Monday, March 17, 2008

Katrina Kaif Interviewed on B4U

Katrina Kaif presented with some super hit films last year. The movies like Namastey London, Welcome, Partner are some of the most popular movies of last year that came from the volt of Katrina Kaif. With her tall, svelte physique and the charming smile, Katrina has already become the dream girl to many. Katrina has recently talked about her career, goals, and achievements in an interview to B4U VJ Salil.

Indian Television reported:

She also talks about luck, her weaknesses, and her conversation mirrors her honesty and unbiased view regarding her career.
Her equation with, who she says is also her best critic, is of great value to her as he is blatantly honest about her performances.

Katrina Kaif had lots of difficulties while entering the industry. Her British accent created lots of problems while delivering the dialogue in his first few films. Moreover, she was not that much skilled in dancing. However, she has almost got over these problems. Now, for the last two years, she has been presented with hit movies and getting gofers from the big banners and high profile directors of the industry.