Thursday, March 20, 2008

Race Hindi movie : Shooting at Al Ain youtube video clips (1)

The first two video clips show the shooting of a stunt sequence.This 29 second video clip shows the preparation of an action sequence. Two cars- slick looking sports cars, one blue and one yellow, are standing side by side. The director is giving necessary instructions to the driver of the yellow car. The camera then shows a long ramp through which the car will make the jump.

This is the second part. The two cars run side by side. The yellow car runs over the ramp and crashes down on the pile of packing paper box upside down. A police man is standing at the back and crews rush to the crush site and move the boxes quickly. Finally, they reach the driver and cries out that he is OK and every body claps. Thus, ends the shoot of a daring action sequence of Race, the Hindi movie. The length of the clip is 52 seconds.