Friday, February 9, 2007

Show-cause Notice Send to Nimbus due to their Rejection Sharing the Telecast of the Indian-Sri Lanka ODI Series with Doordarshan

There is a dispute going on between two televisions channels of India over the telecast right of India’s cricket match. Nimbus and Doordarshan have shared the series with West Indies but for the series against Sri Lanka Nimbus is reluctant to share the series with Doordarshan. In this regard the Government has sent a show-cause notice to Nimbus.

IBN Live reported:

The Government, which had been already irked with the fact that the two organisations could not come to an agreement over the telecast of the India-West Indies ODI series, has now issued a show-cause notice to Nimbus.

The private broadcaster had been mandated to share the feed with Doordarshan as per an ordinance and the Government now wants to take action against Nimbus.

According to a report in the news agency PTI, Nimbus had refused to share the feed with Doordarshan as it was awaiting the Delhi High Court's decision on the issue.

The matter had come up for hearing in the HC on Thursday but had been posted for further hearing on Friday.

According to penalties in the 'Sports Broadcasting Signals (Mandatory Sharing with Prasar Bharati) Ordinance, 2007', the Government can suspend or revoke a broadcaster's licence, permission or registration, for denying content to Prasar Bharati.

For such rejection Nimbus can be penalized with Rs 1 crore. I think the situation will not be solved so soon because the Indian constitution is involved here. The only way to resolve the matter is to arrange a meting involving both the channels and the government and discuss the matter.