Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Movie Review of Deewaanapan

Love is beautiful and important thing in human life. In every human’s lives, it comes one day. People write poem, songs and several things to relate with love. In the same way several movies have been made in Bollywood industry. Lots of love songs, and movies have been touched people mind. Deewaanapan is one kind of movie, where we can find a love story; we can find how a boy fights for his love.

In Deewaanapan, main hero is Arjun Rampal, plays character of Suraj, Diya Mirza is heroine plays Kiran, Vinod Khanna plays Ranvir Chaudhary as father of Kiran, and Ompuri plays father of Suraj. Suraj lives in a hill station with his family. This place is beautiful. People come there for travel. One day, a girls group comes to travel this hill station. In their journey one girl misses her bus. Suraj helps this girl. In their first meet Suraj falls in love that girl. His feeling becomes deep, when he hangs out with that girl on hill station. Suraj knows very well about that place. For this reason Kiran (Diya Mirza) forces him to travel the place. He does this. In this way, in some days they feel to each other. These girl trips come from Mumbai for traveling. So time come that they back their home. So Kiran tells Suraj that she will want to meet with Suraj before leave this place at morning. It is bad luck for Suraj that he does not meet with Kiran, because Suraj’s father (Ompuri) becomes sick suddenly at night. Suraj takes him in hospital at night and stay still morning. He becomes late to reach at train station. He cannot meet with Kiran. He really becomes depressed that how he will meet with Kiran. He has no address of Kiran to find her. He feels very sad and misses Kiran. After some days a one night when he reaches his home his father tells him that his father posting transfer from there to Mumbai. To listen that Suraj becomes very happy that he can find Kiran in Mumbai. They shift in Mumbai. Suraj gets admit in Mumbai College. He gets new friends in this place he also get change to play in basketball team. In this way, his life just passes in good way. One day, Suraj and all of his friends go to a restaurant and suddenly he meets with Kiran on that restaurant. They really become shock with this situation.

Suraj does not think that he will meet with Kiran in this way. Then Suraj does not delay to express his feeling, which he feels for Kiran. First, his things Kiran will be rejected his love, but he says it with bravely. As Kiran also loves Suraj, so she accepts Suraj’s love. In this way story goes on. Often they meet to each other. Their relation becomes deep day by day. Even Kiran meets with Suraj’s parents on his sister’s wedding ceremony.

As we know that class is become problem for lovers. Here is also happened same thing. Kiran’s father Ranvir Chaudhary (Vinod Khanna) is very powerful and rich person. He loves his daughter very much. On the other hand Suraj’s father is a normal Government officer. They are middle class family. His family status does not match with Kiran’s family status. So, basically Kiran’s father does not their relation. So he gives threat to Suraj that he leaves Kiran and that city. If he would not do this he will create problems for Suraj and his family. Suraj does not tell about that all things to Kiran. In every stage Suraj faces several problems in his life. Kiran’s father tries to separate Kiran from Suraj. Suraj gets in very dangerous problem, but he does not say about anything to Kiran. Because, Kiran loves her father very much. Suraj does not want to destroy the relation between father and daughter for him. Kiran’s father cut the electric lines, telephone line. Suraj mother does not but buy any necessary things from market, because the shopkeeper does not want to sell any thing to Suraj mother. Even, Kiran’s father does very humiliate behave with Suraj’s family. Suraj’s father has been arrested by police officer to order of Ranvir (Kiran’s father). Ranvir Chaudhary tries to make week to Suraj in this way, but he fails. Even, in the last Kiran also gets know everything and she takes side of Suraj. The support of Kiran, Suraj becomes mentally strong in his bad situation.

In the end of the movie, when Kiran’s father understands that his daughter happiness in Suraj, he accepts their relation.