Tuesday, March 18, 2008


Yes readers, this is a movie title. Upon hearing the title, you might have already thinking about the possible story of the movie. Directed by Makrand Deshpande, the movie SHAH RUKH BOLA TU KHOOBSURAT HAI is based on the story of a pool girl who earns her bread by selling flowers at a traffic signal. One day the girl encounters with actor Shah Rukh Khan, who through the car window tells her "Tu Khoobsurat Hai". Upon hearing such dreamy compliment from none other than Shah Rukh, the life of that girl changes. This is all about SHAH RUKH BOLA TU KHOOBSURAT HAI. Shah Rukh Khan plays a cameo role in the movie.

Glamsham reported:

Since there is a lot of curiosity regarding the name of the film, we will disclose the secret (that some already know about) behind the 'hatke' title. The film is about a poor girl who sells flowers at a traffic signal and how her life changes after a chance encounter with King Khan, who rolls down the window of his car and tells her, "Tu Khoobsurat Hai".

The movie seems to be very interesting. Specially, the title will definitely make people curious about the movie. Makrand Deshpande was one of the co-stars of Shah Rukh Khan in movie 'Swades'. Shah Rukh Khan has agreed to give the special appearance in the movie. So, let us see if the movie becomes a box office hit.