Saturday, February 3, 2007

Should India Use Technology for their World Cup Cricket Preparation

The final world cup cricket squad for India will be declared soon after the ODI series against Sri Lanka. It is expected that by 15 February the team will be on public. I think India should start their preparation ahead of this biggest stage of world cricket. In taking preparation the Indian team can call for a camp where all the players will practice together and sooner the camp will be held, the better their preparation would be. However, besides working on the physical and technical sides, it is needed for each of the players to have an overall idea regarding the rival players and for this, the authority can arrange some computers with high technology which will help them to find out the strong and weak sides of each of the rival players. Moreover, they will be able to find out their own personal weakness in the field so that they will be able to work out the errors.

I think it is the demand of time to be in touch of modern technology in order to keep various options Open. Using technology can be of an interesting job for the players where they will feel more comfortable analyzing the problems on screen. I hope this will make India a distinct competitor than the rest of the teams.