Tuesday, March 18, 2008

‘Black & White’ Lauded by Critics, but Failed in the Box Office

Subhash Ghai’s directorial Black & White could not work well in the box office in its first week of release. Despite receiving positive remarks from the critics, the movie has failed to attract general moviegoers across the county. Specially, the situation is very severe in the multiplexes as only five to ten percent turnout was seen on an average. Based on the story of a Jihadi from Agfhanistan, Black & White depicts that how good lessons and association can change one’s mind.

NDTV Movies reported:

Films that depict the harsh realities of life or films that are low on entertainment quotient don't really feature on the 'must see' list of most people. Those who go in for serious stuff are limited to a few people, while the aam janta is inclined towards masala films.

That's one of the prime reasons why a film like Black & White fails to attract viewers. Agreed, it's a genuine attempt from a veteran who wants to change lanes, but the paying public decided to skip it for no reason.

Anil Kapoor was seen in one of the lead roles of the movie. Now, it seems that the producer come director Subhash Ghai is struggling to bring back his investment from the movie. The movie has been exempted from tax in Delhi, which would definitely help him to make up any possible loss.