Friday, March 21, 2008

Shah Rukh Khan Extensively Promoting for IPL Kolkata Knight Riders

Shah Rukh Khan is extensively promoting his IPL team Kolkata Knight Riders, ahead of IPL’s inaugural tournament to be kicked off next month. Shah Rukh Khan has already made a music video as part of the promotional activities of his team. Now, King Khan is planning to arrange some live performance in between the breaks and half time during his team’s matches in Eden Garden, the home ground for Kolkata Knight Riders. There will be nine matches in total and Mr. Khan is now trying his best to attract as much cricket fans as possible to come to the stadium in the competition. Thus, the corporate houses will also be interested to be sponsors of his team. Report came out a few days ago that Shah Rukh Khan might be the twelfth man of Kolkata Knight Riders. If so, then he has to carry the bats and water bottles for his team members and thus he wants to inspire his players.

Well, Mr. Khan may not know that twelfth man has another task. If any fielder gets hurt or injured during fielding, the twelfth man is to come in to replace that injured player. So, he might need to field for his team, which may not be a good experience for him, but for his fans, it would definitely be very interesting to see that their dream star will be playing with the likes of Sourav Ganguly.

According to recent report, Shah Rukh Khan has roped in Bollywood actresses Kareena Kapoor and Priyanka Chopra for the stage show. He is also expected to perform on the stage.

Nashik News Line reported:

“SRK has roped in the Moranis and Ganesh Hegde to choreograph and manage his performance. There are going to be a total of nine matches in Eden Gardens in Kolkatta – the home ground of his team – where he will be performing live in the break. They will be erecting a huge stage, which will take up almost one entire section in the stands. And each live act will be spectacular and will see SRK dance along with other Bollywood heroines,” according to sources.

Shahrukh Khan has also roped in big corporate sponsors for each of his acts. The actor has already five sponsors – HDIL, Reebok, Belmonte, The Telegraph and Tag Heuer – and is prepared to take on more sponsorship for each of his acts.

Well, it is very natural that Shah Rukh Khan will try his best to promote his team. He spent a big amount to be the owner of IPL’s Kolkata franchise. So, he will naturally try to bring back his investment and earn some money from it as he is also giving his time for it.

Shah Rukh Khan struggled a lot in his life to reach to rise to today’s stardom. He started his career in television and gradually turned into big screen and after initial struggle he got success in his profession. So, he knows very well how to turn outs success. I think, Shah Rukh Khan is an expert when it comes to marketing. So, I think, Shah Rukh Khan will be able to make some quick cash in from his Kolkata team, whatever is the performance of his team on the field.