Saturday, February 24, 2007

World cup Cricket: Bangladesh

Bangladesh will play World Cup Cricket, but this is not wondering news.

But Bangladesh's best wicket keeper "Khaled Masud" hasn't got chance in

this world cup. What's the reason why he hasn't got chance in the world cup.

Bangladesh's board manager Faroque told that I admit Masud is the best

Keeper in the Asia but previous match he couldn't play well. Now a days we

can see that every keeper is also a good batsman. Like Indian's wicket keeper

M.S.Dhooni, Srilankan's keeper Sangakara also a good keeper and batsman.

So we need this type of wicket keeper who will be a good keeper and can play

when team be in a trouble like "Dhooni" and "Sangakara". But my question is

that as Mushfiquir Rahim has got chance in the place of Khaled Masud. But he is so

juniour and have'nt played world cup before. So what type of play we can expect from

him? He can proved himself in his place. We can see a new stat who's name will be

Mushfiquir Rahim. Because Khaled Masud is the proved well wicket keeper in the asia and so this is really difficult for Mushfiquir to prove himself in the world cup.