Monday, August 6, 2007

Official Website of Salman Khan’s Marigold

If you have slow internet connection then it will take a lot of time to open the Official website of Marigold: An Adventure in India. You know that this is the first Hollywood movie of Salman Khan. So, many people in India will get interested about this movie. I took a look at the official website of Marigold. The website took nearly 30 minutes to load in my browser as the size of the home page is more than 3 MB.

The design of the website is top class. You will also want to admire the use of color. There is a nice fusion of India and the west in the website.

The main attraction is the download part. Of course, if you have slow Internet connection like me then you will have to wait ages for enjoying the goodies of Marigold but I can tell you that the wait is wroth it.

This is the url: