Saturday, February 3, 2007 Home of Bollywood Entertainment

There are hundreds of websites related to Hollywood. You can buy almost everything related to Hollywood. Compared to Hollywood, Bollywood is under represented in Internet. The good thing is that things are changing slowly for Bollywood in Internet. is a great resource for Bollywood fans. If you are a Bollywood fan and if you have broadband Internet connection, then you would love to spend hours in this website.

Financial Times wrote:

Mumbai-based Rajshri Media, a division of one of Bollywood's biggest filmmakers and distributors, has shown its latest Hindi film, Vivah, on its new portal,, at the same time it was released in Indian cinemas to try to woo non-resident Indians to its service. "Movies, cricket and probably religion are the three things that bind Indians everywhere," said Rajjat A. Barjatya, managing director of Rajshri Media.

The website represents the first time that a company from Bollywood has tried to take advantage of the extensive broadband access enjoyed by many overseas Indians to sell them films. "Anyone who gets the first-mover advantage to reach out to the larger audience of NRIs [non-resident Indians] would certainly have an edge,'' said Rajesh Jain, a national industry director with KPMG in India.

There are estimated to be 20m Indians and people of Indian origin living in foreign countries, many of whom are in the upper income brackets. In the US, the richest such market, there are about 200,000 Indian millionaires, with some 15 per cent of Silicon Valley start-ups believed to be owned by Indians, according to a report by JP Morgan.

So, this website is going to be a great place for NRIs.