Thursday, February 8, 2007

Health Sector of the Host Nations Ready for the ICC Cricket World Cup 2007

Just a month is now away to reach at the final stage of the ICC Cricket World Cup 2007. The health sector of West Indies is now taking preparation ahead of the tournament. The spectators will get help in the health sector. Health is a major issue and is needed to have a disciplined health sector.

Sun St. Kitts reported:

“We have planned a response so that we maintain the normal service delivery. That’s the first priority. The second priority is to meet the Cricket World Cup requirements which were tested last year during the West Indies/India series and the Federation passed the test,” Coordinator of Medical Health and Anti-doping for the Local Organising Committee for Cricket World Cup (CWC) Dr. Patrick Martin told the SUN.

Surveillance of visitors at ports of entry and exit is also high priority for Dr. Martin’s committee.

“One area that has required some urgent attention is the establishment of a health unit at the ports so that we may conduct surveillance of travellers and goods as they enter the ports. That is the area we are working towards getting implemented within short order,” he said.

The Ministry of Health has been allocated funds to meet the demands and requirements for the International Cricket Council’s Cricket World Cup.

This is a good initiative as health sector is needed for both spectators and players.