Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Zimbabwean Cricket: The Ongoing Problem will Continue in the World Cup Cricket 2007?

While the other cricket playing nations are developing in their way, Zimbabwean cricket is going downward which is an alarm to the development of cricket in the world. ICC is thinking of the expansion of this game worldwide, but the cricket of one of the test playing nation is going to be decline. The complicacy over the cricket of Zimbabwe has been started from the last world cup while Henry Olonga, a strike bowler of the team, escaped to England in order to be saved from being arrest.

All Africa reported:

But the same cannot be said of Zimbabwe, who continue to fight the avalanche triggered -- interestingly -- at the last World Cup by that "black armband" protest. The 2006 ICC Champions Trophy aside, uninspired loses against South Africa A and Bangladesh were a reminder of the costly war against ourselves, which has bogged us in this quicksand of hopelessness.

And today, the struggle continues when meeting the Tigers in the first of a four-match, One-Day series at Harare Sports Club. Bangladesh left home on Thursday amid a chorus of disgruntled voices from stakeholders who believe Zimbabwe are not worthy competition in the run-up to the World Cup, and if that does not make us feel very uncomfortable given the state of affairs a mere three years ago, then nothing in this world would.

The team to take part in this series should give a good indication of who will be flying the Zimbabwe flag in the West Indies, so defeat this time around -- at home -- should tell the real story of exactly where we stand, in the global game. But whatever happens, one hopes Zimbabwe sends out its best available players every time we take to the field, lest we be labelled the scarecrows of international cricket for eternity.

I think ICC should come forward to work out the problems of Zimbabwean cricket. I hope they will come back to the test arena very soon.