goes", and pacemen Jon Lewis and Chris Tremlett are flying home to have their respective ankle and back ailments treated in England before the World Cup.

Vaughan aggravated his fragile left hamstring as England toppled New Zealand to confound everyone by qualifying for the best-of-three finals series, and will be reassessed today.

Ironically, making the finals may not be the ideal World Cup preparation for an injury-affected team that has been on the road since October. But Fletcher, under pressure to keep his job, did his best to turn the heat on the world champions.

"We've won these two games against two very, very good, experienced sides. The way we beat Australia was quite clinical, so there is a very good chance that we can go in there and beat Australia [again]," he said.

"There could be a lot of pressure on Australia, from the point of view that we beat them last time, we've beaten New Zealand quite convincingly, and they put up a very good game against Australia the other night.

"We're the underdogs - we've got a few injuries and a very, very young side and we've played some very good cricket. What's the limit of this side? There's a lot of growth in it and we could upset a lot of top sides."

Rumours that Pietersen would resurface only a few weeks after breaking a rib are unfounded, but Broad - the 20-year-old son of former England opener and match referee Chris - will arrive this morning from Chennai, where he has been training at a fast-bowling camp.

The promising quick will only play if England opts against playing two spinners, Jamie Dalrymple and Monty Panesar.

I think the final would be an excellent match where the game ‘Cricket’ will win to have seen amazing. It is really a bad time for a player and his team to have fallen to injury as the biggest stage of world cricket, ICC Cricket World Cup 2007, is now just a month away. This would definitely be seen him here in the university.

ICC Going through the Last Minute Visit to the Hosted Venues of the ICC World Cup Cricket 2007

ICC officials are now going through the final visit to the host venues ahead of the ICC Cricket World Cup 2007. The world cup cricket will be started from 11 March. Now the whole cricket world is eagerly waiting for the coming tournament. The officials are now investigating the stadiums and the facilities of the stadiums.

News Day reported:

A team from the International Cricket Council (ICC) led by the Venues and Development Director Don Lockerbie will visit three venues.

Also in the team are officials in charge of pitches, outfields, venue development and cricket operation.

Among the other specialists involved are the Venue Curator, Venue Manager, Ground Personnel and other ground officials.

Between approximately 1.30 and 3.30 pm the ICC team will visit the refurbished Queen’s Park Oval in Port of Spain where group matches in the World Cup will be staged.

Trinidad and Tobago will host the Brown Package at the Oval featuring India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and Bermuda. Hosts West Indies are in Group “A” which will be played in Jamaica.

Later, the St Mary College Ground and the King George V Park both on Serpentine Road, St Clair will be inspected between 3.30 and 4.30 pm.

The good side of such visits is that in the way the problems and the lacking existed in a venue will be brought into out and the organizers will be able to work out the problems. I hope that the world will have a successful World Cup Cricket tournament.