Thursday, June 28, 2007

The Week of Awarapan, Apne and Aap Ka Surroor

Tomorrow, Indian people will have 3 new Bollywood movies to choose from. They are Awarapan, Apne and Aap Ka Surroor. Apne will see the come back of Dharmendra in a lead role and he will be with his sons in the movie. So, many people are eagerly waiting for it. On the other hand, Awarapan is a movie of Mahesh Bhat and you know that Mahesh Bhat’s movies can always attract the attention of some people no matter how much they flop.

News Post India wrote:

'Apne' is already riding high by projecting the film to be the first to cast three Deols. With Dharmendra returning to play a major character in a film after many years, trade magazines say the movie has caught the fancy of the audience.

The promos of Himesh's movie have been running on television for over a month. So the 'Aap Ka Surroor' mania may give stiff competition to the Deol film.

To a certain extent, 'Awarapan', directed by Mohit Suri, has been overshadowed by the hype surrounding the first two movies.

Thus, it is going to be a tough competitions for all these movies. Which movies do you want to watch? Which do you think will in the box office?


chaith said...

Aap ka suroor rocks!!!!