Friday, March 21, 2008

Kangana Ranaut and Sister Rangoli Accused of Abusing Driver

Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut has recently been accused of abusing his driver, Rajesh K. Shah. The drive filed a case against Kangana Ranaut and her sister Rangoli for abusing him both verbally and physically. According to Rajesh, the incident happened on their way to the sets of Kangana’s latest movie, Fashion. He asked Kangana about the location of the sets and then Kangana started abusing him saying that why he had not found the set beforehand. Her sister Rangoli also abused him both verbally and physically. Even upon reaching the sets, Kangana slapped Rajesh in front of the crew of the sets.

Kangana Ranaut of Gangster fame has denied all these accusation. She has claimed that there was some bitter argument between them when the driver was driving rashly.

Nashik News Line reported:

Ask Rajesh K. Shah about his experiences of driving Kangana Ranaut’s car. On the way to sets of Kangana’s latest movie, Fashion, on March 9th, there were incidents which forced Rajesh to walk to the police against Kangana ad her sister, Rangoli. As Rajesh narrates, Kangana abused him when he asked the exact location of the sets. She shouted that he should have found it out beforehand and began to actually hit him. She was joined by her sister, Rangoli, who continued abusing him verbally and physically. Even when they reached the sets, Kangana slapped Rajesh in front of the crew, a point when Rajesh handed over the keys and left the job.

Well, nothing is proven yet. I think, police should go through the matter to find out the real incident what happened that day. What I personally hope that the truth would be found out and both parties get the proper judgment.