Saturday, February 3, 2007

Should VVS Laxman be Kept in the World Cup Cricket Squad of India?

VVS Laxman is regarded as a test batsman rater than an ODI batsman. His ODI record also proves that. His test average is 42.41 whereas his average in ODI cricket is 30.76. However, record sometimes can not show the pragmatic situation. As a middle order batsman I think Laxman should be selected for the final squad of the world cup. First, Laxman is an experienced player and can take singles playing in the gaps which is very much needed for a middle order batsman. Second, he can bat very well under pressure which is very important as Indian middle order is often seen to be broken within few overs. Thirdly, he is an experienced player so he can lead the lower order to support him building a good score. Fourthly, he has a lot of stroke in his hand which help him palying in any position in the batting order.

So, I think he will make the batting line up more strong and increase the depth of Indian batting. Laxman has showed that he is now in a good form and fit both mentally and physically to be selected at the world cup cricket squad of India.