Thursday, March 20, 2008

Shaurya promos: Attracting Many People

There are not too many days before the release of Shaurya. Now, there are several promos of Shaurya and they have created a lot of sensation among many people. It seems that some significant amount of credit goes to Minissha Lamba. She is pretty and in the promos of Shaurya, Minissha Lamba looks even more beautiful. Rahul Bose is also featured in the videos and he is perhaps the main attraction of the movie.
Let us see how Shaurya fares in the box office. I would like to see who gets more attention from the movie: Rahul Bose or Minissha Lamba?
What do you think?

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SHAURYA promos do the trick!

I am giving a promo video of Shaurya from another website: