Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Awarapan: Interview of Emraan Hashmi

Emraan Hashmi is eagerly waiting to see how Awarapan does in the box office. He is trying to promote this movie and is expecting that the magic of Mahesh Bhat may help his career to go to the next level. He gave an interview to Screen India. Here is a small excerpt from that:

Q: It’s about time. One was getting a little tired of seeing the same Emraan in films that ran to type, with different girls who yet looked like they’d been cut out of the same mould. Even the music was beginning to sound familiar with ‘Woh ajnabi…’ appearing to be an extension of ‘Afsana banake...’

A: I think it would be unfair to Mithoon to equate ‘Woh ajnabi…’ with ‘Afsana…’ He’s used new sounds and the music of The Train has a feel of its own. I admit though that I’d reached a saturation point as far as the deception game goes. At this juncture I needed a film like Awarapan in which I’m not cheating on my wife or chasing after someone else’s biwi. It’s not something you’ve seen any actor do on screen in recent times. Even the locations are new. We’ve shot in Hong Kong…And Pakistan.

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