Thursday, June 28, 2007

Awarapan and Sufism

Sufism is something that always attracted the people of Indian sub continent. It has deep impact in Indian music. Sufism attracted not only the Muslims but also the Hindus as well. In movies, we have seen the use of sufi flavors many times. It seems that sufi flavors are present in the movie Awarapan too- at least in its music.

Khabrein wrote:

The album starts off with the Sufi-based track "Tera mera rishta". The song, composed and rendered by Pakistani rock sensation Mustafa Zahid, is the kind that would be featured in any Mahesh Bhatt film and yet is so different. Mustafa's deep voice holds a lot of emotion and passion, which take the track to a higher level and make it a great one to listen to.

"Mahiya" comes in next where the crooning has been done by Suzzane and the lyrics have been penned by Asif Ali Baig and Sayeed Quadri. This is a dance number that's got a very electric feel to it, making the singer sound rather like Shibani Kashyap. Though not really a hit, the song still ensures that you get the hang of it.

Already there is some good praises about the music of Awarapan and many people have liked it.

The Week of Awarapan, Apne and Aap Ka Surroor

Tomorrow, Indian people will have 3 new Bollywood movies to choose from. They are Awarapan, Apne and Aap Ka Surroor. Apne will see the come back of Dharmendra in a lead role and he will be with his sons in the movie. So, many people are eagerly waiting for it. On the other hand, Awarapan is a movie of Mahesh Bhat and you know that Mahesh Bhat’s movies can always attract the attention of some people no matter how much they flop.

News Post India wrote:

'Apne' is already riding high by projecting the film to be the first to cast three Deols. With Dharmendra returning to play a major character in a film after many years, trade magazines say the movie has caught the fancy of the audience.

The promos of Himesh's movie have been running on television for over a month. So the 'Aap Ka Surroor' mania may give stiff competition to the Deol film.

To a certain extent, 'Awarapan', directed by Mohit Suri, has been overshadowed by the hype surrounding the first two movies.

Thus, it is going to be a tough competitions for all these movies. Which movies do you want to watch? Which do you think will in the box office?

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Song of the Movie Awarapan in Youtube

I think you already know that the movie Awarapan will introduce you with a new star singer of Bollywood. Mustafa Zahid is a Pakistani singer and this is going to be his debut play back in a movie. Actually the songs of the movie Awarapan have already got success among the fans. Today, I got a video of a popular song of the movie in Youtube. For your convenience I am giving the video below:

I hope you will enjoy the song Toh Phir Aao. Now, it seems that the movie is going to be a hit in the box office. However, only time can tell the answer if the movie will make a huge cash in.

Mahesh Bhatt’s Awarapan to be Released in Spain

The budget of the Mahesh Bhatt’s upcoming movie Awarapan is 18 crores. Now, it seems that producer is planning very seriously to back his money as soon as possible. The recent new in the media is that the movie Awarapan will be released in Spain as well. Earlier, the movie was set to US, UK and UAE.

India Post reported:

In a recent development, Studio 18 has succeeded in clinching a deal to release Awarapan in Spain. "Given our focus to reach a wider slice of overseas viewers, this is a huge break-through for an atypical overseas film.
N on-traditional markets have begun contributing considerably to the overall revenue pie," says Gayathiri Batra, who manages Rest-of-The-World at Studio 18. Awarapan
will have a day-and-date release in Spain on June 29, along with other countries.

The movie includes some of the debut artists including Mustafa Zahid, a Pakistani rock singer, who sang some hit songs in the movie. Moreover, a popular Indian model Mrinalini Sharma has given her debut appearance in the movie. So, let’s see how people take the new comers though the Mahesh Bhatt’s film Awarapan.

Mrinalini Sharma in Mahesh Bhatt’s Movie Awarapan

An Indian popular model Mrinalini Sharma has recently given her debut appearance in a Bollywood movie titled Awarapan produced by Mahesh Bhatt. The Mohit Suri directed Awarapan will be released on coming Friday and the fans are now excited for the movie. In the movie, Mrinalini Sharma played a role of Pakistani beauty. Recentlly she has given an interview where she talked about her experience about the movie. I am quoting a selective part of her interview from The Asian News.

Was it easy for you to land a role in Awarapan?
For Vishesh Films (the Bhatts' production company), which has produced Awarapan, is different, the script is bigger than the actors, and they depend on a tight and gripping story to bring in the audience. That has worked for them on all their recent films ( Zeher, Woh Lamhe, Kalyug, Gangster, etc.). As soon as I auditioned for the film, Mohit Suri, the director saw that I was perfect for the character of Reema Zaidi, and signed me on instantly.

Could you elaborate a little more about your part in Awarapan?
I play a Pakistani girl, a victim of human trafficking. She is brought to Bangkok for sale but lands up being confined by a gangster who happens to fall in love with her. She loves someone else, and entices the gangster's aide Shivam, (Emraan Hashmi) with her charms to escape.

How is Emraan as a co-star?
I was very intimidated by him on the first day of the shoot, but he turned out to be such a fun person that soon I was at ease. He also has this habit of playing pranks on everyone. I was at the receiving end of many of Emraan's pranks on the sets of the film!

Well, I am sure that you already know that Mrinalini Sharma has been a star model in Indian. Now, you will see her acting in Bollywood. Do you think that she will bring success in her acting career as well?

Awarapan: Interview of Emraan Hashmi

Emraan Hashmi is eagerly waiting to see how Awarapan does in the box office. He is trying to promote this movie and is expecting that the magic of Mahesh Bhat may help his career to go to the next level. He gave an interview to Screen India. Here is a small excerpt from that:

Q: It’s about time. One was getting a little tired of seeing the same Emraan in films that ran to type, with different girls who yet looked like they’d been cut out of the same mould. Even the music was beginning to sound familiar with ‘Woh ajnabi…’ appearing to be an extension of ‘Afsana banake...’

A: I think it would be unfair to Mithoon to equate ‘Woh ajnabi…’ with ‘Afsana…’ He’s used new sounds and the music of The Train has a feel of its own. I admit though that I’d reached a saturation point as far as the deception game goes. At this juncture I needed a film like Awarapan in which I’m not cheating on my wife or chasing after someone else’s biwi. It’s not something you’ve seen any actor do on screen in recent times. Even the locations are new. We’ve shot in Hong Kong…And Pakistan.

To read the full interview just follow the url:

Awarapan: A Love Story?

Every Bollywood film is a love story in one way or another. I guess that there is shortage of love among all the actors, actresses, directors, musicians and everyone involved with Bollywood. That is why they are so crazy to put love in every film. Awarapan is going to be the same too. On the one hand, there would be suspense, action and violence but then all of them are for just purpose- love.

IBN Live wrote:

Says producer, Mukesh Bhatt, “It’s got the angle of human trafficking. It's not just a love story, we are trying to focus on how this is a huge problem in SAARC countries.”

Apart from the trafficking angle, Awarapan as the title suggests, is also a story of a lonely man who finds love in strange circumstances.

So, human trafficking and love. I wish that the bad people could have some love towards other human beings. May be, Awarapan will teach the bad people to love.

Mahesh Bhatt’s Awarapan to Introduce another Future Star of Bollywood

Mustafa Zahid now seems to be new star in Bollywood. This Pakistani rock singer has recently sung in the Mahesh Bhatt produced movie Awarapan. Emraan Hashmi will play in the protagonist role in the movie. 25 year old singer Mustafa Zahid has already become famous in Indian media after the release of the sound t racks of the movie. This is the debut movie for the Pakistani singer who was discovered by producer Mahesh Bhatt.

Indiafm reported:

With him (to the right) in the picture is his discovery, the 25-year old Pakistani rock sensation, Mustafa Zahid, who has sung the chartbusting To Phir Aao and Tera Mera Rishta tracks from Awarapan, releasing this week.
On the extreme left is Haider, the lead guitarist of the rock band, Roxen, of which Mustafa is the lead vocalist.
The picture was probably taken in Mumbai months back when the boys from Pakistan were down to Mumbai to record for Awarapan.
According to sources, Mustafa is flying to Mumbai from Lahore on Tuesday for a countrywide promotional tour of Awarapan.

Earlier Mahesh Bhatt introduced James, a popular Bangladeshi singer; through his movie Gangster and James became popular in Bollywood. Now, Mustafa Zahid is in the queue to rose to stardom through another Mahesh Bhatt movie Awarapan.

Mustafa Zahid in Awarapan

He is the lead singer in Awarapan. Mahesh Bhat likes him and thinks that he has good potential to go a long way in the music world. Well, I may not agree with Mr. Bhat on many things but I would surely never dare to disagree with him about music. Mahesh Bhat’s movies always contain good music and no Bollywood movie could yet break the good tune set by Aashiqui in 1990. That movie was directed by Mr. Bhat.

Now Running wrote:

Enough has been said and written about the Pakistani rock sensation Mustafa Zahid who makes his singing debut with Mahesh Bhatt's forthcoming Awarapan.

However, the Gagan Grewal show on the BBC Asian Network in the UK managed to pin down the 22-year old British-Pakistani singer Annie whose super successful Maahiya track (released 1.5 years back in Pakistan) has also found favour on the soundtrack of Awarapan.

Mustafa Zahid will surely go some distance and earn some fame in the coming days.

100 Buddhist monks and 700 Pigeons in Awarapan

Using animals in movie is not uncommon matter. However, Awarapan has gone one stage ahead by using 700 pigeons. As if, it is not enough, the director has presented 100 Buddhist monks in the movie.

Glamsham wrote:

Last there was news about more than 700 pigeons being released in AWARAPAN to signify the Islamic tenet of freedom propounded by Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him).

Now we are informed that 100 Buddhist monks were used in the film as well. Those who've seen the film's promos will observe the monks in the ‘Tera Mera Rishta’ track with Emraan Hashmi.

You just have to wait one day to enjoy all the funs in Awarapan.

Awarapan in Pakistan

Although Bollywood movies are banned in Pakistani cinema halls, Pakistanis are great fans of Bollywood movies. The good news is that Pakistani people will be able to enjoy Awarapan in their own cinema halls. They would not need to see pirated CD or DVD of Awarapan.

Times of India wrote:

Mahesh Bhatt's Awarapan and the Sunny Deol-starrer Kaafila . The Federal Censor Board of Pakistan has lifted the ban on Indian actors but has a precondition for Indian films released in Pak.

Any Indian film with a Pak co-producer or having a Pak cast and shot outside India can be released there.

So, let us see how many people in Pakistan go to cinema halls to enjoy Awarapan.

Music Tracks of Awarapan Getting Popularity among the Fans

Mahesh Bhatt’s Awarapan is going to be released all over India on 29 June and its music tracks have already been acclaimed by the fans. Mustafa Zahid, a popular Pakistan rock singer, has given his voice in the movie. “To phir aao” and “Tera mera rishta”- the two tracks has already created fan’s attraction.

IBN Live reported:
Said to be Mahesh Bhatt's next discovery from Lahore after Atif Aslam, Zahid is a 25-year old lead vocalist of the Pakistani rock band Rozen.
Both his songs, To phir aao and Tera mera rishta on the soundtrack of Awarapan have created waves.
Another popular track from the film is Maahiya, sung by Annie, which actually released a year and a half back in Pakistan.

The movie Awarapan will be released in North America and Canada. It is difficult to predict whether the movie will bring box office success. However, as a Mahesh Bhatt production the movie will have some extra advantage in the market.

Awarapan: A very Expensive Movie?

Indiafm has called Awarapan as Bhatts' most expensive film. Well, if you look at movies like Devdas then Awarapan does not look like to be too expensive or a big budget movie. However, you know that Mahesh Bhat is famous for making small budget movies successful and he often works with less popular actors and actresses.

According to another website, the budget of Awarapan is Rs 180 million (Rs 18 crores). So, yes it is a big budget movie compared to what Mr’ Bhat normally spends. Now, let us what kind of return he gets for this investment. The good thing is that the music is nice. So, he will get some decent amount of money even if the movie flops in the box market.

Awarapan Coming in a Bad Time in Box Office?

It seems that no movie is clicking in box office in Bollywood this year. Awarapan is coming at a time when people in a summer vacation mood and may have some time and money to spend for going in the cinema halls. However, at the same day, two other movies are hitting the screens too. Don’t forget Jhoom Barabar Jhoom and Rajnikanth’s Sivaji. They are still in the cinema halls and are doing some not so bad business.

Business of Cinema wrote:

While the Bhatts and Emraan Hashmi's fans will be treated to their most expensive project Awarapan budgeted Rs 180 million (Rs 18 crores), Himesh Reshammiya's admirers will see the singer turn into an actor with Aap Kaa Suroor.

The Deol trio on the other hand, will be seen on screen together for the first time with Anil Sharma’s family drama Apne. Hollywood movie Die Hard 4 starring Bruce Willis as the police detective John McClain will also hit theatres this week.

It seems that the box office is a bit saturated at this moment. Now, we have to wait and see if Awarapan shine and defeat all the other movies.

Awarapan: Mahesh Bhatt Wants More Facilities in India

Awarapan is a movie that has been shot in 6 foreign countries. So, many people may wonder what is wrong with India that Mahesh Bhatt had to go in 6 foreign countries! Mahesh Bhatt feels that India should learn from foreign countries about supporting film makers. Bollywood is a big industry now and many countries in the world are trying to attract Bollywood movie companies to go their countries and shot the movies.

New Kerala wrote:

''Several countries provide us cost effective rates and good facilities to shoot our movies. There are no hiccups, no problems with bureaucracy. Authorities in Mumbai should do some soul searching and offer the film industry facilities they rightfully deserve. We save time and hence quality of our product is enhanced when shooting abroad,'' Bhatt told reporters while promoting his latest film ''Awarapan', which has been shot in Hong kong in association with the Hong Kong Tourism Board.

To a question on why he is keen to promote the East through his films while most of his film fraternity is looking towards the West, Mr Bhatt said there was a lot to learn from Asian countries.

I agree with Mahesh Bhatt. Indian government and the regional governments of the Indian states should try to help film companies so that even Hollywood movie makers feel interested to come to India. It can help Indian economy and create more jobs.

A Special Program on the Upcoming Movie Awarapan will be on Channel [V]

Mukesh Bhatt produced and Emraan Hashmi acted movie Awarapan will be released in Bollywood on 29 June. On the occasion of release of the movie, Channel [V] will showcase a special program on the movie. Shriya Saran and Mrinalini Sharma will appear in the movie in two pivotal roles.

Business of Cinema reported:
The film is produced by Mukesh Bhatt and stars Emraan Hashmi, Shriya Saran and Mrinalini Sharma. On [V], viewers will get a sneak peak behind the scenes and exclusive interviews with the cast and crew of the film.
Awarapan is the story of man called Shivam (Emraan Hashmi) who searched for joy but found nothing but pain and loneliness. It is the journey of a godless heartbroken lover who in order to escape from the ghosts of his tragic past dedicates himself to serve his gangster boss Malik who runs a chain of hotels in Hong Kong. The film is scheduled to release on 29 June.

Channel [V] has a lot of fans and it will surely be a good promotion for the movie. So, producer feels happy that they are going to get some free promotion from the Channel V. Emraan Hashmi has already came into limelight due to his on screen kissing scenes. So, it is yet to see what will happen in the movie Awarapan.

Mahesh Bhatt is happy with Awarapan and Emraan Hashmi

Mahesh Bhatt is a veteran in Bollywood movies. He is famous for giving us some great movies over the years as a director. Now, his role has changed a bit but he is still a respectable name in Bollywood. Mahesh Bhatt is now in front of us with his latest movie Awarapan. He gave an exclusive interview to Indiafm and there he talked about Awarapan and Emraan Hashmi.

Indiafm wrote:

"Awarapan is the best film our company has made since we began our journey 20 years ago. It is our crowning glory. But the person who will astound the world is Emraan. He has touched his inner silence and given a magnificent performance. Even the so called 'greats' will reluctantly concede that when they watch Awarapan."

I scream into the mouth piece of my cell phone. I am talking to my brother Mukesh who has gone to London for the promotion of this very film. I sense that my words put him at ease and ignite a new confidence within him.

As the night deepens I return home happy with what we have created. I know for certain that Awarapan is going to usher in a new phase in Emraan's life. It will in a way delink him from his past works. As I put my head on my pillow waiting for sleep my mind keeps replaying the images of Emraan and his journey so far through the world of films.

Some very sweet words about Emraan Hashmi. I have considerable doubt about the success of Awarapan and Emraan Hashmi. He is not a top actor yet and he should work extremely hard to make a good image among all fans like Shahrukh and Aaamir.

Awarapan in Times Square

Times Square is a very famous place and very few Bollywood movies can actually make there. If a movie is in Times Square that means that it is big and it can attract the eyes of many people. So, I am surprised that Awarapan is going to be in Times Square.

Glamsham wrote:

It is a known fact that only the biggest Bollywood releases succeed in making it to a cinema in the extremely popular Times Square in New York City and AWARAPAN has managed to do that. Apparently, the other Bollywood titles releasing on the same day as AWARAPAN are not likely to release at the Regal E-Walk Stadium 13 Cinema, which is one of the most popular sites on the 42nd Avenue.

Now, let us see if Times Square can make any difference for Awarapan in the box office.

Awarapan Shot in 6 Foreign Countries

Awarapan may not have any of the Bollywood’s leading heroes or heroines but some decent amount of money was surely spent for making it. Just think of the fact that Awarapan was shot in 6 foreign countries:

Moscow (Russian Federation)

Bangkok (Thailand)

Hong Kong Sar, Prc


Russian Federation


Do you know any other Bollywood movie like Awarapan that was shot in 6 foreign countries?

Awarapan and Hong Kong

Bollywood movies do not have shortage of money anymore. So, the producers and directors can go places to shoot their films. Awarapan wa extensively shot in Hong Kong. Hong Kong is a nice place and it is a rich modern city.

Business of Cinema wrote:

Awarapan marks the first time that Hong Kong Tourism Board (HKTB) has supported the shooting of an Indian feature film.

With the worldwide release of Awarapan, the Bhatts will bring Hong Kong closer to the Hindi film audience. The location of the story was an integral part of the film since its scripting stage. "While Bhatt saab (Mahesh Bhatt) and Shagufta Rafique were writing the film, Mukesh sir and I were on a location recce. The location for every scene was falling into place from the scripting stage itself," says director Mohit Suri.

He adds, "More than 70 per cent of the film was shot within 20 days in Hong Kong." The rest of the film, featuring Shriya Saran and Emraan Hashmi, has been shot in Jodhpur, Rajasthan.

When you watch Awarapan don’t forget to enjoy the beauty of Hong Kong. If you like the place then consider going there. After all, the plain ticket is not that expensive for many people.

Shriya Saran in Awarapan

Shriya Saran is not a very familiar face in Bollywood movies. However, go to South India and you will find that many people are crazy for Shriya Saran. She is the dream girl of many men in Andhra Pradesh. In fact, she is a major star in Telugu cinema industry and I guess that you know that Telegu is the second largest language after Hindi in India. Shriya Saran is now a big star in the Tamil movie industry too.

Shriya Saran is now tryhing to make her place in Bollywood movies. We have seen a number of actresses from South India becoming very successful in Bollywood movies. They are so familiar that I do not need list them. Anyway, Shriya Saran is the heroine of Awarapan and the success of this movie can really help Sriya to get more movies in Bollywood. Of course, she has to try to get opportunities in movies with top heroes like Shah Rukh, Salman or Aamir.

Everything about Awarapan

2007 is perhaps a somewhat calm year for Bollywood box office. No movie is making a lot of money. Now, it is time for Awarapan to suffer perhaps the same fate in the box office. Awarapan is going to hit the cinema halls this Friday in India.

If you are looking information about Awarapan then just simply go this webpage:

Here, you can find many things about Awarapan. You want to know the story then go there. You want to listen to music and have some cool images and wallpapers then this is the right place. There are a number of reports and features and you can read them too. Everything is about Awarapan and is just for you. Awarapan has created some buzz in the media and some people are waiting for it.

Awarapan is a movie about fighting and gangster. I am not a big fan of such movies. They are full of unnecessary violence. The trailer that I have seen is not so promising either. The line up of Emraan Hashmi, Shreya Saran and Ashutosh Rana does not promise much for the viewers. Emraan Hashmi did not do well this year until now and he needs to improve his acting.