Friday, February 9, 2007

Will Sub-continental Teams Click in the ICC Cricket World Cup 2007

Except the last ICC Champions Trophy there was not any big ODI tournament in the history of ODI cricket where one of the sub-continental teams could not reach at least to the semi-final stages. All the World Cup Cricket tournaments have seen at least one team from this region to reach at the semi-final stage. All the tournaments of ICC Champions Trophy did so except the last ICC Champions Trophy 2006 held in India where India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh could not reach at the semi-final stages.

Except Bangladesh, all other three countries are regarded as the cricket power in both test and ODI cricket. Now the question is that what will happen in the upcoming ICC Cricket World Cup 2007. Will the sub-continental teams follow the last ICC Champions Trophy? Well, only time can say the right answer at this moment but it is true that all these three countries could not do well in their recent abroad series. India and Pakistan both could not do well in South Africa. For Sri Lanka, the team is not bad as there is a good combination of experienced and young players but it would not be a easy tournament for this Sri Lankan team as some of the key players lack consistency in recent days.

I think the coming ICC Cricket World Cup would be a tough tournament for the sub-continental teams. However, it is also true that the teams of this region has some potential players who can lead their teams single handedly which is a positive side for a team in cricket.


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