Thursday, June 28, 2007

Awarapan and Sufism

Sufism is something that always attracted the people of Indian sub continent. It has deep impact in Indian music. Sufism attracted not only the Muslims but also the Hindus as well. In movies, we have seen the use of sufi flavors many times. It seems that sufi flavors are present in the movie Awarapan too- at least in its music.

Khabrein wrote:

The album starts off with the Sufi-based track "Tera mera rishta". The song, composed and rendered by Pakistani rock sensation Mustafa Zahid, is the kind that would be featured in any Mahesh Bhatt film and yet is so different. Mustafa's deep voice holds a lot of emotion and passion, which take the track to a higher level and make it a great one to listen to.

"Mahiya" comes in next where the crooning has been done by Suzzane and the lyrics have been penned by Asif Ali Baig and Sayeed Quadri. This is a dance number that's got a very electric feel to it, making the singer sound rather like Shibani Kashyap. Though not really a hit, the song still ensures that you get the hang of it.

Already there is some good praises about the music of Awarapan and many people have liked it.