Thursday, February 8, 2007

Darrel Hair to Go for Appeal against the Decision Taken by ICC

Darrell Hair is going to sue against the decision taken by ICC. Following the ball-tampering controversy during a test match between England and Pakistan in August last year he has been out of the elite panel of the umpires who have the right to umpire the test matches. Recently he has umpired in the world cricket league hosted in Kenya. Now he is preparing to sue on the decision.

Cricket Online reported:

Hair called a press conference from the first floor of the Nairobi Hilton after officiating in the ICC World Cricket League final between Kenya and Scotland.

"I can confirm I have instructed my lawyers, Finers Stephens Innocent, 179 Portland Street, London, to issue an application to the London Central Employment Tribunal alleging racial discrimination from the International Cricket Council and the Pakistan Cricket Board," he said.

"Therefore it is inappropriate for me to make further comment given that this matter has yet to be determined by the tribunal."

Hair's stunt to call the press conference following the match has been widely criticised, many claiming it overshadowed the WCL final and thus contradicted the purpose of the event - to expose developing cricket nations to the international stage.

Hair, however, moved quickly to dismiss speculation that the timing of his statement was an intentional publicity stunt.

"I've just umpired a cricket match today. The World Cricket League is something the ICC has really worked on. I think it's a shame other things have to overshadow that, and it looks like they have. I wish everyone here was reporting on the cricket match, and not this," Hair said.

"I haven't spoken to anybody about this. I hope you understand that I haven't released any information about this. Somebody else obviously has. I've got no idea who but I value confidentially, unfortunately I've discovered other people don't," he added.

Well, I am not sure that what will happen in future and it is not possible to say something about such a controversial thing beforehand. However, it seems that the matter will go a long way which was thought to have ended after ICC took the decision. Here, one thing that I can not understand is that why Mr. Hair has not appeal immediate after the decision of ICC.