Wednesday, February 7, 2007

The authority Working Hard in order to Present a Successful World Cup Cricket 2007

Organizers of the Upcoming World Cup Cricket 2007 are now working hard from dawn to dusk ahead of the biggest stage of world cricket. The warm-up matches will be started from the 5th of March which is now lass than a month away. So, the authority now mainly focuses on the warm-up matches and opening ceremony first.

Jamaica Observer reported:

"CWC staff throughout the region work seven days a week and the momentum is gathering. It's pretty close now - crunch time. A number of event stakeholders have set up office in the Caribbean and are working alongside the LOCs (Local Organising Committees) and CWC.

"The general public seems to be getting a real feel for the event as they can see evidence of more and more preparations and advertising taking place," she said.
"City dressing is going up in the Host Venues and soon CWC colours will be flying from street poles and hanging in airports and sea ports throughout the nine countries. Sponsor marketing activity has begun worldwide."

Adding that there's a lot currently happening, Roach listed the ICC Venue Tour, Match Day Integration workshops and meetings between Event Authority - the International Cricket Council (ICC) - and CWC later this week among the myriad CWC activities. CWC's Board of Directors will also meet in Trinidad on Friday for the final time before the tournament.
"CWC's Accreditation headquarters is now open at Sabina Park and the entire team has relocated to the stadium. They are operating at a great pace and it's the venue for training of the Accreditation managers and Media Services managers starting from tomorrow," she disclosed.”

I think the authority should come forward with promotional activities so that the people can know about the tournament and thus their ticket selling will get a special speed in ticket selling.