Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Anupam Kher Signed MoU to Launch a London Branch of his Acting School ‘Actor Prepares’

Anupam Kher now seems to go all the way with his acting school, ‘Actor Prepares’. He has recently signed a MoU (memorandum of understanding) with the Ealing Institute Of Media in London. As per the deal, Mr. Kher is going to open a branch of his acting school in London next September. Terming it the biggest deal of his life, the veteran actor of Bollywood said that his school had finally reached an international platform. He also assured that the global branches would focus not only on the Asians, but also students from all over the world, as ‘Actor Prepares’ were hiring teachers from all over the world.

However, on his visit to London, Mr. Anupam Kher commented that he wanted to change the "hammy" acting style that Bollywood actors were following. This comment immediately hit the headlines and many thought it was not that much right. However, Mr. Kher was not confounded as he explained his comment.

Ndtvmovies reported:

"Isn't it true that a lot of us ham in Indian films and not because it comes naturally to us? Often we're asked to act that way and the Indian audience to this day reacts more favourably to broad performances as compared to the more subtle ones," he said.

The actor admits he doesn't have much business sense. "But then schools aren't run by business sense, they're run by passion for excellence. We aim at training only the best students, only 25-40 students per session. After three years of the school in Mumbai, Actor Prepares has achieved the international standard we had set for ourselves.
"I feel in the next five years, my school will prepare actors from all over the world. Actor Prepares in London and other global branches will not focus on Asians. We're hiring teachers from all over the world. But I won't be an absentee teacher. I'll be there on the spot."

The actor seems to be very optimistic regarding the future of his acting school. Earlier, n Anupam Kher expressed that ‘Actor Prepares’ would open its branches in London and Durban this year, while another branch will be launched in Los Angeles next year. The school now has its branches in many big cities of India. Last year, Actor Prepares was launched in Chandigarh and Ahmedabad. Now, it seems that Anupam Kher is planning to make it a global school. Actress Deepika Padukone was the student of ‘Actor Prepares’ and thus the school presented the biggest product of it. Now, let us see if Anupam Kher’s school continues to prepare the future stars in the days to come.