Sunday, February 4, 2007

UCF Professor Ross Wolf Helping St. Lucia in Preparing for the ICC World Cup Cricket 2007

Ahead of the nineth cricket world cup, all the Caribbean host nations are taking their preparation with full pace. St. Lucia, is taking help from Ross Wolf, a professor from Central Flprida, and his team in order to stage a successful world cup cricket. Mr. Wolf and his team is giving some important lessons to the police force, immigration officers, emergency medical workers, private security personnel and volucteers. I am quoting some lines regardig this news from a UCF News report:

“This is a true partnership program,” Wolf said. “Our trainers have developed programs specific to the needs of the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force and a large-scale sporting event like the Cricket World Cup 2007. This training will help Saint Lucians prepare for the nearly 30,000 cricket fans that may converge on this beautiful island in the south West Indies as one venue of many in the World Cup."

Among those enrolled in this latest training program were members of the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force, the Port Police, Saint Lucia Customs and Immigrations officers, emergency medical workers, private security personnel and volunteers. The program was offered in November and January.

Topics covered during the training sessions included how to oversee incident command centers, coordinate emergency medical operations for large-scale sporting events and protect dignitaries.

"The police, volunteers, emergency medical workers and security personnel are very motivated students and have really taken the importance of this training to heart,” Wolf said.

Paramount to the success of the program is the Cricket World Cup 2007 Saint Lucia Committee's emphasis on tourism and desire to host a “spectacular spectator event,” he added.

I think this is a good initiative that St. Lucia is seriously thikig about the tournamet and very much concerned about regardig any probable fault during the world cup cricket. I think all other host nations are also working hard ahead of the world cup cricket and they can also thin about such initiative to prepare their stuff more skilled. I hope they will be successful.