Monday, March 17, 2008

Om Shanti Om, Namastey London and Partne Grossed Three Million Pounds in UK Box Office

Bollywood movies are now frequently doing well in UK. Last year, three Bollywood movies: Om Shanti Om, Namastey London and Partner have grossed three million pounds in the country. Film Distributors Association said that these films are still making handsome amounts in UK. Actually, UK has happened to be the largest market for Bollywood movies outside India. Bollywood movies have been making it to the top ten blockbusters in UK for several years.

The Hindu reported:

For several years now, Bollywood films have figured in the Top Ten blockbusters in Britain as Indian producers increasingly use British Asian diaspora themes, locations and production facilities.

The UK is seen as the world's number one market for Bollywood productions outside India. DVD distributors also cite a growing interest in foreign language films from UK audiences.

It seems that UK market have become a lucrative one for Bollywood. I would not be surprised if producers start making films totally based on UK. No doubt, the South Asian people including the NRI’s are the main audience of Bollywood movie. So, they will be happy to see their lives in UK to be depicted in the movies. Here, the advantage of Bollywood is that almost all the people from South Asia understand Hindi more or less.