Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Why Salman Khan will not get Married?

Salman Khan has become 47 years old and there is hardly any possibility that he would get married in near future. That does not mean that he had any shortage of girlfriends. So, he does not need to get married. Most of his fans would find it almost impossible to remember the names of all his GFs.
Recently, he appeared in a TV program called Koffee With Karan.

However, it's not bad manners that's behind Salman's "ignoring" of "some" girlfriends. He clarified: "Now you're somewhere else, you have your own life. I don't want in someone else's mind that thought to come into that, you know, ex-boyfriend. I don't want anything of her past coming into their lives. So I stay miles away." What a gent.
 Not all ex-girlfriends are to be ignored, of course. "Sangeeta (Bijlani) is a friend. She's part of the family, she's always been," Salman said.
 He's also OK with the current boyfriends of ex-girlfriends. In fact, he "thanks" them - not for taking the girls out of his life, as Karan cruelly suggested, but for taking good care of them.

So, it seems that Salman Khan has no intention of getting married soon. He is not a bad person in real life. He helped many in Bollywood film industry. Even he has helped a lot of ordinary people. However, when it comes to marriage or having a romantic affair, he is always terrible.