Saturday, March 22, 2008

Kangana Ranaut to Receive Rs. 60 Lakhs for ‘Raaz 2’ of Bhatt’s Production

Kangana Ranaut is back in Bhatt camp. The actress broke into Bollywood with Bhatt’s production Gangster, one of the major hits of 2006. For her excellent performance in Gangster, Kangana was awarded the Filmfare Best Debut Award. Later on, the actress also roped in Bhatt’s Woh Lamhe. However, following her success in these two movies, Kangana turned down a number of offers of the Bhatts.

According to recent report out in the media, the actress has signed for another Bhatt production Raaz 2, which she agreed to sign after hearing the script. She is going to receive Rs 60 lakhs for the movie. It is really a bit surprise for the Bollywood fans that Kangana has managed to get such an amount from the Bhatt camp, who have fame for their low budget movies.

India Times reported:

“The Bhatts always work on a small film budgets. They are known to launch new talent. John, Bipasha, Mallika, Kangana, Emraan, Shiney have all started their careers with the Bhatts. Before them Ajay Devgan, Sanjay Dutt and even Aamir Khan in Ghulam have worked with the Bhatts. Some of the path-breaking films of these actors have come from the Bhatts. Mahesh Bhatt always says, "We make actors. We bring more to the table than just making a film for them." They are in that sense correct because they are giving you your defining film. Nobody would work with them if they did not feel that it was worth its while. If they take an actor, they promote him so well that he becomes a star. Even most musicians have begun their careers with the Bhatts. The Bhatts always find new talented people.”

So, Kangana seems to be winner in this sense. The actress has already set herself as worthy an actress in the industry. Aishwarya Rai Bachchan claims over Ra.1 crore on an average from the producers. Kangana has not yet come to that level, but what she has achieved so far in certainly praiseworthy.