Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Dalip Singh ‘The Great Khali’ to Be Seen in Bollywood Movie

Those who are used to watching WWE wrestling and cheering for Dalip Singh nicknamed ‘The Great Khali,’ can hold on your breath. Dalip Singh or Khali is going to appear in a Bollywood film with his chunky figure. The one-time World Heavyweight Champion has already acted in a Hollywood film titled The Longest Yard in 2005. This Indian wrestler won Mr. India award twice in 1995 and 1996.

The movie he is going to featured in will be produced by Style-famed Sahil Khan. Named as 'Ramaa-The Saviour,’ the movie is a children’s adventure movie, where Khali will play the role of a super human and Sahil will be seen in the role of Lord Rama, opposite actress Tanushree Datta.

MSN Entertainment reported:

'Ramaa-The Saviour' is to be produced by actor Sahil Khan of 'Style' fame, and will have Khali playing super human, while Sahil will play Lord Rama opposite Tanushree Datta. Aaprently 'Ramaa-The Saviour' is not exactly Khali’s first brush with ‘fame and frame’, this 35-year old has already faced the camera in Hollywood for the film, 'The Longest Yard'. He will also be seen in a prominent role in the upcoming 'Get Smart' starring Steve Carell, Bill Murray, the film will star yet another wrestler, the Rock. Khali is very image conscious and has made it very clear to Sahil that he will only settle for a positive role. Mainly because Khali has a huge fan following among kids in India and does not want to leave any negative impact on the young minds!

Khali has not acted in Bollywood yet. So, it would be a new experience for this wrestler. Fans of Khali will also be very happy to see him in Bollywood movies. Fans saw him defeating his opponents in the ring. Now, it is time to see his super human like activities on the big screen of Bollywood.


Anonymous said...

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