Monday, March 17, 2008

Bollywood Music Composer Pritam Accused of Plagiarizing for Using a Bengali Music in his Own Song

Bollywood’s well-known music composer Pritam has reportedly been accused of plagiarizing music of a Bangla band. Pritam composed two songs for Magna Films’ movie Bhram-An Illusion. Everything was going well. However, just a day before the launch of the music of the movie, it was discovered that the music number titled 'Jaane Kyun' has been inspired from a Bengali song titled ‘Ghare Pheraar Gaan.’ The Bengali song is composed by a Kolkata-based band Mohiner Ghoraguli. The band is well-known for their music mixed up of Baul and folk songs of Bangla and rock.

India Post reported:

On further investigation, one learnt that the 'Jaane Kyun' number, rendered in the film by Sonu Nigam, was a straight lift of a Bengali song, 'Ghare Pheraar Gaan', composed by the Kolkata-based band Mohiner Ghoraguli. Established in the 70s, Mohiner Ghoraguli was a Bengali music group from Kolkata.

So, it seems that Pritam is going to be in trouble. The movie will be released very soon. Now, everything depends on how well Pritam can manage the situation. If the Benglai band goes in legal way then it would be very tough for Pritam to handle the situation. Now, let us see if Pritam can come out of this problem.