Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Awarapan: A Love Story?

Every Bollywood film is a love story in one way or another. I guess that there is shortage of love among all the actors, actresses, directors, musicians and everyone involved with Bollywood. That is why they are so crazy to put love in every film. Awarapan is going to be the same too. On the one hand, there would be suspense, action and violence but then all of them are for just purpose- love.

IBN Live wrote:

Says producer, Mukesh Bhatt, “It’s got the angle of human trafficking. It's not just a love story, we are trying to focus on how this is a huge problem in SAARC countries.”

Apart from the trafficking angle, Awarapan as the title suggests, is also a story of a lonely man who finds love in strange circumstances.

So, human trafficking and love. I wish that the bad people could have some love towards other human beings. May be, Awarapan will teach the bad people to love.