Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Hrithik Roshan and Kaho Na Pyar Hai

Kaho Na Pyar Hai is a romantic action movie. It is a nice movie. The story of the movie is simple, but Rakesh Roshan presented that very well. This movie has been made by two new comers, one is Hrithik Roshan and another is Amisha Patel. This movie is good for both of them as a first movie. Hrithik plays in double role Rohit and Raj. Amisha Patel plays the character of Sonia. Anupam Kher plays the father of Sonia. He is a rich man. Rohit (Hrithik Roshan) is a simple boy. He is not rich person. His dream is he will become a singer. He has a younger brother Amit. They have no parents. Rohit is parents for his younger brother. Rohit meets with Sonia (Amisha Patel) for the first time in the traffic signal. That time they don’t talk to each other. Next time, Rohit meets with Sonia in Sonia’s birthday. Sonia’s father buys a car for his daughter- as a birthday gift. Rohit does job in a showroom of car. As a duty, he comes Sonia’s home for delivery of the car, which has been bought by Sonia’s father. This time they talk to each other and introduced to each other. Rohit is very simple boy. Sonia has been impressed by his simplicity. She falls in love of Rohit. Rohit want to become a singer. He goes to a hotel for audition, but he does not change for any performance because he has no band team. After that he wants to proof himself. He saws that the owner of the hotel is presenting in party. So he sings a song there. The owner of hotel very impressed with his song and invites him to travel with them in a cruse and entertain them. Sonia also presences in same ship. Sonia loves Rohit and she wants to say Rohit but she cannot do that. The owner keeps a party for Christmas. Rohit is a young and handsome person, for this reason several times girls stay around him. So Sonia has no escape to say about her feeling. On the party night, Sonia becomes little bit angry and takes drink and in drink he goes to life boat. Rohit finds her and discovers in life boat. He goes there and he also takes drinks. In this circumstance, they have no sense that they are in life boat. An accidentally, that life boat disattached from the main ship. When they awake at morning, they become shocked that they are in sea without ship. Even, around of them no inland present. After such a long time Rohit finds out an inland. Then, they go and stay there.

Rohit arranged a big branch from tree and a cloth for sign that when search team search them then they can find out easily. Rohit think has corrected. In ship, when they cannot find out they take help the captain of the ship. They visit on that inland by helicopter, where Rohit and Sonia staying, but they cannot find them; they cannot watch that stick which has been put by Rohit, because Sonia takes it from that place. Rohit quarrels with Sonia about that, why has she taken away the stick from its place. In their talking time accidentally, Sonia falls from the rock in the sea. Rohit want to save her, so he get down in the water, but he does not know swim. Sonia knows swim, so saves the life of Rohit. When Sonia asks him Rohit, that if he does not know swim then why he get down in water and why he tries to save her. Then, Rohit says that he loves Sonia. For Sonia, it is shocked that which she accepts from Rohit, that he says to Sonia. They express their feeling to each other. A whole day and a night they pass in that unknown inland. Next day, search team fined them. They returne in their city. Rohit afraid that when they will come back in their life then problem creates in his and Sonia’s love. That is happen. Sonia’s father Mr. Saxena (Anupam Kher) does not accepts their relation. Where Rohit works, that showroom is Mr. Saxena’s friend showroom. Mr. Saxena says his friend that, he get out Rohit from his job. He also pressurize to Sonia go to abroad to complete her education.

Rohit is poor on the other hand, he lost his job. Mr. Saxena cannot send his daughter in abroad. When he feels that his daughter takes side of Rohit, he accepts their proposal for some days; he takes this decision very cleverly. Rohit says him that when he will become establish then they will marry. Rohit respects his love so he does not want to marriage escape. Then, Rohit takes decision to do something. In this case, his boss, who gave him to opportunity for singing, wants to help Rohit. He says Rohit that first, he records Rohit’s voice and when he will becomes popular then he will arrange a concert of Rohit. They have done all as plan. Rohit voice becomes popular. After long time comes in Rohit to do a big work, which is his dream. In his concert day Rohit busy for practice, in that time Sonia, comes to meet to him. After some days they meet to each other that day. After meet with Sonia Rohit goes to his younger brother’s school to pick up his brother from school. On the way, an accidentally Rohit becomes witness of a murder. Two officers and a man killed a man, who is police commissioner. For this reason, they want to kill also Rohit. Police car follows Rohit motor cycle. They shot to Rohit. Once time, Rohit fells in the river from bridge accidentally. As he has been injured and does not know swim, so he cannot live by himself; he died. Concert becomes spoil. Even, some die avers search his dead body, but they cannot find any dead body from the river.

Sonia gets very hurt this entire thing. She feels very bad to lose her love. She totally disconnects from social lives. To see this Sonia’s father get very hurt for his daughter and takes a decision that he will send Sonia in Newzeland where his brother (Mr. Saxena’s) lives. He does this to change the environment of Sonia and hopes that she will for get everything, but it is not possible for Sonia to forget her first love. She goes to abroad in her uncle, but she passes her time lonely. There is her one cousin Nita, who wants that Sonia will lead a normal life. Often, she offers her to go with her. One day, Sonia goes to outside with her cousin Nita. That day, she watches a young boy, who is totally carbon copy of Rohit. She thinks that Rohit becomes alive. After that, she finds that boy’s address and identify that, who is this boy, look as like her Rohit. After, she has understood he is actually Raj, not her Rohit (Hrithik’s double role). On the other hand, this boy whose name is Raj fells in love of Sonia. He tries several times to meet with Sonia, but every time, Sonia refuses to meet with Raj. Raj wants to know that, and when he invent all things then he gets very hurt that his face match with Rohit. Which reason, Sonia does not want to meet with Raj, because it gets hurt to remember that Rohit is no more. Raj wants to win hurt of Sonia. It is not easy for Raj. Because, Sonia does not forget about Rohit. Raj comes to India with Sonia. After landing their filet Raj says to Sonia good bye and he also says that he will back to Newzeland again.

Unfortunate, suddenly some one shouts on Raj. He cannot imagine that on his first day in India why some one shouts on him. They escape from air port. Sonia contacts with her father, but she does not get any help from her father. She and Raj invent that police force wait for them in front of Sonia’s home and they have tapped her home’s phone. All these elements confuse them. First, they don’t understand that why police officers find Raj. This is the first time, that Raj comes to India, and he does not know anybody and nobody knows Raj in India. After all of this Raj understand that they may be fool as like Sonia. When Sonia met with Raj for first time, she thought that he is Rohit. Raj says to Sonia, in same way those police officers are finding Rohit, not Raj.

After, they invent, Rohit was killed by those police officers because he was witness of their crime. The most things which surprise to Sonia that her father gave ordered to kill Rohit. Those police officers and another man who killed Rohit he is friend of Mr. Saxena; all are drug dellars, and their another partner is Mr. Saxena, Sonia’s father. Mr. Saxena, when has got phone from his friend that Rohit has watched every thing, then Mr. Saxena has ordered him to kill Rohit and that man has done this. Sonia has been really shocked by listen all of these.

In the end, all men are captured by police. Raj goes from there to take Amit with him. Sonia understands that Raj loves her very much and she does not want to lose another true love. So, she expresses her love for Raj and then agrees to live with him for whole life.

In this way, two true lovers meet again in the last of this movie.