Friday, February 9, 2007

Marlon Samuels to Get the West Indian Players besides Him over the Match Fixing Issue

Marlon Samuels, the star West Indian cricketer, has recently been accused of having a contract with a bookie named Kochar recently. Nagpur police recorded a telephone conversation and based on that conversation police have informed both BCCI and ICC to investigate the matter. However, Samuels himself rejected such allegation. Moreover, it has been reported that Brian Lara, the captain of West Indies cricket team has expressed his support to Samuels recently.

Timesnow reported:

"I have been unable to contact the W.I.C.B (West Indies Cricket Board) or more importantly, Marlon Samuels, as the report emerged whilst I was in London overnight. Ultimately, I would like to speak to Marlon Samuels to let him know that he has the full support of myself and the other players. He needs to stay focused on the things he can control. We have a World Cup to win."

On the other hand, Samuels’ mother initially said that his son has a friendship with Kochar for six years but recently she said that she is unable to comment on this issue. It seems that Marlon Samuels is going to face some hectic experiences within a few days which will be a problem for both Samuels and West Indies cricket team as the ICC Cricket World Cup 2007 is now about a month away.