Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Music Tracks of Awarapan Getting Popularity among the Fans

Mahesh Bhatt’s Awarapan is going to be released all over India on 29 June and its music tracks have already been acclaimed by the fans. Mustafa Zahid, a popular Pakistan rock singer, has given his voice in the movie. “To phir aao” and “Tera mera rishta”- the two tracks has already created fan’s attraction.

IBN Live reported:
Said to be Mahesh Bhatt's next discovery from Lahore after Atif Aslam, Zahid is a 25-year old lead vocalist of the Pakistani rock band Rozen.
Both his songs, To phir aao and Tera mera rishta on the soundtrack of Awarapan have created waves.
Another popular track from the film is Maahiya, sung by Annie, which actually released a year and a half back in Pakistan.

The movie Awarapan will be released in North America and Canada. It is difficult to predict whether the movie will bring box office success. However, as a Mahesh Bhatt production the movie will have some extra advantage in the market.