Friday, March 28, 2008

Shaurya Music Review

Listening to the music album you can feel that Samar Khan’s second movie Shaurya, is not one of those typical Bollywood movies depicting Indian army’s undauntable patriotism and fighting spirit while fighting their ARCHENEMY Pakistan. The movie is different from the other movies of its genre. There are six songs in the album.

Title: Shaurya

Music Director: Adnan Sami, Surendra Sodhi

Lyrics: Javed Akhtar, Jaydeep Sarkar

Singers: Shah Rukh Khan, Adnan Sami, Sunidhi Chauhan, Udit Narayan, Abhijeet, Kunal Ganjawala.

Shaurya Kya Hai

Singer: Shah Rukh Khan

Lyrics: Jaydeep Sarkar

This is a like a speech explaining the meaning of the word “Shaurya.” Since, it is a movie about the army, listeners should expect a voice that exerts strength, and strong will; kind of “Angry Man” Amitabh Bachchan voice but Shah Rukh gives an entirely different treatment to this speech. His voice sounds like an ordinary day to day person but infuses more thoughtfulness in between the lines.

Dheere Dheere

Singer: Sunidhi Chauhan, Adnan Sami

It is a soft romantic song. No loud music, no catchy rhythm, very simple and serene and this is what makes the song very appealing. It reminded me of ‘Palkein Jhukaao Na’ from Sehar (2005). This song has the same feature. Adnan Sami, and Sunidhi Chauhan did a great job. I am used to hearing Sunidhi’s voice in disco, hip-hop track and high pitched tracks. This song is not high pitched but Sunidhi’s voice creates the ideal romantic environment. This is the kind of song that you would like to hear time and time again.

Dosti Kya Hai

Singer: Udit Narayan, Abhijeet

This song is picturized on Rahul Bose and Javed Khan celebrating their friendship in the movie. In Bollywood, these kinds of songs have very light tune. The music generally creates a sense of fun and comic. However, this is an exceptional track. Instead of giving hunky dory type of tune, Adnan makes the music rock based with electric guitar tunes and drumbeats. Experienced singers like Udit Narayan and Abhijeet carried out the song beautifully. The music will evoke an emotional feeling about friendship.

Ghabra ke Dar Dar Ke

Singer: Sunidhi Chauhan, Adnan Sami

The song may not be enjoyable when you are watching the movie but it is an ideal song to play in bars and pubs. Sunidhi once again creates magic with her voice. The lyrics is very energizing. The over all techno beat adds up to the flavor and mood of the song.

Jaane Kyun Jaaneman

Singer: Sunidhi Chauhan

The second item song of the movie. The prelude would give you a feeling of the 70’s ‘Saturday Night Fever’ but a bit more fast paced. The song will immediately make you tap your feet and shake your head. A catchy number, good to hear and the music is groovy. Once again, Sunidhi Chauhan proves that she is made to sing these types of songs.


Singer: Kunal Ganjawala

Remember, Tom Cruise’s Top Gun soundtrack sound track “Danger Zone” by Kenny Loggins or Lakshya’s ‘Lakshya’ by Shankar Mahadevan? This song has the same features. A motivational song with hard hitting lyrics describing toughness and fighting spirit, the rock music will instantly energize you. When you are exercising, this type of music will boost up your energy.

Overall, Adnan Sami has presented us with some good music. My personal favorites are- Dheere Dheere, Jaane Kyun Jaaneman, Shaurya Kya Hai, and Shaurya.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Shah Rukh Khan to Host ‘Kya Aap Paanchvi Pass Se Tez Hain?’

Shah Rukh Khan will host another television quiz show after his success in 'Kaun Banega Crorepati'. Now, Shah Rukh will be seen in 'Kya Aap Paanchvi Pass Se Tez Hain?' television show and the star actor is taking preparation for the show.

Shah Rukh has recently made the set of 'Kya Aap Paanchvi Pass Se Tez Hain?' at his home so that he can rehearse for the show at his home. The same thing he did for the 'Kaun Banega Crorepati' as well. The upcoming show is based on a reality quiz competition where the participants are asked questions from the text books up to fifth grade.

newsline365 reported:

In addition to this he will be playing anchor to the TV Show ‘Kya Aap Paanchvi Pass Se Tez Hain? ‘ It means are you more intelligent than a fifth grade student. Shahrukh Khan is believed to have said that teaching is his hobby. He wants to fulfill his childhood dreams of teaching by anchoring this show. It will be a new Avatar in which we will see Shahrukh Khan, all though we have seen him anchoring the KBC. This show is likely to be as big a hit as KBC.

It is believed that with such fare on the idiot box there will be very few takers for movies. Films being released in April are likely to see thin box office collections. These developments make the debate of No 1 of Bollywood even more lively.

Well, it is almost certain that Shah Rukh Khan will be under the lime light most of the time for the next few months as his IPL team Kolkata Knight Riders will be talking part in the inaugural IPL twenty20 competition, while he will also be hosting the show. However, the big screens fans will not miss Shah Rukh Khan either as three of his movies are expected to hit the screens in next two months. So, can’t you say it is time of Shah Rukh Khan.

Akshay Kumar Gaining More Ground

You may not disagree that the Khan trio has formed a formidable position by their own right in Bollywood. Shah Rukh Khan, Aamir Khan and Salman Khan all have huge fan following. However, there is someone who has been showing his charisma quietly. He is none other than Akshay Kumar. The year 2007 was one of the best ever years in his career with four box office hits. No one among the Khans could present four box office hits last year. After churning out four box office hit movies, Akshay Kumar is now receiving 250 million rupees on an average, compared to the 20 million just a year ago. Moreover, Akshay Kumar is now considered as one of the best actors of the industry.

Straitstimes reported:

But the old Delhi boy from a family of modest means, who went to Bangkok in search of work with the assistance of an uncle already working there and soon landed a job as a waiter in a restaurant patronised by visiting Indians, could not have got where he has without Lady Luck smiling on him.

For, while resigned to eking out a miserable living in Bangkok, Rajiv Bhatia, as he was then called, was spotted by Sridevi the reigning heroine of Bollywood.

Taken up by the immense good looks of this young hunk of a waiter, she asked him to come to Bombay and try his luck in films. Soon Simple Simon found himself in Bollywood, assuming the screen name of Akshay Kumar. However his first few films were famously forgettable.

But Akshay proved a fast learner. After the initial string of flops, he hit paydirt with Khiladi. It was a huge hit. And producers followed it up with more films in the Khiladi genre.

The actor rose to stardom with his martial art skills in the Bollywood movies and at point of time, he was considered as a mere action hero who could not emote much on the screens. However, as time goes by, Akshay Kumar set himself as a successful romantic hero. In fact, four of his box office hit films of last year were based on romantic story and he was seen playing romantic roles. So, you can see Akshay Kumar proved his talent and skill in romantic movies as well.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Aamir Khan will Run at the Olympic Torch Relay in New Delhi

Aamir Khan will be seen running with the Olympic Torch at the Olympic Torch Relay in New Delhi. The popular Bollywood actor is the brand ambassador of Coca-Cola, the globa l partner of the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games. Aamir Khan will join Saif Ali Khan and Soha Ali Khan in the run and has become one of the top six torchbearers to run in the Indian capital. The actor has been delighted to be a part of event and termed it an honor for himself. Aamir is also very happy with Coca-Cola’s environment awareness initiative.

India Times reported:

Speaking about the same Aamir said, “I am delighted to be a part of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games Olympic Torch Relay. This is a rare privilege and an absolute honor. What makes this special is that it gives me the opportunity to be associated with the world's greatest sporting event and at the same time to raise awareness about the cause of the environment.”

He further continues “On behalf of Coca-Cola, I am delighted to announce the roll out of the company's latest environment awareness initiative. The country wide program includes organizing painting competitions in schools on the theme “ The Need To Protect the Environment ”. The initiative would involve thousands of students across India.”

There are some other high profile personalities from different organizations who are also going to run at the Olympic Torch Relay in New Delhi. No doubt, it is an honor for anybody to get a chance to run with Olympic Torch. So, it is natural Aamir is also feeling proud of it.

Amitabh Bachchan and Shah Rukh Khan were Cordial in the Shooting of ‘Bhootnath’

Involving in verbal clash via always-hungry media is not something new in Bollywood as some of its superstars are used to doing it in their career. According to media reports, the relationship between Amitabh Bachchan and Shah Rukh Khan was cool for quite some time. However, the recent report out in the media shows something different. It shows that the two superstars do not have anything bitter in them regarding their relationship.

Actually, Amitabh Bachchan and Shah Rukh Khan will be seen together once again on the big screen in May 2008 when Vivek Sharma’s Bhootnath hits the screens. Amitabh Bachchan plays a significant role in the movie where he is apparently seen as Bhootnath, while Shah Rukh Khan makes a special appearance in an essential role in the movie. If the movie has not drawn your attention yet, then let me know you that Juhi Chawla plays a full-fledged role in the movie.

Well, Aamir Khan and Amitabh Bachchan were reportedly involved in a clash a few months back when Aamir made a negative comment regarding Amitabh Bachchan starrer Black, which was critically acclaimed. However, that so-called bad vibe has been over obviously as Aamir Khan recently paid a visit to Amitabh Bachchan and invited him to watch his latest flick Tare Zameen Par.

So, it seems that some of the bad vibes of Bollywood have been resolved. It is definitely good news for the Bollywood fans. Now, let us see if the presence of Amitabh Bachchan and Shah Rukh Khan can make the movie a box office hit.

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Luv Sinha to Debut in ‘Sadiyaan’, where Rekha and Hema Malini to Share Screen Space

Yesteryear star actor Shatrughan Sinha’s son Luv Sinha is coming into Bollywood fraternity with the movie Sadiyaan, directed by Raj Kanwar. As he is a star son and it is going to be the debut film of Luv Sinha, the movie has already attracted media attention. However, there are some more surprises in the movie which are definitely eye-catching.

Bollywood fans will be able to see Rekha and Hema Malini together after almost two decades in this film. Both of them were heart-throb actresses of yesteryear. Not yet finished, legendary actor Rishi Kapoor will play the role of Luv’s father in the movie. Reports have it that Shabana Azmi will also portray an important role of the movie.

Glamsham reported:

As per the details, the project, which will mark the debut of his son Luv Sinha, is based on Indo-Pak relationship. The USP of the film will be the teaming up of two of the topmost actresses of yesteryear, the ageless beauty Rekha and the dream mom, Hema Malini, after almost two decades. Some of their last movies together were JAAN HATHELI PE and APNE APNE, and that was around 1987. Another great actress from the same era, Shabana Azmi too is likely to essay an important role in the film.

It is natural that Shatrughan Sinha is definitely a proud father now as his son is also entering the same industry where he spent his golden days. The interesting fact is that the female lead role of the movie would be played by another debutant Kashmiri girl Ferena. So, both the leading man and women are debutant, besides so many great stars of yesteryears. The movie has shooting schedule in Punjab and Jammu and is expected to hit the screens in September 2009. Now, let us see if Luv Sinha can make a successful debut in Bollywood.

Amisha Patel to Sharing Screen Space in ‘Billo Barber’

Amisha Patel will be seen sharing screen space with Shah Rukh Khan in Priyadarshan's next film Billo Barber, where Shah Rukh Khan plays an important. Interestingly, Irrfan Khan will be seen in the lead role of the movie as Shah Rukh Khan will reportedly take the back stage. Irrfan Khan plays a barber and Shah Rukh Khan will be seen as the rich friend of the barber, while Amisha plays the Barber’s wife in the movie. So, she is leading the elad female role in the movie. The movie is based on the story of Lord Krishna and his childhood friend Sudama.

India Target reported:

A source close to Amisha says, "Amisha has made a blink-and-a-miss appearance in Om Shanti Om alongside Shah Rukh. Now she has a full-fledged role in Billo Barber. Naturally, she is very excited."

The actress broke into Bollywood with her debut flick Kaho Na Pyar Hai which became a blockbuster hit of 2000. However, unfortunately she could not set herself as one of the leading actresses of Bollywood yet, despite having a number of hit films to her credit. She has already broken up with boyfriend director Vikram Bhat. Since then, her only focus is to revive her once-flying career. After a cameo appearance in last year’s hit Om Shanti Om, the actress is going to act with Shah Rukh Khan for the first time in a full-fledged role in the movie Billo Barber. Let us see if Amisha Patel can successfully make a big impression in her career with this movie.

Shah Rukh Khan vs Aamir Khan: Who is the Best?

Shah Rukh Khan and Aamir Khan are among the most popular actors of Bollywood at this moment. The two ace performers of the tinsel town are now reportedly in the rat race of becoming the no. 1 in Bollywood. Both the actors saw formidable success last year. In fact, both the superstars churned out some box office hits in 2007. Shah Rukh Khan starrer Chak De India and Om Shanti Om rocked the box office, while Aamir Khan led the movie buffs to have a different taste with his first directorial film Tare Zameen Par last year.

Aamir Khan and Shah Rukh Khan has recently involved in a verbal clash though you can term it one-sided as Shah Rukh Khan played it safe. Aamir commented that Shah Rukh Khan was the no. 2 in Bollywood after himself. However, Shah Rukh Khan accepted it saying that it was an honor for him to be no. 2 after Aamir Khan. No doubt, Shah Rukh Khan disappointed the media with his comment, stopping a possible verbal clash.

India Times reported:

Aamir Khan's recent comments on close contender Shah Rukh Khan is a testimony to the fact that today stars prefer waging wars in open than back-bitching. The usually reticent and media-shy Aamir was quoted saying, "Shah Rukh Khan prefers being No 2".

OSO was an instant hit while TZP was a slow starter though soon gained momentum. Interestingly, both, SRK and Aamir produced their respective films. And with their success stories both continued to be the most popular and saleable actors of Bollywood.

Well, I want to draw a line here indicating one of the sentences of Shah Rukh Khan’s comment. He said that they were different actors. I think, this is the truth and it would not be so easy to come to a conclusion on the question that who is the best between them. Aamir Khan is known as Mr. Perfectionist who recently turned down a Rs. 20 crore offer just because the party did not have any story right now to submit before him. Shah Rukh Khan, on the other hand, likes to do two to three movies in the lead roles on an average and also make special appearances in some movies a year. So, it is safe to say that both of them are successful actors in their own right.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Lara Dutta Withdraws her name from Upcoming World Tour of Bachchans

Lara Dutta has pulled her name out of Amitabh Bachchan’s forthcoming world tour. The tour titled Unforgettable Show is expected to start from next month where Amitabh Bachchan will be accompanied by son Abhishek Bachchan, daughter-in-law Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, Bipasha Basu and Riteish Deshmukh. Lara was also supposed to be on the tour with these stars. However, the actress has recently injured in his knee. As she is going to star in an action film this year, she is interested to take rest instead of going on this three-month long tour next month.

NDTV Movies reported:

"I have injured my knee and have been asked by the doctors not to strain it further. Since I am also doing a big action film this year, going on the tour for three months will only aggravate my injury. So, unfortunately and regretfully I have had to withdraw from the Unforgettable Tour," she said in a press release.

Lara Dutta was the 2000 Miss Universe winners which first bought her in the lime light. However, she got her first break in Bollywood in 2003 with her debut film Andaaz for which she received the Filmfare Best Debut Award. However, Lara could not yet set herself one of the front line actresses of the industry. However, putting herself out of the world tour, she has shown the professionalism she holds in her profession. Lara Dutta is going to star in a movie titled Blue. Now, let us see if Lara could rise to the prominence in her acting career with such professionalism.

Hrithik Roshan Upbeat about His Item Number in ‘Krazzy 4’

Hrithik Roshan has been critically acclaimed for playing the role of Akbar in his latest flick Jodhaa Akbar. The actor is very happy with the complement he received for that role. Now, his next film Krazzy 4 is going to hit the screen. Directed by Anurag Basu, the movie is produced by Hrithik’s father Rakesh Roshan.

Shah Rukh Khan has performed in one item number in the movie, while Hrithik will also be seen in an item number. This is going to be the first time Hrithik Roshan will be seen in an item song. Hrithik Roshan has recently talked about his item song in the movie.

Rediff reported:

It seems you're very involved in the music of Krazzy 4.

Though I have done only a promotional song for the film, I'm involved in all the filmmaking aspects, be it recording or music-sitting or dialogue.

So who's done the best item number for the film -- Shah Rukh Khan, Rakhi or you?

I have not seen my song completely; the special effects are still being done. I think my song should be the best! (smiles)

Hrithik Roshan is well known for his excellent dance skill. So, you can expect something special from Hrithik in the movie Krazzy 4. So, you may find a competition between Shah Rukh Khan and Hrithik Roshan as both of them have performed in an item number each. Reports have it that Rakhi Sawant, specialist for the item song, has also performed in a number in the movie. So, you see, the movie seems to be a perfect masala film for the Bollywood fans.

Hrithik Roshan Becomes Brand Ambassador of Cinthol

Hrithik Roshan has come under a deal with Godrej Consumer Products Ltd. Bollywood superstar Hrithik has become the brand ambassador of the company’s new Cinthol range of soaps, deos and talcs. So, Hrithik Roshan will be promoting Cinthol to establish the brand in the market. Reports have it that the actor will start shooting for Cinthol from the next month.

Hrithik Roshan’s charisma, confidence and high standard were the reason he was chosen as the brand ambassador of Cinthol.

Businessofcinema reported:

Sources say Roshan was chosen as ambassador because of his charisma, confidence and the high standards he sets for himself. He is also known for his highly active performances and therefore, was the perfect choice.

Although Roshan himself could not be present at the launch on 19 March, owing to his over-worked state and a bad knee, he did comment that he was more than glad to lend his name to a brand with such a strong legacy, "As Cinthol is all about 24-hour Confidence, energy and a Don't Stop attitude, it was very natural for me to associate with this brand. It is in perfect sync with my lifestyle and attitude."

Hrithik Roshan has earlier promoted the products of many international companies including laptop brand Acer. The actor could achieve as much success in television commercials as he has on the big screens. Now, let us see if Hrithik Roshan can continue his success with Cinthol as well.

How Shah Rukh Khan could Lead Bollywood to Losses!

You might have already known that Shah Rukh Khan bought one of the IPL franchises, Kolkata Knight Riders, which will take part in next month’s inaugural IPL Twenty20 tournament. Mr. Khan has already gone all the way to promote his team in best possible ways ahead of the tournament.

Report goes on that Shah Rukh will be seen hosting a television quiz show during April and May on one of the most popular television of the country. This is going to be the second time, Shah Rukh Khan will host a show after Star Plus’s Kaun Banega Crorepati.

As both the IPL and the show are expected to take away a big part of fan’s attraction, media analysts are now thinking that it might affect the Bollywood movie to be released during that time.

Glamsham reported:

So it is but obvious that both Shah Rukh's television show and the IPL cricket tournament will have an adverse effect on the films releasing during those times. And will take away the audience that might otherwise have bought tickets for entertainment purposes.

Well, if that is going to be true that Shah Rukh Khan will also be affected a bit because three of his movies are going to hit the screens during April and May. In April, Krazzy 4 will come to the screen. However, Shah Rukh Khan will be seen in a special appearance in the movie. Shah Rukh Khan will play the lead role in the movie Dulha Mil Gaya, which is expected to get released in May 2008. Shah Rukh Khan makes another special appearance in Bhootnath where he will be seen sharing screen space with Amitabh Bachchan, for the first time after Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham. Now, let us see what if IPL and Shah Rukh Khan’s television quiz show really affects Bollywood movies.

Ranbir Kapoor and Deepika Padukone Spending time in Bangkok

Deepika Padukone is very much in love with Ranbir Kapoor. Well, that is certainly old news. The updated news is that they are now in Bangkok and spending some quality time together. No, they have not gone Bangkok on a sight-seeing tour. Deepika Padukone is currently shooting for Nikhil Advani’s next directorial Chandni Chowk to China, where Deepika Padukone is starring opposite Akshay Kumar. Soon after Deepika arrived in Bangkok, Ranbir also flown to Bangkok for a photo shoot. According to report, Deepika and Ranbir have met each other in Bangkok. They were also seen talking in the Bangkok airport lounge.

India Times reported:

According to the unit hand, after pack up Deepika heads straight to the hotel where Ranbir has put up. Apparently, the actress was not too happy about the fact that she was put up at lesser luxurious hotel than her co-star Akshay Kumar, who is staying at Four Seasons. And when beau Ranbir heard of this, the doting boyfriend that he is, he flew down to the city on Friday night to cheer up his sweetheart.

A few weeks ago, Deepika Padukone and Ranbir Kapoor both admitted their romantic relationship, which created a buzz in the media. The emerging stars have turned into the most talked-about couple of the industry soon after. Most of the Bollywood couples try to keep their personal life private while Deepika and Ranbir did not even try a bit to hide their relationship from the media. Both Ranbir and Deepika are now getting flurry of offers from big production houses and noted directors. So, the star pair is enjoying their professional and personal life at similar pace.

Shatrughan Sinha’s Son Luv Sinha Joining Bollywood

If you are a fan of Bollywood films then you might know about yesteryear actor Shatrughan Sinha. Mr. Sinha acted in many hit films including Paras, Dost, Kaala Pathar, Dostana etc. Now, following the footstep of father, his son Luv Sinha is also going to debut in Bollywood. Luv Sinha is currently shooting for the movie "Sadiyaan,” produced and directed by Raj Kanwar.

Shatrughan Sinha has wished his son to have a better acting career than what he had. He is currently a political leader of BJP and less frequent in Bollywood. The last film Shatrughan Sinha acted was Aan: Men at Work in 2004. Now, his son is joining to the tinsel town. The film Sadiyaan has been shot in different locations of Punjab and Jammu and the film is based on the story of the relationship between India and Pakistan. Apart from launching Shatrughan Sinha’s son, the movie has some more surprises.

The Hindu reported:

"Like others, I also wish that my son becomes a far more better and successful actor than me," Shatrughan Sinha said on Sunday.

Actress Hema Malini and Rekha will be seen together in this film almost after 20 years.

Actor Rishi Kapoor is playing the role of Luv's father in the film while the role of heroin is being played by a Kashmiri girl Fareen.

Bollywood has already seen some successful and popular actors who following their father have joined Bollywood. Hrithik Roshan, Abhishek Bachchan, Ranbir Kapoor, Sunny Deol all are more or less successful in the industry. Now, let us see if Luv Sinha can flourish his talent and acting skill in order to make a successful career in Bollywood.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Bipasha Basu Turned down a Hollywood Offer

Bollywood actress Bipasha Basu has turned down an offer of Hollywood recently. If the news is not enough to draw you attention then let me tell you that the offer sent to her was for a movie of Sir Ben Kingsley. I guess some of you have opened your mouth in shock.

However, turning down an offer of Sir Ben Kingsley’s film, Bipasha Basu does not seem to have shocked at all. The actress said that staring a Hollywood movie would be like starting a new career where audiences are not acknowledged about her talent, unlike Bollywood films. That is why, the glamorous actress of Bollywood has said no to Hollywood.

Reuters reported:

"I have worked very hard to build my name here and I'm happy with the kind of work that I'm doing," Basu told Reuters at an event held in Mumbai. "In Hollywood, I have to start from scratch."

"Here people know my talent and have accepted me but I have to prove myself in the West and they have to accept me too."

However, the actress is getting some prestigious and high profile offers in Bollywood. Recently, she has signed for an art film, Pankh. Bipasha is also staring in Rituparno Ghosh’s next Bengali movie Sob Choritro Kalponik. News has that Bipasha Basu is going to be involved in the next project of Rituparno Ghosh as well. Rituparno Ghosh is going to make a film titled Draupadi, based on the character of epic Mahabharata.

Race Hindi Movie: Opened in Pakistan

Abbas-Mustan directed recent movie Race has opened in neighboring country Pakistan. The action-packed movie has already caught the attention of Indian movie fans. Now, Pakistani movie fans can enjoy the much talked-about movie of Bollywood. The movie features stars like Anil Kapoor, Saif Ali Khan, Akshaye Khanna and some of the glamorous actresses of Bollywood like Bipasha Basu, Katrina Kaif and Sameera Reddy. Music of the movie is done by talented music composer Pritam Chakraborty.

The movie Race is fast-paced and includes all the ingredients to become an entertainer. Opened in India on Friday, the movie has already attracted the movie buffs because of its songs, romances, glitz and action scenes. So, Race is thought to be the next box office hit after Jodha Akbar in Bollywood. As the movie has also opened in Pakistan the movie is expected to earn a whopping amount in its opening week.

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Race Hindi Movie: Proven as a Complete Entertainer by the Audience

Hindi movie Race is getting positive response from the Bollywood fans as well as from the critics. Three days have passed the movie has hit the screen and within such a short time, Race is now considered to be a big box office success. After Jodha Akbar, the movie Race is going to be the next big hit of this year.

According to reports out in the media, the main reason behind the success of the movie is that it is an entertainer with full of songs, glitz, romance, actions, suspense and stars. The audience can gulp everything shown in the movie without thinking much. So, movie fans have found it enjoyable.

Times Now reported:

In true Abbas Mustan style, Race is all about intrigue, betrayal, greed, revenge and romance. Race is an entertainer with a thriller angle to the movie. Anil Kapoor, one of the stars in the movie said that Race is a complete popcorn entertainment, where the audience will enjoy every second of the movie in the theatres.

Race has started off well in the cinemas. The songs of the movie have already taken its places in the top chart since the release of the album of the movie. Now, let us see if the movie can go on with similar success in the coming weeks.

Race Hindi Movie: Another Big Hit Following Jodha Akbar

The movie Race hit the screens recently and according to the reviews from various sources, the movie has caught the attention of the movie buffs. After a long time, an action-packed thriller now seems to become a box office hit in Bollywood. The multistarrer movie is working well in the cinema halls in India now.

According to reports, the movie Race got off to a good start and now seems to take over the top place of the chart from Jodha Akbar, the first hit of the year.

Tamilstar reported:

This comes as no surprise as the Hindi audience have been starved off a big release since Jodha Akbar and the movie features some big names like Saif Ali Khan, Akshaye Khanna, Anil Kapoor and as many heroines in Katrina Kaif, Bipasha Basu and Sameera Reddy. With the perfect formula for a summer biggie director duo Abbas Mustan, regarded as the best Bollywood has to offer for thrillers, it seems that nothing can go wrong.

With a mega release, official figures stand at more than 3000 shows a day in India, Race is all set to take over as the Bollywood torchbearer from Jodha Akbar which has been running for quite some time now, and carry on until the next big summer release is ready to take over.

No doubt, Abbas Mustan are the maestro of action film in Bollywood. The movie is full of glitz and is a solid entertainer with songs, action scenes and romances. So, it is almost sure that the movie Race is going to be one of the super hits of this year.

Music Composer Bappi Lahiri to Make Few Songs for Shah Rukh Khan’s IPL Team

The inaugural competition of Indian Premier League (IPL) kicks off next moth. Now, the owners of IPL teams are trying their best to promote their respective teams in best possible ways ahead of the tournament. Shah Rukh Khan is the pioneer here. He has gone all the way to promote his team Kolkata Knight Riders. He has already made a theme song, composed by notable Bollywood directors Vishal-Shekhar. Recently, Shah Rukh Khan has recently held press conferences in Mumbai and Kolkata and unveiled the team logo. Now, according to recent repot, Shah Rukh Khan has approached music composer Bappi Lahiri to make some songs for his team.

NDTV Movies reported:

In fact last week, even the Bangalore Royal Challengers, owned by Dr Vijay Mallya had announced their plans for an ad and a promotional video which would feature Rahul Dravid along with Katrina Kaif and Deepika Padukone.
Now it seems like the promotion isn't enough for the teams. News has it that Shah Rukh Khan has apparently approached veteran music composer Bappi Lahiri to compose some more songs for his team.
Bappi would be composing three songs, which would be sung by him, Usha Uthup, and a Bengali band called Bhoomi.
The songs would be recorded some time next week and you never know King Khan may himself croon some lines.

All the IPL teams are now promoting their teams. Shah Rukh Khan recently roped in Rani Mukherjee and Bipasha Basu to perform during the matches at Eden Garden. Shah Rukh Khan is a celebrity in India and he has enough resources and ability to promote something in the best possible way, be it a movie or a cricket team. Now, let us see if Shah Rukh Khan’s team can get some success on the pitch as Shah Rukh Khan is getting now off the pitch.

Sonu Nigam Touring South Africa

Bollywood playback singer Sonu Nigam is touring South Africa. The popular singer will perform in three cities in the country along with Gungan Singh and his father noted-singer Agam Kumar Nigam. Sonu Nigam gave his voice in many hit songs of Bollywood over the 14 years. He got his first break in Bollywood in the 1994 movie Bewafa Sanam where he voiced the hit song ‘Accha Sila Diya’ at the age of 18. He is considered as the Golden boy of IndiPop.

The Times reported:

The singer will perform with Gungan Singh and his father in the Good Hope Centre, Cape Town, on Saturday, in the Durban International Convention Centre on April 5 and at Gallagher Estate in Gauteng on April 6.

Born in Faridabad, Haryana, Sonu Nigam got his musical training to his father. Now, at the age of 34, he is considered as one of the music personality in India. The singer toured South African in 2004 as well.

Koena Mitra to Star in a Hollywood Action Movie

Bollywood actress Koena Mitra is going to star in a Hollywood movie. The actress has already started taking training in various forms of martial art. The movie titled Karna will be an action-packed thriller, where Koena Mitra will be seen in many action scenes and that is why, the actress is now taking training in martial art.

Known as a skilled dancer, Koena Mitra had her first breakthrough in Bollywood when she performed in an item song of Ram Gopal Verma’s Road. Born in Kolkata, Koena achieved her degree in Psychology and started her career as a model. Within few years, she rose to prominence in modeling and set herself as one of the popular model in the country. She had 12 years of training in ballet dancing with Mamata Shankar ballet troupe. Koena’s upcoming film, "Anamika", is coming to screens very soon.

Well, Koena Mitra is a popular model and there is no doubt about it. However, she could not yet set herself as one of the front line actress in Bollywood. So, Koena seems to be lucky to have a Hollywood movie at her hand now, even though she does not have any notable movie to her credit in Bollywood. Now, let us see if Koena Mitra can capitalize on the opportunity fully.

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Amitabh Bachchan Accepted Aamir Khan’s Invitation to Watch ‘Taare Zameen Par’

Aamir Khan has recently met Amitabh Bachchan in Mumbai’s Mehboob studios. The actor invited Amitabh Bachchan to watch his first directorial movie ‘Taare Zameen Par’ in a special screening. Mr. Bachchan also accepted the invitation and promised Aamir that he would see the movie when his family members Jaya Bachchan, Abhishek Bachchan and Aishwarya Rai Bachchan will be together.

Apunkachoice reported:

Big B has accepted the invitation but has told Aamir that he will see the film with wife Jaya Bachchan , son Abhishek Bachchan and bahu Aishwarya Rai . And since all of them are out of Mumbai at present, Aamir would have to hold his screening on a day when they are all in town.

Aamir Khan and Amitabh Bachchan had some verbal clash a few months back. Now, it seems that with Aamir Khan’s invitation the ice between them has started to melt. Aamir Khan directed Taare Zameen Par’ was big hit last year. Now, let us see if the relationship between Aamir Khan and Amitabh Bachchan becomes good friend in future.

Raima Sen Denied Having any Romantic Link up with Yuvraj Singh

Raima Sen has recently denied all the rumors linking her with cricketer Yuvraj Singh. Terming it funny, the Bollywood said that the stories were being made up because they were celebrities and bachelors.

Recently, Raima Sen and Yuvraj Singh have been spotted at the Wills Lifestyle India Fashion week show. Both of stars walked the ramp that night and later joined a party. However, Raima Sen admitted that they knew each other for a long time.

Sify reported:

"Whatever has been written about Yuvraj and me is quite funny!" Raima told IANS.

"I know Yuvi for a very long time and there is nothing at all between us. I think in the party that we attended during the Wills Lifestyle India Fashion week in Delhi, we were the only celebrities and eligible bachelors. So people linked us. I go to so many parties in Mumbai but nothing of this sort ever comes out," she added.

Yuvraj Singh was reportedly linked up with Deepika Padukone even a few months back. However, following Deepika being linked up with Ranbir Kapoor, Yuvraj Singh became single once again after he had broken up with actress Kim Sharma. Now, the cricketer is rumored to have a relationship with Raima Sen.

Well, do not take it for granted yet. Everything is still in rumor mill. Only future will say if they really have something between them.

Harman Baweja to Debut in Bollywood with High-Budget Film ‘Love Story 2050’

There are some movies that come into lime light even before hitting the screens and there are some actors or actresses who make the newspaper headlines even before having their first movie released. If you do not agree with me then let me tell you that the upcoming romantic flick Love Story 2050 is in evidence of what I claim.

The movie Love Story 2050 is directed by Harry Baweja, who is going to introduce his son Harman Baweja through this high-budget movie. The movie is based on a futuristic plot where the Mumbai city of 2050 will be showcased. Priyanka Chopra will be seen opposite Harman Baweja in this romantic movie. Set in a time line of 2050, the movie is based on a romantic story.

The movie has already been one of the much-awaited movies of the tinsel town this year. No doubt, its whopping budget of Rs 60 crores has been instrumental to bring the movie under the lime light. Moreover, the movie is going to launch a starry looking actor opposite a former Miss World. Director Harry Baweja admitted that a lot of special effects have done in the movie which costs a big amount. So, you can see, the movie is full of glitz, romance and fantasy.

India Times reported:

Harry Baweja explains, “The concept of the film was such that it would not have been possible for us to make the movie on a low budget. The setting of the film is in 2050 where Mumbai will be shown as a city of high-rises and flying cars.
The futuristic backdrop demanded a lot of special effects and we have employed everything from Videographics to SFX in the film. Just 5 minutes of special effects cost us 60 lakhs”.

Harry Baweja explains, “The concept of the film was such that it would not have been possible for us to make the movie on a low budget. The setting of the film is in 2050 where Mumbai will be shown as a city of high-rises and flying cars.
The futuristic backdrop demanded a lot of special effects and we have employed everything from Videographics to SFX in the film. Just 5 minutes of special effects cost us 60 lakhs”.

Well, it seems that the movie includes everything required to be successful in the box office. However, some of the high-budget movies of late did not work well in the box office. Saawariya had a budget of Rs. 40 crores, Jodhaa Akbar had Rs 41 crores, but the movies were not as successful as these were expected. However, with a budget of Rs 35 crores, Om Shanti Om rocked the box office last year. So, it will be interesting to see how the fans of Bollywood take the film Love Story 2050. The movie is expected to hit the screens on June 13, 2008.

Katrina Kaif Happy Doing Comedy Films

Katrina Kaif has recently said that she had no plan to work on serious plan right now. The Bollywood beauty churned out some box office hit films over the last two years including a number of comedy films like Partner, Welcome. Her performance in Namastey London was critically acclaimed. Katrina recently talked with media about her career and movies. She said that she was very clear about what she was doing. About her comedy films, the actress said that he was happy doing comedy films because the fun films gave her audience time to forget the monotonous everyday life. reported:

"I am pretty clear about what I want to do. I don't want to go down the road doing serious cinema. I am happy doing commercial films. The fun films give the audience time to escape the monotony in everyday life," Katrina told IANS in an interview here.

"I love what I am doing and there is plenty of time to do serious films. I am sure I will do them. But at this point I am really enjoying myself and I love dancing, I love the characters I am playing. Last year, I did a lot of comedies, at the same time I did Namastey London which was a fantastic character. This year, I have a slightly greater variety of roles."

Katrina starrer Race has hit the screens recently and the movie is getting good response from the audience. The film also features the stars like Anil Kapoor, Saif Ali Khan, Akshaye Khanna and Bipasha Basu.

Katrina Kaif now seems to have found her way to make a successful career in Bollywood. She has got over from the British accent and lack of dance ability which was initially created lots of problems for the actress. However, she is gradually becoming more and more skilled in proper Hindi accent and her dance numbers in the last few films are in evidence of her dancing skill.

Twinkle Khanna Suspicious about Husband Akshay Kumar on a Rumored Link up with Deepika

I have earlier posted an article on Deepika Padukone being furious over the referential treatment of the authority of the movie she is now shooting for in Bangkok. Deepika Padukone and Akshay Kumar are staring opposite each other in Nikhil Advani directed Chandni Chowk To China. They are playing the leading roles of the movie and the shooting is going on now in Bangkok. Deepika has been put up in a hotel along with the other crews and the directors. However, Akshay boarded in another hotel where the fair is almost double of the fair of Deepika’s hotel. That is why, the actress has been reportedly unhappy, though she denied it. Now, recent reports on the matter seem to have found out the reason Akshay boarded in a different hotel.

Khaleejtimes reported:

When asked about this incident and whether it could be true, our source replied, “What got Twinkle more upset was that Akshay managed to check himself into another hotel away from the unit and the director. And he did not even mention this to her. She may not have got to know this staying at a different hotel fact if the newspapers had not scooped it. She could not understand why only Akshay had decided to stay in another hotel, the Four Seasons while director Nikhil and the rest of the cast and crew are staying at The Grand Sukhumvit. The unit members were joking that he may have something up his sleeve! So why shouldn’t Twinkle think that he wanted to be away from prying eyes?

Well, Deepika Padukone is now dating Ranbir Kapoor and if they are to be believed then it is not Deepika Padukone for whom Akshay Kumar boarded in another hotel. Well, it is true that Akshay Kumar had reportedly romantic link up with many actresses earlier and Deepika Padukone also had reportedly romantic relations with Nihar, Yuvraj Singh. So, there are enough reasons Twinkle Khanna can be suspicious about Akshay Kumar. However, Akshay Kumar has firmly denied having any relationship with Deepika Padukone.

Shah Rukh Khan to Throw a Lavish Party to Celebrate Holi Festival

Shah Rukh Khan is going to arrange a party in his Mannat bungalow in order to celebrate the Holi festival. Mr. Khan is currently on a family tour in Europe spending time with his family members. According to reports out in the media, the party to celebrate Holi will be a lavish one and the close friend of Shah Rukh Khan will be invited. The colorful party would be filled with food, music, drinks and a five-star hotel will serve the foods for the party.

Apunka Choice reported:

It would be a lavish party with colours, music, drinks, and food ordered from a nearby five-star hotel. On the guest list are the usual suspects like Karan Johar , Farah Khan and her hubby Shirish Kunder , Juhi Chawla and her hubby Jai Mehta, Arjun Rampal and wife Mehr Jessia, and Chunky Pandey and his wife.

Reports also have it that Aamir Khan, Salman Khan and Hrithik Roshan have also been invited for the party. Mr. Khan will be back in India on time to celebrate Holi with his friends in the lavish party. So, it is almost certain that Shah Rukh’s house will be colorful on the occasion of Holi festival.

However, reports also have it that Bachchan family is going to keep it avoid any sort of celebration for Holi as the family is still in grief because of the death of Teji Bachchan, mother of Amitabh Bachchan. However, there are some others who are also planning for Holi bash including Shabana Azmi, Javed Akhtar and Farhan Akhtar. So, it seems that celebrities are going all the way to celebrate Holi, except the Bachchan family.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

LG-LH2300 is a Cool Phone

The distance between mobile phone and computer is decreasing day by day. Soon, we may see a day when a mobile phone will be considered a computer by most people. LG is investing a lot to bring out powerful mobile phones and this is a hotly contested market segment. LG-LH2300 is indeed a cool phone and it has many facilities. Others are trying too. In fact, a lot is at stake. Many of us really wish to have a very powerful mobile phone that would do many of the works of a PC.

To know more about this phone, visit this link:

LG-LH2300: The Touch Web Mobile Phone from LG

Aamir Khan in New Look in the Movie ‘Ghajini’

Aamir Khan recently came to public with his new crew cut look. Mr. Khan appeared at the premier of the movie Race and he will appear in his next film Ghajini in this look. Clean shaved, small hair-cut with a thick chip would definitely be a surprise for the Aamir Khan fans in the movie Ghajini. Bollywood’s Mr. Perfectionist went though one-and a half hour hair-cur session to bring him in this look. Hairstylist Avan Contractor completed the hair-cut for Aamir Khan in the presence of Aamir’s wife Kiran Rao, lyricist Prasun Joshi, designer Arjun Bhasin and director A R Murugados.

Aamir Khan will star opposite Asin Thottumkal and Jiah Khan in the movie. This is going to be the first Bollywood movie for the Tamil beauty queen Asin Thottumkal. Directed by A. R. Murugadoss, the action thriller where Aamir will play the male lead role. The actor is happy with the character he is playing in the movie and he is satisfied with his new look.

India Times reported:

Aamir said, “Ghajini is an action thriller and this look is an important dimension to the character I’m playing. I’m very happy with the way it has turned out.” He was so happy with his cut that they had an impromptu dinner party to celebrate the new look. Known to be a thorough professional, Aamir and Avan spent weeks trying to work out this look.

This is not the first time, Aamir Khan is experiencing with his appearance in the movie. Earlier, he was seen with long hair and a moustache in Mangal Pandey. For bringing the natural look, he did not use wig in the film. Rather, he took a long break from acting. He was also seen in short hair in the movie Dil Chahta hai, but you will definitely get to see Aamir Khan’s new look in the movie Ghajini.

Deepika Padukone and Akshay Kumar to Share Screen Space in Sajid Khan’s Next Movie

Sajid Khan has taken up his second project as director which will go on floor later this year and will hit the screen next year. Heyy Babyy famed Sajid Khan has said that the yet-to-be-titled movie is going to be a multistarrer which features Bollywood damsel Deepika Padukone, Akshay Kumar and Sajid’s good friend Riteish Deshmukh. The director also revealed that he was looking for two more heroines and one more hero for the movie. reported:

“The film is yet to be titled and I need to talk to some other stars as well. It is going to be a multistarrer,” says an exhilarated Sajid Khan. The film will also have two more heroines and one more hero.

To him, the romantic comedy is going to be a biggest hit of 2009. Well, interestingly both Akshay Kumar and Riteish Deshmukh were Sajid Khan Debut directorial. The movie Heyy Babyy was a comedy film which was well-accepted in the box office.

This is going to be second film for the on screen chemistry of Deepika Padukone and Akshay Kumar. Deepika and Akshay are now filming for Chandni Chowk to China in Bangkok. With this movie Deepika and Akshay will appear on the big screen opposite each other. Now, let us see if their chemistry help Sajid Khan to churn out another box office hit.

Deepika Padukone Dissatisfied Getting Less Standard Hotel than that of Akshay Kumar

Deepika Padukone is now one of the emerging stars of the industry. The actress stunned all with her debut film Om Shanti Om last year. The actress is now busy with her shooting schedule in Bangkok for the movie Chandni Chowk To China, directed by Nikhil Advani. However, according to recent reports, Deepika has been dissatisfied with preferential treatment shown against her. Let me tell you in brief.

Deepika Padukone, director and all the crews have been boarded to Grand Sukhumvit Hotel in the city, while Akshay Kumar has been put up in the Four Seasons Hotel, where the fare is almost double of the fare of Grand Sukhumvit. This is the reason behind Deepika Padukon’s dissatisfaction in the media. However, Deepika denied having any such thing in her mind as she said she was happy with the hotel she had been handed.

One India reported:

It is believed that Deepika complained about this preferential treatment to a friend in the industry. However the actress takes a brave stance, "I am not upset. As far as I know, I am in a five-star hotel and it's the same hotel that Nikhil, the producers and the rest of the crew is also staying in. It's the Grand Sukhumvit. I am very comfortable and happy. I am being well taken care of."

Well, it is not yet proven that Deepika was furious with not being treated similarly. Deepika and Akshay are starring in the movie opposite each other. The movie will also be shot in China as well. Now, let us see if the two leading actors are boarded in the same hotel in China.

Race Hindi movie : Movie Review

It looks like Race is going to be the one of the big hits of 2008. The latest thriller made by Bollywood thriller masters Abbas-Mustan’s is an A-class entertainer. Sexy women in short clothes, handsome hunks, beautiful locations, good stunts, lots of songs with catchy rhythm and loud music (except ‘Pehli Nazar Mein’) is a good definition of a masala flick. On an average, the reviewers gave the movie a rating of 2.5/3 in 5 and 7 in 10. The major allegation against the movie makers- the story and narration is not so edgy. The good things about the movie: Allan Amin’s stunt sequences, Saif Ali and Akshaye Khanna’s acting and Bipasha and Katrina’s sex appeal (the last one works for me very well :)

Ok, now let us look at the reviews. What they say about the movie.

Glamsham gives it a rating of 2.5. According to the review, Race repeats the step-bro angle of Raqueeb. Moreover, the story is confusing, when did Bipasha and Saif meet to hatch a plan? What is the significance of Katrina Kaif? The directors failed to give a convincing story. However, Allan Amin is the true hero of the movie. His stunt works are fabulous. Anil is playing a Xerox copy character of Karamchand. Saif has done a great job. The movie is worth a watch.

Movie Blog gives Race 7 out of 10.

The cinematography, locations and camerawork are great and the movie has a great suspense script to make audience stick to screens but in later stages the story gets too intermingled and audience get confused of what’s happening. The music of the movie matches the script and music depiction is well shot.

The performance of Saif Ali Khan, Bipasha Basu, Anil Kapoor and Sameera Reddy is good. The movie may get good number of audience in metro and small cities where kids have completed their exams and are spending holidays.

According to Buzz 18, the promos of Race may make it look like Dhoom 2, there is not much action. Too much mind game in involved in the story. The story contains lots of twists and turns but at one point it becomes a major burden. The audience fails to connect the sub-plots stories.

The biggest plus point of Race is the fact that it is full of surprises. The screenplay packs in interesting twists and turns at regular intervals, keeping the shock value intact throughout the narrative. But beyond a point, this is the film's biggest undoing. In the second half the proceedings tend to get too confusing for the average viewer, as you find yourself trying to connect the various subplots. A chain of events involving betrayal, murder and double crossing becomes a case of too much of a good thing. But none of the characters make predictable moves and thankfully the mystery stays within the six leads. Unlike Sunday, 36 China Town and many other thrillers there are no unnecessary character actors.

Akshaye is Abbas-Mustan’s favorite antagonist and he plays his role effortlessly. Saif also gave a solid performance. Bipasha and Katrina do not have much to do except reacting to the actors’ actions and dialogues. They actually work like spice for the movies appearing in short dresses. Anil’s character is not so strong and Sameera’s portrayal of a brainless-bimbo does not add much to the comic element of the movie. Overall, the film is lavishly shot movie with lots of twists but lacks a good narrative and it is worth watching.

MusicNmovies gave a very positive review with a rating of 4 in 5. The review claims that the story of the movie is inspired from a 1998 Hollywood movie, Goodbye Lover. The review says that Race is a movie with style and substance.

Movietalkies also gives a positive review of Race. It says,

Abbas-Mustan live up to their reputation and Race turns out to be a typical film of theirs replete with intriguing twists and turns as the web of deceit seems to encompass all. Except perhaps for its length, the film turns out to be quite enjoyable. It is made all the more so by the presence of Saif Ali Khan, who stands tall over the rest of the film's cast.

Saif looks stunning in his rugged style. His performance throughout the movie was great. Akshaye Khanna also did a very good job but Anil does not add much to the comic element. Among the females Bipasha steals away most of the limelight. Katrina’s role neither have much presence in the movie, nor any significance.

Smashits review says,

Isn't the dialogue archaic and dull with outdated words like `galat fehmi' (misunderstanding) repeated throughout. Ravi Yadav's camera handling is good and occasionally interesting. Background music is reminiscent of Dhoom, and here too, the film's title is repeated in action sequences. Pritam's music is good with songs like Bin Tere Sanam and Allah Duhai. However, other songs lack his usual charm. Action sequences are not eye-popping as one would expect.

Like always, Allan Amin's action is good, but there's nothing new to offer here, except perhaps a few races in snazzy sports cars. Bipasha and Katrina have stolen the limelight in every way. ..... ’Race' provides it with the latest in glamour and sexy dialogue with its heroines always seen in short skirts and skintight shirts with first few buttons tantalizingly open! A critic has rightly suggested that the movie should have better been titled `Racy'.

Realbollywood dubs it a “Saif Ali Khan film” in terms of acting. It says

Directors Abbas and Mustan knew what they wanted to do with this film - give the viewers their money’s worth of thrills with an engaging plot, not a credible one.

They were not there to make a profound statement, only reiterate that Bollywood today can give audiences all the thrills that they have come to expect from Hollywood thrillers.

A stuntman from Australia who specializes in car chase and swivel was hired for the film. Not surprisingly Race is replete with car chases and crashes but we are not complaining.

However, Hindustantimes and Rediff came heavy-handed on the movie. Hindustan Times says:

Indeed, it would take super-brains — right from Aristotle and Plato to Amartya Sen — to decode Race, a crime-grime-adultery-disco-bomb-explosion thriller. Cars somersault, thud, bang and crash. A very hungry assassin, called Franco, looks as if he could do with potato mash. Meanwhile, the plot turns out to be a mega-rehash. Gnash.

So, what did you expect from conjoined directors Abbas-Mustan anyway? Their best work, alas, was their earliest, most notably Baazigar. Just compare the terrifying tumble-from-the-terrace killing there to the pure cornball skyscraper dive here. No fear, only jeers. Anything goes, explodes, whams, splatters in the name of MASS entertainment.

In the same condescending tone, Rediff writes:

Abbasbhai and Mustanbhai are veteran practitioners of the fatafat produced thriller, but this their biggest budget effort by far tries to be slick and stylish while actually trying to cling on to a plot. Therefore we have pointless, and constant, changes of direction to the story, at every given opportunity. There's nothing wrong with unpredictability, but it needs to be thought through. A-M bhailog, these many twists suit jalebiwallahs better than filmmakers.

I think these are enough to give you an idea about the movie. Now, it is upto you to decide whether you should go or not. Personally, I will definitely go, Why? It is a great entertainer. Such a lavishly shot movie can best be enjoyed in the theatres where you can feel the real effect of the stunts and bangs. Finally, for Bipasha Basu and Katrina Kaif, they look very very sexy on the screen. HELL with the story man. I just want to be entertained.

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan to Begin World Tour along with Kajra Re in July

Since the much-awaited marriage between Aishwarya Rai and Abhishek Bachchan last year, the media has been abuzz with Aishwarya Ria Bachchan’s speculated pregnancy news. However, proving all these rumors false, the actress has recently declared that she is going to star world tour along with her Kajra Re team and her family members including husband Abhishek Bachchan and father-in-law Amitabh Bachchan. Mother-in-law Jaya Bachchan could also be with them on the tour.

Kajra Re is a popular music score from 2005 movie Bunty Aur Babli. Aishwarya, Amitabh Bachchan and Abhishek Bachchan all performed together in that music score. Aishwarya’s dancing was critically acclaimed in the song. Aishwarya Rai Bachchan later on performed with this song on the stage. However, Aishwarya is going to perform on the stage once again with this song on her world tour, but this is going to be the first time after her marriage.

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Aamir Khan and Amitabh Bachchan: No More Conflicts

Aamir Khan recently visited Amitabh Bachchan on his way to Mehboob Studios where he was shooting. As Amitabh said, Aamir had dropped in to meet Big B to say just Hi. According to media reports, the two had some bad vibes few months back when Aamir Khan had a negative comment regarding Amitabh Bachchan starrer Black which is based on a deaf, blind and mute girl. In response, Amitabh also criticized Aamir’s Oscar nominated movie Laagan questioning how a physically disabled person could have been shot as a Cricketer in the movie.

After those verbal conflicts, many things have been changed. Aamir Khan’s recent hit Taare Zameen Par is based on a child suffering from dyslexia, one kind of psychological disease. reported:

When asked how their meeting went, the Big B laughed and said: "Oh, grow up. It was just a normal thing that we all do when colleagues are shooting together. He has been over to our house, Jalsa, several times. He came home recently to pay his condolences when my mother passed away and again for the chautha. He also came to invite us to see his film Taare Zameen Par."

Actually, both Aamir Khan and Amitabh Bachchan have reputation for their well-mannered behavior. So, the verbal conflict between these tow star personalities came as a little surprise to the fans of Bollywood. Now, it seems all the conflicts have been over and the two actors have turned into good friends. No doubt, Bollywood fans will also be happy with the news.

Jaya Bachchan: We are not going to celebrate Holi

Bachchan family is not going to celebrate the upcoming Holi festival because of the death of Teji Bachchan, the mother of Amitabh Bachchan. A few days ago, Amitabh’s wife Jaya Bachchan cleared that there would not be any Holi celebration this year because of the death of her mother-in-law a few months back. Both Amitabh and Jaya was attended a book-launching ceremony held in the capital of the country. The book "Icons: Men & Women Who Shaped Today's India" by Anil Dharkar was unveiled on the ceremony. Among the 20 iconic figures featured in the book includes Amitabh Bachchan. However, to Jaya Bachchan, her grandson is her icon. Jaya Bachchan did not forget to give the credit to all the member of Bachchan family when asked if she would give the credits to her husband for all of her happiness.

Hindustan Times reported:

When asked about her icon, Jaya said, "My grandson is my icon".

Asked if she would give credit to her husband for her happiness, Jaya said, "Of course. In fact I will give credit to my entire family - my kids, my son-in-law (Nikhil Nanda), daughter-in-law and my grandchildren (Agastya and Navya Naveli) for my happiness."

She added that real happiness comes from "positive thinking and one should be always positive in life".

The Big B features as one of the 20 icons in Dharker's book, and when the journalists asked her about her husband's iconic status, Jaya smiled and said: "Ghar ki murgi daal barabar (familiarity breeds contempt)."

Actually, this is going to be the first Holi for Aishwarya Rai Bachchan as a member of Bachchan family. The actress got married with star actor Abhishek Bachchan last year in a lavish wedding ceremony. Jaya Bachchan’s upcoming movie "Love Songs - Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow" is going to hit the screens very soon.

Sanjay Dutt Found his Good Days

Sanjay Dutt has at last understood his star value. Following all those legal problems he faced last year, the actor was running short of money. He got separated from his co-owned production house White Feather Films, following conflicts with long-time good friend and partner Sanjay Gupta.

After some back-to-back success Shootout at Lokhandwala and Dhamaal, his career was seemingly going upward before he was sentenced six-year imprisonment last year. So, the producers and directors who were thinking of signing him for their next projects suddenly disappeared, considering the uncertainly of getting Sanjay Dutt available for shooting. Last but not the least his own producers like Mahesh Manjrekar, Nitin Manmohan, Sanjay Gupta and Vidhu Vinod Chopra did not have any project at that time to rope in Sanjay. Thus, his career turned upside down. Fortunately, Mr. Dutt found some good friends in his bad time. Actor friend Suniel Shetty and Asthavinayak banner extended their helping hand for Sanjay Dutt.

Now, the actor has handful of movies at hand including EMI, Aladin, Kidnap and some comedy films like Chatur Singh Two Stars opposite Amisha Patel and the next movie of Munnabhai series, Munna Bhai Chale Amerika. Sanjay Dutt was earlier charged somewhere between Rs 90 lakh and Rs 2 crore on an average for his movies. Now, the actor is charging Rs 7 to 8 crores for his movies.

India Times reported:

Around a year back Sanjay Dutt used to charge anywhere between Rs 90 lakh and Rs 2 crore for his films. But with the back-to-back success of Shootout at Lokhandwala and Dhamaal, his star value only got better. This was a time when he was in a position to hike his fees. Unfortunately for him this was the very phase when he was embroiled in all the legal hassles and also sentenced for a six-year imprisonment. This verdict by the court was a big blow to all his producers who were hugely banking on him for their films.

This was also the time when the Corporates were getting into Bollywood business and star remunerations were reaching sky-high. Sanjay Dutt who was not much business-conscious earlier, took things more seriously and taking advantage of the situation hiked his fees by a few crores. It is believed in trade circles today that the actor charges anything between Rs 7 to 8 crore as his fees. Perhaps Sanju has learnt his market value. Says the trade person, “With his counterparts playing in crores, thanks to corporate invasion, Sanju too hiked his fees. Moreover there is definite dearth of stars who command box-office initials”.

So, it seems that Sanjay Dutt has found the right path to get over the bad days. It is now certain that the actor is going towards brighter days ahead of him. Though he is still going through some controversy regarding his recent marriage with Manyata, he seems to be able to put his career aside from all those controversies coming in his way.

Shah Rukh Khan Planning to Make Most Expensive Film of India

Shah Rukh Khan is going to make the most expensive film ever made in India. The Bollywood King recently expressed that the film would be produced by his own production house Red Chillies Entertainment. On his tour to Berlin to attend a film festival last week, Mr. Khan talked about the movie to entertainment magazine "Variety". He is planning to include world’s best technicians in the project in order to make it the best ever visual effect (VFX) film made in India. With a whopping budge of $25 million, the movie is definitely going to the most expensive movie of Indian cinema.

Shah Rukh Khan has already offered Hollywood special effect specialist, Charles Darby of Matrix fame, to work on this project. Mr. Khan revealed that he was also talking with distribution house Eros International, the distributor of Khan’s last year mega hit Om Shanti Om, regarding his big project. Reports have it that the story of the movie is related to Children.

India Times reported:

"We are dedicating the next eight or nine months to taking the best technicians from around the world and asking them to help us make the best VFX film India has ever made," Khan said. "It will be madcap, over the top. I want it to be as beautiful as 'Spider-Man' in terms of effects," he said.

The story of the film is reportedly about children who wish for bad things but get a reality check when they start coming true. Director Anubhav Sinha, who has helmed films like `Cash' and `Dus', is expected to direct the film.

Darby has worked on special effects laden Hollywood films like `The Matrix' and `Minority Report' and recently launched a studio for special effects in Mumbai.

I think, Shah Rukh Khan has the ability to take up such a huge project. Shah Rukh Khan is now a super star in India. However, fame did not come easily to this actor. In fact, Shah Rukh Khan had gone through a series of struggles before he finally rose to stardom in the industry. So, he knows very well how to bring out success. Moreover, Shah Rukh Khan may not have problem to arrange all the resources needed to take up such project. So, if he goes on with his current idea of making the most expensive movie of India, I think, he will be succeeded.

Kangana Ranaut to Receive Rs. 60 Lakhs for ‘Raaz 2’ of Bhatt’s Production

Kangana Ranaut is back in Bhatt camp. The actress broke into Bollywood with Bhatt’s production Gangster, one of the major hits of 2006. For her excellent performance in Gangster, Kangana was awarded the Filmfare Best Debut Award. Later on, the actress also roped in Bhatt’s Woh Lamhe. However, following her success in these two movies, Kangana turned down a number of offers of the Bhatts.

According to recent report out in the media, the actress has signed for another Bhatt production Raaz 2, which she agreed to sign after hearing the script. She is going to receive Rs 60 lakhs for the movie. It is really a bit surprise for the Bollywood fans that Kangana has managed to get such an amount from the Bhatt camp, who have fame for their low budget movies.

India Times reported:

“The Bhatts always work on a small film budgets. They are known to launch new talent. John, Bipasha, Mallika, Kangana, Emraan, Shiney have all started their careers with the Bhatts. Before them Ajay Devgan, Sanjay Dutt and even Aamir Khan in Ghulam have worked with the Bhatts. Some of the path-breaking films of these actors have come from the Bhatts. Mahesh Bhatt always says, "We make actors. We bring more to the table than just making a film for them." They are in that sense correct because they are giving you your defining film. Nobody would work with them if they did not feel that it was worth its while. If they take an actor, they promote him so well that he becomes a star. Even most musicians have begun their careers with the Bhatts. The Bhatts always find new talented people.”

So, Kangana seems to be winner in this sense. The actress has already set herself as worthy an actress in the industry. Aishwarya Rai Bachchan claims over Ra.1 crore on an average from the producers. Kangana has not yet come to that level, but what she has achieved so far in certainly praiseworthy.

Bengali Rock and Fusion Music Attracting Bollywood Music Directors

Bollywood has got a number of talented Bengali actors and actresses so far. Currently, Rani Mukherjee, Rimi Sen, Raima Sen, Konkona Sen Sharma, Bipasha Basu etc. are well-established by their own rights in the industry. Yesteryear stars like Sharmila Tagore, Jaya Bachchan (Bhaduri), Mithun Chakraborty are also hailed from Bengal. Now, it seems that Bengali rock and fusion music are also getting popularity in Bollywood. The music directors of the tinsel town have been using Rabindra Sangeet, the songs of Nobel laureate Rabindranath Tagore, for a long time. Now, Bengali rock and fusion music are also entering into the Bollywood music. Composers like Pritam Chakrabarty are bringing the flavor of Bengali rock and fusion music in Bollywood.

The Hindu reported:

"Bangla band music has now become a mainstream entertainment form. We strike a chord with the youth and progressive thinkers. Industry has accepted bands as a genre in itself. It gained recognition in Kolkata in the 90's and now even bollywood has also woken up," says Vikram Banerjee, guitarist of 'Krosswindz', the band which originally released the song, "prithibi ta...", which was later adapted as 'Na jane koi...' in Anurag Basu's 'Gangster'.

"People are enjoying the music and now even many band singers are also singing in Bollywood. For example, Rupam, the lead vocalist of Fossils, a rock band in Kolkata has sung a song for my upcoming film, Jannat," he says.

So, it seems to be good news for the Bengali bands that they are coming under the limelight of the country’s biggest movie industry. This will encourage the Bengali bands to put on more effort on their songs to bring out may more successful rock and fusion music. Now, let us see if this trend of Bengali bands to attract Bollywood goes on in future.