Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan Turned down a Hollywood Offer of 60 crores for Acting Topless

In my earlier post, I wrote that Aishwarya Rai Bachchan was now the highest paid actress in India with receiving Rs. 6 crores for the Tamil movie Robot opposite Rajinikanth. The Bollywood damsel has recently received a much more lucrative offer for a Hollywood movie than the movie Robot. She has been offered Rs. 60 crores for a Hollywood movie. However, Aishwarya has turned down the offer!

Well, do not think that receiving Rs. 6 crores for the movie Robot, Aishwarya has no more affection to movie. Actually, as per the offer, she has to act in topless scene. So, you can now understand that how Aishwarya has rejected the offer.

India Targer reported:

However, there is a catch. She is required to act without wearing anything on the top. Aishwarya is no longer a young and unmarried girl. She is now a "bahu" of the Bachchan khandan. She now has to carry the name and also safeguard the name of the family. So there is no way she can accept such roles.

Yes, Aishwarya now represents the Bachchan family. So, it is not a possible deal for the actress. Recently, a so-called picture of topless Aishwarya was spread out through internet and mobile phone that created huge boom in Indian media. Bachchan family called it a fake picture. So, it is certain that the prestige of Bachchan family worth more than Rs. 60 crores and there is no way Aishwarya could sign for this deal.