Sunday, February 4, 2007

Should Sourav Ganguly be Given Back the Captaincy of Indian Cricket Team

Sourav Ganguly is, for sure, the best captain in the history of Indian cricket and one of the best batsmen in the history of one day international cricket. However, last year he has gone through some of his bad days in his career and unfortunately lost his place in the team and his captaincy. Due to his off form he was criticized much that time. Despite all of such pressure, he has recently come back to the test cricekt during the test series against South Africa where he showed excellent performence. He again proves that performence is for short time but class is permanent. Thereafter, he also been selected for the recent ODI home series against West Indies where he has also been successful. Now there is a rumor that Ganguly will be given back his captaincy as well. Though I think Ganguly is one of the best ever captains in the world, I think this is not the proper time to assign him in that position. Let me be first to explain the thing.

ICC World Cup cricket West Indies 2007 is now knocking at the door and all the participating nations are preparing for this beggest stage of world cricket. Everyone has his own plan ahead of the world cup cricket and now goiing through his plan to find out and work out the problems. It is not possible for a captain to be prepared both phychologically and techniclly within one month. It needs time to prepare for such a big tournament. Sourav has just come to the team and is now more concentrating in his battig. He is now in a good form and playing very well consistenctly which is badly needed for India at the moment. Sourav can be given his captaincy later but now at this moment as there are now too much time. Rather I think Rahul Dravid can take help or suggesstion before taking any crucial situation.

I think the other teams may feel jealous that India has three top most experienced players- Sachin Tendulkar, Sourav Ganguly and Rahul Dravid ahead of the world cup cricket. I hope this trio will work together in order to make the world cup 2007 another success story like 1983.