Saturday, February 3, 2007

Rana Saini: The Next Bollywood Star from Australia

Rana Saini lives in Sydney. He has a dream to be a Bollywood actor and he is now going to be one. He is lucky to have got the opportunity to be an actor in Bollywood.

Northern Star reported:

For Rana Saini, of Lismore, the call has finally come.

Rana heard this week he had been chosen to head the cast of a multi-million-dollar Bollywood production to be filmed mainly in Punjab State in north-west India.

A former Trinity Catholic College student, Rana, 23, has been living in Sydney and working as a fitness instructor while waiting for his golden opportunity.

He learnt his drama stripes from Trinity drama teacher Peter Derrett, OAM, before going on to study for three years at Theatre Nepean in Sydney, which spawned stars such as David Wenham and Joel Edgerton.

We will have to wait and see how Rana can perform.


gloria jeans said...

Rana Saini is a brilliant actor and will excel at this challenge. his mindset is one that is attracted to a challenge.

i hear hes a pretty average personal trainer thought. haha.

sleep on it.

Matty said...

I believe this to be the start of a very promising career for Rana. His determination and attitude will ensure his goals come true

Matty said...

I believe that this will be the start of a very promising career for Rana. His determination, outgoing personality and attitude will ensure that all his goals come true. Good Luck Rana with the first of many films to come!!