Monday, February 12, 2007

Two Wicket Keepers in the Indian Squad of World Cup Cricket 2007: Does It Really Need It

Yesterday Indian selectors have declared the 15 member squad for the upcoming ICC World Cup Cricket 2007. There is no new face in the final squad. The combination formed with 7 batsman, 7 bowlers and 2 wicket keepers. It seems a balanced side. However, does it really need to have a second wicket keeper for the squad?

Well, you may think that yes it needs because wicket keeping is such a position for which it is badly needed to have reserve person. It is a good logic though, but does it need to have third wicket keepers in the squad. Even if you have all great batsmen and all legendary bowlers in your squad, you will not think about taking three wicket keepers in your squad rather you may think about taking another batsman or bowler or an all rounder. However, Indian selectors did it. How?

Dinesh Karthik and Mahendra Singh Dhoni both are in first 15. However, I do not know if the selectors forgot another wicket keeper Rahul Dravid. In the last world cup 2003, Rahul Dravid played as a wicket keeper and that is why, India could take an additional batsman. This batsman gave a good back up to the side in the world cup 2003. I do not what is the reason selectors thought about to include Dinesh Karthik. Karthik is a good wicket keepers but I do not think that he has that much of batting talent so that he can be regarded as a batsman only.