Monday, February 5, 2007

ICC Cricket World Cup Cricket 2007 is now on for Shooting

ICC Cricket World Cup 2007 official theme song titled “Game of Love and Unity” is now under production. Its shooting is now going on in the Gordon Town, St. Andrew. This official song will be on public before the world cup cricket starts and the director Ras Kassa is now working in full pace in order to have memorable theme songs which has already been sung by three veteran singers of Caribbean region.

Sun Weekend reported:

Earlier this week, the leading director took a crew, working on The Game of Love and Unity video, to Gordon Town, St. Andrew, to shoot a variety of exciting footage.

The foothills of Kingston came alive as Ras Kassa and his entourage breezed in with a host of technical equipment – a crane, cameras and standing lights – and set up in the street to film the sequences. The unusual activity drew area residents from their homes and children from nearby primary schools gathered to observe what was happening in the town square. Drivers also slowed down, and even stopped in some cases, for a glimpse.

Demanding “Energy!” from the video’s protagonists, Ras Kassa directed the lively dance segment as it was captured on camera. Repeatedly blared from surrounding speakers, lyrics of the tournament tune – sung by the Caribbean trio of Rupee, Shaggy and Fayan Lyons – spurred an infectious response from numerous bystanders who started dancing to the beat as they lined the roadside.

Play, in this beautiful game

Where the rules and aim

Remain the same

It's the game of love…unity

“With the West Indies hosting the ICC Cricket World Cup, this is a historic and much-anticipated time for the region. Men, women and children from all walks of life will have their minds, hearts, souls and the entire rhythm of their nations captivated by cricket – the game of love and unity,” Ras Kassa noted.

“It will be an orchestra of images that bring forth the vibrant and passionate spirit of the Windies cricket and its loyal fans,” he declared, concluding his explanation.

This is a good way to present the whole culture of Caribbean region and the tradition of their cricket. I hope the video song will attract the fans much.