Saturday, February 3, 2007

Vinod Khanna: Back to Bollywood for Economic Realities

Vinod Khanna is not active in Bollywood these days. He is busier in politics than movies. Now, he is back to Bollywood again. He has stated that he is back to Bollywood movies to fight against economic hardship. wrote:

After a gap of long time Khanna stepped again in Bollywood with an entry in “Risk” movie. Revealing the reasons for making come back, Khanna said, the main reason is economic and we can’t work and serve on the savings. I was utilizing my saving since the long time and now I have to look at my other family responsibilities also”.

Khanna also said, "we have a big staff in Delhi , Bombay and Punjab. So it’s very difficult for me to handle all through my expenses, that’s why I came back in movies but I won’t left politics because through this I got the chance to serve the people of my constituency”.

“My sole aim is to serve the people and politics is the biggest platform to serve” asserted Vinod Khanna, Bollywood star and Member Parliament from Gurdaspur Constituency.

So, Vinod will have to be busy from now- being involved in politics and movies. Acting in movies will surely make him more popular in politics.