Monday, August 6, 2007

Marigold: Choreographer Salman Khan

Marigold is a Hollywood movie and this is the first Hollywood movie for Salman Khan. Here, the people will perhaps see a different Salman Khan. He is acting in the role of a choreographer. This is a new look for Salman Khan. Here, his character is innocent and he is a good boy- just the opposite of his role in real life.

News Post India reported:

Macho man Salman Khan plays choreographer in his first-ever Hollywood project, 'Marigold - An Adventure in India', a musical romantic comedy that releases this week, following on the success of his super caper 'Partner'.

The film, with a mixed cast and crew, focuses on a young American woman who travels to India to make a film, but destiny has something else in store for her. US-based director Willard Carroll's behind-the-scene story is for the American audiences who, he feels, are not well informed on Bollywood.

I am not too much optimistic about the success of Marigold but I would love to see Salman Khan gets more movies in Hollywood. Salman Khan is not a bad actor. He has good skills. He just needs to use them in the right way.