Monday, August 6, 2007

Ali Larter and Marigold

Ali Larter’s full name is Alison Elizabeth Larter. Her nick name is Allegra Coleman. She started her career as a model. Then she worked in TV serial. "Chicago Sons" (1997) was her first work in TV. After establishing as an actress she started acting in movie. In 2007 she has gained ranged 7 among 100 girls in Maxim magazine.

She likes potbelly boy rather than pretty boy. She got Young Hollywood Award in 2001. She got this award for Final Destination (2000). In the same year she nominated for Blockbuster Entertainment Award.

Very soon Ali’s next movie will come named “Marigold”. She has acted with Indian actress Salman Khan. Though this film is international level but, this is for first time that she has acted with Indian actor. To work with Indian actors and team it has added new experiment in her life.