Thursday, August 30, 2007

Dhamaal in Wikipedia

Dhamaal (English: Madness) is a Bollywood film directed by Indra Kumar and starring Sanjay Dutt, Riteish Deshmukh, Sohail Khan, Tusshar Kapoor, Arshad Warsi and Javed Jaffrey.

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Preview of Dhamaal (1)

One misadventure follows after another. All five are thrown into hilarious life threatening situations that has the audience in side splitting laughter and guessing - Is there really any hidden money? Who will get it first? Its sheer masti and DHAMAAL

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Music Review of Dhamaal (2)

The album opens on a peppery note with the dance floor-friendly Dekho Dekho Dil Ye Bole. Despite its vibrant beats and foot-tapping tempo, the title track doesn't strike as fresh. Instead, it sounds more like an unintentional tribute to the snazzy world of Himesh Reshammiya [Images] and Pritam's music.

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Trailers of Dhamaal

IN this website link you can find
Dhamaal Trailers/Dhamaal Videos

Music Review of Dhamaal (1)

This is the very reason why Adnan Sami seems to be the unlikeliest of composers for making songs for the film since the romantic man has been famous more for his mushy/sad numbers than anything else. There has been a 'Lift Kara De' or a 'Kabhi Nahin' but still audience remembers him more for a 'Kabhi To Nazar Milao' or a 'Tera Chehra'.

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Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Marigold and Silent Gulshan Grover

Gulshan Grover is famous for his nice speaking ability. However, in Marigold he had to the opposite. Gulshan Grover had to be silent in Marigold. He had only one word in the movie.

Times of India wrote:

"Can you imagine someone who is known for his dialogue delivery doesn't have a single dialogue in the film? The only dialogue in the film I have is 'NO' .

Director Willard Caroll wanted me to be silent throughout the film, but Salman wanted me to say something and that's why I just say 'No' towards the end of the film," laughs Gulshan.

This is odd. I don’t know why, Marigold director took this kind of decision.

Monday, August 6, 2007

Marigold: Not Good Music?

Marigold is coming to the cinema halls next week. Now, it is the time of enjoy its music. Well, it seems that not every one is too much excited with the songs of Marigold. This is the first Hollywood film of Salman Khan and he is eager to see it become successful.

Meghna Menon has strongly criticized the music of Marigold.

She wrote:

The music of the Salman Khan-starring Hollywood flick 'Marigold' is quite a disappointment, especially when you know it has been composed by none other than Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy, the ruling kings of Bollywood music.

In their effort to mix Western-Indian musical arrangements with Hinglish lyrics, they nearly forget the demand of this millennium's music and end up with what could be called a less-than-average-album.

It starts off with 'Listen to the music'. Ali Larter lends her voice along with Shaan and Truth Hurts to the song. An all-in-all English number, it comprises major Indian musical arrangements with occasional Western inputs. A moderately paced track, Ali's husky voice isn't bad and the song would be best heard while watching the film.

Very strong words indeed! The problem of Marigold is that it is a Hollywood movie. In Bollywood movies, songs and dance are the life and blood of any movie. On the other hand, music is not so much important in most Hollywood movies. So, I am not surprised if Marigold songs fail to win the heart of many people.

Official Website of Salman Khan’s Marigold

If you have slow internet connection then it will take a lot of time to open the Official website of Marigold: An Adventure in India. You know that this is the first Hollywood movie of Salman Khan. So, many people in India will get interested about this movie. I took a look at the official website of Marigold. The website took nearly 30 minutes to load in my browser as the size of the home page is more than 3 MB.

The design of the website is top class. You will also want to admire the use of color. There is a nice fusion of India and the west in the website.

The main attraction is the download part. Of course, if you have slow Internet connection like me then you will have to wait ages for enjoying the goodies of Marigold but I can tell you that the wait is wroth it.

This is the url:

Marigold: Choreographer Salman Khan

Marigold is a Hollywood movie and this is the first Hollywood movie for Salman Khan. Here, the people will perhaps see a different Salman Khan. He is acting in the role of a choreographer. This is a new look for Salman Khan. Here, his character is innocent and he is a good boy- just the opposite of his role in real life.

News Post India reported:

Macho man Salman Khan plays choreographer in his first-ever Hollywood project, 'Marigold - An Adventure in India', a musical romantic comedy that releases this week, following on the success of his super caper 'Partner'.

The film, with a mixed cast and crew, focuses on a young American woman who travels to India to make a film, but destiny has something else in store for her. US-based director Willard Carroll's behind-the-scene story is for the American audiences who, he feels, are not well informed on Bollywood.

I am not too much optimistic about the success of Marigold but I would love to see Salman Khan gets more movies in Hollywood. Salman Khan is not a bad actor. He has good skills. He just needs to use them in the right way.

Ali Larter and Marigold

Ali Larter’s full name is Alison Elizabeth Larter. Her nick name is Allegra Coleman. She started her career as a model. Then she worked in TV serial. "Chicago Sons" (1997) was her first work in TV. After establishing as an actress she started acting in movie. In 2007 she has gained ranged 7 among 100 girls in Maxim magazine.

She likes potbelly boy rather than pretty boy. She got Young Hollywood Award in 2001. She got this award for Final Destination (2000). In the same year she nominated for Blockbuster Entertainment Award.

Very soon Ali’s next movie will come named “Marigold”. She has acted with Indian actress Salman Khan. Though this film is international level but, this is for first time that she has acted with Indian actor. To work with Indian actors and team it has added new experiment in her life.

Salman Khan about Marigold

David’s “Partner” has been already released, in which Salman Khan has done good job. People are liking his acting in this film. His new movie is Marigold. It is the first time for Samlam that he has acted on international level. Hollywood actress Ali has worked with Salman in this film. Salman plays as a Bollywood choreographer and through his profession he meets with Mari in the movie “Marigold”.

Hindustan Times wrote:

Salman Khan makes it to Hollywood. Will your critics be envious?

I didn’t understand your question. For me, our industry is very important. I have done this film for Willard and not because it is Hollywood.

Willard is like my elder brother and I love him and I would do any film for him. But yes, it is my first film in English and as such it is very important. Actually, all my films are equally important.

Earlier, Ash had also acted in an international film, but her film did not do well in the box office. Now, time is coming for her exboyfriend. Lets see will Salman’s first international movie do good business or not on Box office?