Monday, August 6, 2007

Salman Khan about Marigold

David’s “Partner” has been already released, in which Salman Khan has done good job. People are liking his acting in this film. His new movie is Marigold. It is the first time for Samlam that he has acted on international level. Hollywood actress Ali has worked with Salman in this film. Salman plays as a Bollywood choreographer and through his profession he meets with Mari in the movie “Marigold”.

Hindustan Times wrote:

Salman Khan makes it to Hollywood. Will your critics be envious?

I didn’t understand your question. For me, our industry is very important. I have done this film for Willard and not because it is Hollywood.

Willard is like my elder brother and I love him and I would do any film for him. But yes, it is my first film in English and as such it is very important. Actually, all my films are equally important.

Earlier, Ash had also acted in an international film, but her film did not do well in the box office. Now, time is coming for her exboyfriend. Lets see will Salman’s first international movie do good business or not on Box office?