Monday, February 5, 2007

World Cup Cricket 2007 could not Make Any Buzz at the Caribbean Region due to the Lack of Promotion?

Though there are a few days to go to start the World Cup Cricket 2007, it has been reported that there are not that much buzz at the Caribbean region. The reason thought to be existed behind it is the shortage of the promotional activities. It was also reported before that the lack of promotional activities played an important role behind the lower ticket selling of first two phases of ticket selling.

Hardbeat News Reported:

Amazing isn’t it? The biggest sporting event – practically the Olympics in the Caribbean – and there’s no excitement in the US Commonwealth Diaspora. The just-concluded Air Jamaica Jazz fest generated more buzz in the Diaspora than World Cup Cricket has to date.

There are no radio, television, web or print ads apart from a few put out by Direct TV and Air Jamaica. And the few promotions by tourist boards among local groups in the Caribbean Diaspora are lackluster and last minute, with no real money invested to target this market seriously or hire real ambassadors among cricket clubs, community groups and the media for a sustained campaign.

Top Indian and Pakistani media are also not being utilized and neither are the many cricket clubs that dot the US landscape. Why is this happening? Well first off, most of the promotional dollars is largely being given to agencies that seem to have absolutely no knowledge of what cricket is about much less the target market for such a promotion.

This is a negative side of the tournament that the authority could not organize the promotional activities properly. I think the authority should focus on the promotional activities from now on in order to make this World Cup Cricket 2007 successful.